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I am an international researcher working at Aalto University on the use of storytelling to improve the health and well-being of seniors. We are developing a… 8
18.05.2018 In Helsinki City Library, the best person to contact first would be the Chief Pedagogical Information Specialist Lea Kuusirati: She can guide you from there.  
I'd like to ask you to find find articles and books about festival tourism in Europe 57
28.04.2018 Your question is very wide ... Here are a few links to make the subject narrower: Google has scholar search:,5&as_vis=1,5&as_ylo=2018&as_vis=1&q=festivals+in+european+countries and some statistics: Worldcat is an…
Does it cost to print in the library? If I need to print many pages should i bring my own printing paper? 24
20.04.2018 If you're visiting Turku city libraries on normal opening hours then you don't need to bring any printing paper with you. It then costs 20 cents per page to print (i.e. 40 cents per double-sided printing). The price is the same whether you print in color or in black and white. If, on the other hand, you are visiting one of the branch libraries during its open hours when there's no staff present, then you actually do need to bring your paper with you. At this situation there's no additional fee for printing of course.
I'm looking for complete results (more than possible) of these old ski races. Could you help me, please? -12/03/1967 15 km Gamlakarleby Kokkola FIN -13/03/1967… 16
19.04.2018 I asked the results from the Sports Museum of Finland (Suomen urheilumuseo: ). They have the archive of Suomen hiihtoliitto:  Unfortunately they don't have the results of the year 1967. Here are their contact information if you want to ask more:  urheilumuseo(at)      
I'm looking for Auni Nuolivaara's book "Paimen, piika ja emäntä". Which libraries of Finland can I read it? 18
02.04.2018 Several public libraries have this old book still in their collections. At least Helsinki, Joensuu, Oulu, Rovaniemi and Tampere city libraries have this item. If you come to Finland, it should not be difficult to borrow a copy of this one. But if you need an international interlibrary loan, you need to start asking for it in your local library, wherever it is. Heikki Poroila
I have German and English language books I would let go for space reasons, could I bring them to a library (preferably Kallio or center) so someone can have a… 16
26.03.2018 Many libraries in Helmet area have a book exchange service. You can take your books for example to Kallio, Pasila, Vallila, Rikhardinkatu or Library 10. However, the libraries prefer to take in only a few books at the same time, so if you plan to bring lots of them, please contact the staff in advance. Hopefully your books will find a new home!
Good morning from Barcelona, I would like to know ho many bookmobiles are in Finland and, if it is possible, could you tell me where can I find more… 20
23.03.2018 In 2016 there were 137 book mobiles in Finland, 6 675 088 items were borrowed from the book mobiles, and there were 10 414 book mobile stops in the country, . More library statistics can be found in the Finnish Public Libraries Statistics, . There is a mobile library site, but helas, it's only in Finnish, There is a contact person, however, you could write to, Heli Itkonen-Vesa ( and ask for more detailed information. There is a nice video about mobile library activity and cooperation in northern Finland, Lappland, in…
Mannerheim statue in Seinäjoki 16
05.03.2018 There is a small publication about the parks in Seinäjoki "Seinäjoen puistot ja viheralueet" published by the city of Seinäjoki in 2015. There is a short text concerning the Mannerheim Park and statue. You can find this publication on the website of the city of Seinäjoki: There are also too older booklets that might be useful for your project. Unfortunately they are not in digital form. Ahti Mäntylä: Seinäjoella sijaitsevien sotiimme liittyvien sotamuistomerkkien kertomaa, 2000 (What the war memorials in Seinäjoki tell us) Hilkka-Maija Keskinen: Seinäjoen patsaita, 1992. (Statues of Seinäjoki) 
I was trying to reserve a CD from a band named Unit 4 +2, and there didn't seem to be a way to do it. There doesn't appear to be a "Request It" button at this… 28
27.02.2018 Right now the only copy of the CD has been taken aside for some repair operation (I cannot see the reason). Unfortunately you just have to wait and hope that eveything goes well and the CD is soon again in circulation. If that happens, you see the possibility to reserve it as well. Heikki Poroila
I would like to know if there is help with translation from English to Finnish language service? Is it free? How much does it cost? Thanks 32
16.02.2018 Unfortunately Helmet Libraries does not have a translation service. Helmet Libraries offers only Finnish language cafés and discussion groups. Participation is free of charge.…
What do you reckon the classification systems will be like in 100 years? 23
