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Where can I find a list/link overview of all 'kulturhus' in Finland? (cultural centres incl. library etc.) 475 10.3.2007 Here is one possible page with information in English (and several other languages) Choose English version, then choose Culture and Leisure, then you get a list of libraries and other cultural organizations. On the page you can also find information about different Finnish cultural organizations. A list of cultural centres in Helsinki is on page One more page with information in English, choose Culture. Http:// is the page of Finnish libraries, also in English.
I´m bookmarks colltionis and if you can help , to send me bookmarks , because I want to have my international collection , or to put in contact with a person… 473 23.7.2002 You could try the URL's_page.htm . If you are especially looking for Finnish bookmarks, try a Google search ( ) using the word "keräily" or "keräilijät". There are quite a few pages with different collectors' items, but so far I have not found any Finnish pages concentrating on collecting bookmarks.
I need some materials about budgetary institutions accounting. If you have this kind of materials I would need their names, so I could borrow them. (I have to… 472 27.9.2010 Unfortunately, your question is so special, that you should obviously contact one or several special libraries. The libraries that come to mind in first order are the Library of Parliament and the Library of the Helsinki School of Economics. Both libraries are open to all users. You speak of ”budgetary institutions” in general. That field is very large – it seems to me that this term includes all kinds of institutions, financed by various states and by various international organizations. However, if you really should write on such a general level, there is a useful looking report in the Internet, published by the World Band in 2007. Here is the address:… If you…
Where could I find Internet address of companies offering postal mail services, such as mailboxes in Helsinki? Thank You 470 14.2.2001 If you wish to find out where there are post offices in Helsinki, or anything else about the postal services offered by the Finnish post company, please send an e-mail to the Finland Post Ltd, whose e-mail address can be clicked in their Internet page (in English): I am sorry if I have misunderstood your question, in which case please try to rephrase it and ask again.
What is the total square footage of the Seinäjoki city library? 468 12.10.2002 The total floor area of the library is 1600 m2 and the cubic capasity is 6700 m3.
Is it possible to get some children books in Tongan (Tonga Islands) to your libraries? 467 1.4.2003 Unfortunately we do not have any books in Tongan in the Helsinki metropolitan area library system. However, you can come to the Main Library in Pasila and make an interlibrary loans request. The Interlibrary loans department will try to find books in Tongan from other multilingual libraries in Scandinavia or even from the United Kingdom.
I am looking for a contact/reference-list to finish schools. I would like to create an eu-project analyzing the differences in the educational systems… 466 9.12.2003 You can find an inclusive list of Finnish schools at which is an educational portal published by the National Board of Education. The site provides a lot of information about the Finnish educational system and a directory of schools' home pages.
Dear Sir or Madam, I was wondering whether you could provide me with info regarding Helsinki City Libraries which have a choice of videos in English available… 465 8.11.2003 All Helsinki City Libraries have a choice of videos in English available for borrowing. It is customary in Finland to provide foreign films with subtitles, not dub them, so the sound track (speech, that is) is original. Big downtown libraries are: Rikhardinkatu, Töölö, and Kallio. Where they are and how to get there: You can search our database HelMet in Select KEYWORD. Type two asterisks (**) in the search field. Then select VIDEOCASSETTE or DVD under "All types of materials". Then select the language (English). You get the list of matches in chronological order, the newest first. You can limit the search by year, if you don'…
Could you help me finding a site to look up my family history in Karstula, Finland? 465 22.6.2004 You could try the site of the Finnish Genealogical Society at . You could also contact The Karstula Parish (usually the parish archives are the best source of information for genealogical studies), contact details at (unfortunately only in Finnish). There is also the site of Karstula commune at (mostly in Finnish again). Hopefully these are of some help!
I have lost my Helmet library card. How can I get new one? Is there any possibility to apply online? Thanks, Mahesh 465 21.10.2016 Unfortunately you have to to apply for a new card in person some HelMet library. Please bring your photo ID.
