Good morning. I would like to use library in the weekends but it was close. How can I go inside?


Hi, good morning. I would like to use library in the weekends but it was close. How can I go inside? Thanks



Pihtiputaa's library belongs to Keski libraries, so the rules for using the Jyväskylä city library's self-service libraries are the same at Pihtiputaa's library.

The rules of use state:

Self-help library is a library that customers can access even when the staff is not present, for example in the evenings and on weekends.

Information on the opening hours of self-service libraries in Jyväskylä can be found in libraries

from the website.


Log in to the self-help library with a valid Keski library card and PIN code. You can get a library card and PIN code from all Keski libraries during their service hours.

The library card and PIN code are personal. Each customer logs in with their own card, with the exception of a child under 15 accompanied by an adult.

The customer must ensure that no other persons enter at the same time as the door is opened, and that the doors are always locked both when entering and leaving.

A possible borrowing ban does not prevent logging into the self-service library.

The use of the self-service library can be temporarily prevented if the customer causes disruption to the library's operations, endangers safety or damages the library's property

(Act on public libraries 238/2016)

In the library, announcements are made about the start and end of self-service time and the presence of staff. At the end of the self-employment period, you must leave the library space. Staying in the space causes an alarm and the customer is obliged to compensate the resulting costs.

Self-help library staff guide customers in using the self-help library during service hours.


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