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Is there any library where I can rent ice skates? 77 11.2.2019 You can borrow skates in some libraries in Helsinki and Espoo. You find those libraries if you make in Helmet a search by the word luistimet and the refine the search result by format object. In Helsinki there are skates in Pukinmäki, Herttoniemi, Jakomäki, Tapulikaupunki and Vuosaari Libraries. It is not possible to reserve the skates, so You can check the availability in Helmet.
I have German and English language books I would let go for space reasons, could I bring them to a library (preferably Kallio or center) so someone can have a… 181 26.3.2018 Many libraries in Helmet area have a book exchange service. You can take your books for example to Kallio, Pasila, Vallila, Rikhardinkatu or Library 10. However, the libraries prefer to take in only a few books at the same time, so if you plan to bring lots of them, please contact the staff in advance. Hopefully your books will find a new home!
List of libraries 229 12.12.2017 You can find Finnish Libraries in the Finnish Library Directory, here
I had reserved a time at the paja to convert some film, but have to change times, and can not get through on the phone. What is the email and/or phone number… 210 25.8.2016 Please call (09) 816 57 607
I would like to the know the numbers of all Finnish libraries now. I checked the URL below, I understand there are 1099 libraries in Finland, is that right?… 401 29.7.2016 In 2015, according to the Ministry of Education and Culture, there was a public library in every municipality (301), and most of them also had branch libraries (450) and bookmobiles (140) (2015). However, in a long term, number of public libraries has decreased since 1960 from 4 007 libraries to 765 in 2015. Number of research libraries and special libraries can be found from the Research Library Statistics Database. Number of libraries depends on the level the numbers are calculated: administrative unit, main library and branch libraries are separated in statistics. Concerning university libraries, there are 18…
I am writing an academic article about public libraries and I need to send out my online questionnaires to Finnish public librarians. Who should I contact or… 596 8.1.2016 There are several possibilities where to send your online questionnaires, depending on the nature of your survey. You have to decide to whom you want to send your questionnaires. You could think about whether you would like to send the questionnaires for the library administration (library directors etc.) or individual librarians. It could also be useful to think which libraries you want to include. The provincial libraries are the libraries that are in charge of the public library service in their regions. In addition to them, there are several smaller libraries and branch libraries. Frank Metasearch -site includes a list of all Finnish public libraries and provincial libraries: After deciding which…
I need some information about Finnish libraries. I have searched in the web but there is only information since 1999. I have read that the older statistics… 535 7.12.2013 The Finnish ministry of education publishes on yearly basis via Finnish Public Libraries Statistics Database ( If you need statistical information about the research and university libraries, they can be found here: If you need more specified information about the statistics of Helsinki City Library, please contact Mr. Jouni Juntumaa (
Good evening, I would like to ask a question about cataloguing policy in Finnish public libraries. Is there any central cataloguing department that provides… 1157 12.4.2010 All Finnish public libraries are responsible for their own cataloguing. There is an enterprise, BTJ, , who sells materials for public libraries, also cataloguing records. Thus the main part of Finnish public libraries buy cataloguing records from BTJ and fill in information in these records at their own cataloguing departements. Centralized cataloguing for public libraries does'nt exist in Finland. Finnish libraries use Finnish cataloguing rules, , which are based on the international cataloguing rules by IFLA . The cataloguing rules are to be rewritten in near future on the basis of the changes in the international…
Can you tell me when were the first public libraries appeared in Finland? And where they were built? Thank you. 1010 13.9.2008 Public libraries in Finland celebrated their bicentennial in 1994. The founding meeting of the Vaasa Reading Society in the Province of Ostrobothnia on the west coast of Finland took place on the 2nd of August 1794. Although the reading Society was originally meant for its members and partners, other people were also allowed to borrow books for payment. The Reading Society in Vaasa was thus both a "proprietary" and "subscription" library. (Ilkka Mäkinen: Reading Societies in Finland, in Yleiset kirjastot Suomessa. Vaasa 1994, p.104) The library of the Vaasa Reading Society can be considered to be the beginning of public libraries in Finland. The first public library in Helsinki was founded in 1819, and in Viipuri a public library was…
Could you send me some informations about libraries in your country. For example: •history, •number of public,university and reference, libraries, • number of… 1014 15.3.2005 You will find information about Finnish libraries at our website . Information about different libraries is in the libraries-channel, , and information about events and development in the library branch in the library branch-channel, . Finnish public library statistics can be found in and Finnish resarch library statistics in action=change&choose_language=3 . You can also contact the National Library of Finland, see .
I would like to know, if there is a web page, where I can find information on types of events in Finnish public libraries (if there is such a classification)? 634 1.2.2005 Yes, there are public libraries in Finland as well. The webpage of the Finnish libraries, , contains mostly information about Finnish public libraries. See, the Libraries channel, Public libraries, . On the Front Page and in the section Library branch of this site you can find some information about events in Finnish public libraries. However, the major part of the information about events in public libraries in Finland is published in Finnish and Swedish at the same site ( , ). You can also visit the site of the Finnish Library Association, .
We currently make inquiries on subscription fees in public libraries. Could you please send us, by mail, the registration and special fees for borrowing… 621 7.6.2004 In Finland registering for a public library card and borrowing materials from public libraries is free of charge. This is stated in the Library Act and Library Decree. You can find more information about the Finnish library system here: Some of the information is also in French.
I am an undergraduate student from Tallinn, Estonia. I am preparing to write my BA diploma and I am looking for all the possible information I can find on the… 877 6.8.2003 Everyone can visit Finnish public (and university) libraries. Library services are basically free, but for example overdued loans, printing and copying are charged for. A library card is not necessary when visiting a library, and there is no entrance fee. In Helsinki City Library printouts and photocopies cost 0,20€ each. You´ll find contact information in our website . Welcome to Helsinki City Library!
I would like to know how many libraries are in Finland: public libraries, university libraries, school libraries and government libraries. Thank you 1150 4.5.2003 In 2002 there were 1178 public libraries in Finland of which 431 were main libraries, 463 branch libraries, 92 hospital libraries and 192 mobile libraries. According to the "Guide to the Scientific Libraries in Finland" there are 846 scientific libraries in Finland. You can visit library-webpages via Gateway to Finnish Research Libraries. (e. g university libraries and special libraries are listed separately) All names of scientific libraries are listed behind the link "Guide to the Scientific Libraries in Finland". Just click "search". There is no statistical information available about schoollibraries in Finland. In 2000 there were 3 986 comprehensie…