Can I Practice AutoCad in library computer? I mean does library computers have autocad facility??? 464 19.12.2018 Unfortunately there are no workstations with AutoCAD available in Helmet libraries. The new central library Oodi will provide some 3D modelling software when their makerspace facilities open, but apparently AutoCAD will no be included. More information on Oodi can be found on their website at However, Aalto Fablab, at Aalto University in Otaniemi, Espoo, provides CAD workstations with AutoDesk Fusion 360 and other software. Aalto Fablab is mostly used by Aalto University students and staff, but they have open access days every now and then. You can contact them by sending e-mail to fablab[at]
It there in Finland a duty to register one's place of residence? How it is regulated? 463 14.3.2007 Whenever you move into new premises, you have to inform the magistrate and the house managing agency that you have moved in. Both the magistrate and the house managing agency will monitor the registration. More information about Finnish permits and accommodation can be found from the following web-address:
How could I find by certain topic or keyword all books and other releases from your library. I couldn´t find your search system. Thank you! 461 2.12.2002 You will find our bibliographic database directly at or through our home page ( ) by clicking "Books & other materials". Start by choosing the city where you usually use public libraries. This will lead you to the "Basic search". If you are looking for material about a certain topic, choose "Subject heading or class" and type your search word. Unfortunately the subject headings should be written in Finnish, because our bibliographic records are in Finnish. If you have any basic knowledge of Finnish (or a Finnish dictionary!) you can check the correct terms at . In the title search you can also use search words in English (use the…
I have a question about corwypited material that has been changed and then used in a performance. I am a voiceover artist who is also in University. I have… 461 21.12.2015 First, we have to tell you that we are not copyright specialists, so this answer has been given by amateurs. According the Finnish Copyright Law (“Tekijänoikeuslaki”,, translations and adaptations are protected by the law, so you need a permission from the author when making adaptations. If it’s the same text in other words, I think it will be considered an adaptation. In the Finnish Copyright Law, there is no fair use as in USA.
I stay in Tapiola and wanted to take some urgent print outs and I use the Tapiola library. I want to know if the printer is working now, as it was not working… 461 3.11.2017 The printer is back in shape. Welcome to print.
What are the roles of shool library in improving the reading habit of secondary school students 460 6.3.2017 In Finland municipalities are not obligated to have school libraries. Most schools have a library although they may be outdated and have a rather modest collection. Many schools cooperate with the public library. Some municipalities have their own information literacy curriculum which schools and libraries have compiled together. Accordingly to the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education organizations like museums, sport facilities, art centra, public libraries are seen as learning environments. For more reading on the subject: Finnish National Agency for Education Curricula and qualifications > General upper secondary education link: National Core Curriculum for General Secondary Education Intended for…
I'd like to know if there where in Finland any publications of books written by Polish author Boleslaw Prus? 459 7.5.2003 You can find two titles written in Polish by Boleslaw Prus: Faraon and Lalka. The books are available in Helsinki City Library. (HelMet database : ; database of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen city libraries). There are also some publications at Helsinki University Library. You can find more information about these books at (choose "search" and then "basic search", write Prus Boleslaw and choose "author", you'll get 18 books plus some different editions of same books).
In 1996 a novel by Juha Tapio was published, in Finnish, about "Frankenstein" coming back in the 20th century. Is there an English translation of this novel… 459 4.12.2000 Unfortunately, according to the Finnish national bibliography, Juha K. Tapio's novel "Frankensteinin muistikirja" has not been translated into any other language.
Is it possible for me to find ancestor link for my mother, whose father's name is Kurt Nyland. My mother told me he was from Friesland, but I think the… 456 14.6.2004 Hi! Your grandfather's family name "Nyland" refers in Finland to the most southern parish of Finland (in finnish Uusimaa, in swedish Nyland, in english New Land). As a family name it does not appear in the telephone catalog of Helsinki metropolitan area, wheras names Nylander ("one who lives in Nyland") and Nylund ("new grove") do. Thus it seems, the name Nyland is not the original form or it refers to the parish, where immigrants came from. If you would like to check the pages of "The Genealogical Society of Finland" you'll find them in web in address where you can choose the english pages. Anyhow, if you would like to use finnish sources you'll end up to the fact that most documents are written in finnish or…
Is there a way to look up information about someone that currently lives in Finland if I only know their name; that is in English and on the Web? 456 26.5.2005 To trace someone in Finland try to find that person's address on the Population Register Centre's database. Browse their homepages on Our data protection legislation permits everyone to to forbid the disclosure of his or her personal information by the population registration system for purposes such as direct advertising, so you might not find the information your want. The access to other public records is restricted also. You may still find the portal for public sector services useful. Try the index on the upper right side of the page. The address is