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Voisiko Helsingin kirjastonhoitaja vastata: Mihin ja missä julkaistuihin ohjeisiin perustuu tapanne kirjoittaa ENGLANNIN… 16.12.2021
Dear Librarian, Unfortunately, the link regarding the legislation is not available anymore. I found some links that might… 13.11.2021
Many Finnish science libraries use the UDC classification, both the printed 1983 Finnish version (Fennica), or the Master… 5.11.2021
Hi, I’m trying to find an old friend of mine called maiju from Vaasa, she is 31/32 years old and has a daughter. She is a… 18.10.2021
Does 'pulla' ever mean 'buns' as in backside? My Gram said that word with GREAT disgust in the 1960s when she caught me… 24.9.2021
Ola Tungesvik is currently 84 years old and is happily sharing his book and love of his late wife with anyone he can. Sweet… 27.8.2021
Where does the last name Beppler. Come from an meaning 18.1.2021
i dont have one 18.12.2020
I'm a student from Uzbekistan in Library science and inforfatization major. Now i'm doing reasearch on topic library ID… 16.12.2020
There is quite a lot of information in Finnish available at site 24.11.2020
Japan, Korea, China 17.9.2020
I believe this is what you’re looking for… 10.8.2020
How many people can the Apila Library receive at the same time? 30.3.2020 https://www.… 6.2.2020
I found lots of information in this blog and it is very helpful for me. Thanks for posting. https://www.… 8.1.2020
Anywhere where you can print stuff cheaper than 0.40€ per page? 6.1.2020
Hello, I want to study library course and I am very interested on it. My question is that what level of Finnish language is… 10.12.2019
It is very helpful. Thanks for posting. 25.11.2019
I have the book avaruuden valloitus .1952 Chesley bonestell willy ley Interested ? Greetings from Holland 4.11.2019