About the Ask a Librarian

The Ask a Librarian service is the free online reference service of the Finnish libraries. There are more than 70 libraries, both public and special libraries, answering your questions. A list of the libraries can be found on the page Participating libraries.

Asking and the answer

We answer your questions within three working days. If you don’t hear from us, please, contact   editors@libraries.fi. We’ll send the answer to your email, so please double-check the address. 

If you want to target your question to a specific answering group, choose a theme in the list (Other details). The special libraries are listed on the page Participating libraries.

Our answers help you find sources, literature and Internet-pages, that contain the information you need. You are responsible for the use of this information. The Ask a Librarian has answered questions since 1999. The answers can be read in the archive. There is a possibility to search or use a keyword-list when searching.

The questions are handled confidentially. Your contact information will be used only for replying purposes.

Search for answers

Please, don’t write your name or other personal information in the question field, the questions are usually published in our public archive. If you want to give us some personal information, write it in the field Additional details. Also photos you send are usually published. 

We have answered thousands of questions. You can make a search or the browse the answers. There is also a list of keywords available.

The Libraries.fi is responsible for developing and maintaining the service and the publishing policy. Please, feel free to send us feedback about the answers and questions about the service, editors@libraries.fi