14.02.2018 Are you asking about the classification systems in the libraries? If not, your answer is not possible to answer in any way. Even if we talk just about library classification systems, 100 years ahead is too much to predict anything. But if there are still organized collections of documents in 2118, some kind of classification is most likely still needed. Even if the libraries and the data bases are not anymore conducted by humans but by machines, there must be ways to analyze the documents according to their contents. The complexity of the data in 2118 probably means, that today's classification systems are not enough, much broader and more complex systems will be needed. To take just one example, music, which is my area of expertise, one…
List of libraries 57
12.12.2017 You can find Finnish Libraries in the Finnish Library Directory, here
I'm a student in tampere and want to borrow ebook from helmet. But I don't have a library card. Can i order one and get it by posti? Thank you so much Phuong, 59
11.12.2017 Hello, Unfortunately you cannot get a Helmet library card by post. You have to visit a Helmet library to get a card. Here is an excerpt from the user regulations: "You can get a personal library card, the right to borrow and a PIN code at any Helmet library or mobile library. You will get the library card when you state your address and present a valid ID card with a photograph and personal identity number accepted by the library. To be able to receive a library card you need an address in Finland. The first library card is free of charge. If you do not have a Finnish personal identity number, your library card is valid for twelve months at a time." You will find more information here:…
I'm looking for the results (more complete than possible) of these ski races: 28/03/1967 15 km men Ruka spelen, 19/03/1967 15 km men Puijo spelen, 20/03/1969… 45
07.12.2017 Ruka 1967 - 15 km 1) Ole Ellefsäeter, Norway                                               55.43 2) Bjarne Andersson, Sweden                                         56.06 3) Anatoli Akentjev, Soviet Union                                    56.31  4) Reinar Hjermstad, Norway                                          57.05 5) Assar Rönnlund, Sweden                                            57.12 6) Odd Martinsen, Norway                                               57.49 7) Vjatseslav Vedenin, Soviet Union                                58.14 8) Martti Määttä, Finland (Kuhmon Kiva)                         58.23 9) Gjermund Egger, Norway, and     Osmo Karjalainen, Finland (Kuusamon Erä-Veikot)    58.50 11) Walter Demel, Federal Republic of…
I live in Singapore and would like to become a member of Finnish libraries. I am only interested in digital content and I find your web page design is superb!… 66
23.11.2017 I am sorry, but to be able to receive a library card in Finnish libraries you need an address in Finland. You can see for example the user regulations of Helmet-libraries here:…
I stay in Tapiola and wanted to take some urgent print outs and I use the Tapiola library. I want to know if the printer is working now, as it was not working… 119
03.11.2017 The printer is back in shape. Welcome to print.
I have problems with my laptop so I´m looking to rent a laptop as a short term solution. Is this possible at the library in Jyväskylä or do you know a place… 66
26.10.2017 Jyväskylä Main Library and all branch libraries have customer PCs with access to a word processor. The PCs can be booked in advance, at the Main Library on tel. (014) 266 4123, and at branch libraries by telephoning the library in question. Red more.. In the following address in the internet they promise to rent laptops. Look in English.…
I've just got a library card from the Kannelmaki public library in the Helmet network. I don't quite understand how the interlibrary loan fees work. For… 43
25.10.2017 You can order an item as an interlibrary loan from elsewhere in Finland or abroad, if the item is not available in the collections of any HelMet library. The service is subject to a charge. If You reserve material for exampel from Pasila to Kannelmäki it is not interlibrary loan. Reservation from other Helmet Libary is free of charge.……
Where do i get information about name of clothes which is worn in different degree of temprature like during +20, +10,-0,-10 and -20 79
06.10.2017 Tricky question! I would personally look for the answer in different hiking guides. You might want to browse through a few books before finding the right one. Why not start with "The ultimate hiker's gear guide", which can be found in the Helmet libraries: If you want to search the Helmet database yourself, you can use the search term "erätaidot" as a starting point. This is also a subject found on various hiking pages online. Try googling terms like "hiking" and "different temperatures". This page lists a few suggestions for several weather conditions:
May I please know how and where can I access the latest information about the refugees and migrants in Finland and in particular in Turku? Thank you. 117
05.10.2017 Statistics on asylum and refugees are compiled by the Finnish Immigration Service:… Information on immigrants living permanently in Finland can be found on Statistics Finland's website: Information on immigration can also be found on Statistics Finland's statistics on migration:   Please note that the statistics compiled by the Finnish Immigration Service and Statistics Finland are not comparable. Asylum seekers and refugees will show in Statistics Finland's population statistics only if they have been granted an asylum and have a permanent place of residence. Also, there is…