I am taking the Helmet Reading Challenge for the first time this year. It is great way of choosing what to read and reading books that I would not normally…


Hello. I am taking the Helmet Reading Challenge for the first time this year. It is great way of choosing what to read and reading books that I would not normally have chosen. I have a some questions about some of the categories:
1. Can you recommend a book by a Sami author that is translated into English and that I can easily find in the UK (or download kindle version)?
2. I don't understand what you mean by a book published in plain language. Is there a book written in or translated into English which fulfils the category 'also published in plain language'?
Thank you.


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Here are some suggestions for Sámi or Sámi language books that are translated in English:

Beyond the wolf line : an anthology of Sami poetry (1996) is a collection anthology of several Sámi writers.

Roađđi / Rosa Boreal / Boreal Rose : Contemporary Sámi Poetry (2016) is a multi-author collection of contemporary Sámi poetry. It includes poetry in Sámi, English and Spanish.

Trekways of the Wind (1994) and Greetings from Lappland (1983) are anthologies by the most famous Finnish-Sámi poet Nils-Aslak Valkeapää.

The White Stone (2011) by Kirste (or Kirsti) Paltto is a children’s book about loneliness.

In between worlds (2016) is a fantasy novel by Norwegian-Sapmi author and artist Máret Ánne Sara.


Unfortunately it's quite unlikely to find these for Kindle, but ask your own librarian about the borrowing options! Also check the Wikipedia lists of Sámi writers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Sami-language_writers 




Plain language, easy-to-read language or simplified language in Finnish is selkokieli (selko-, selkeä = clear, clean, explicit; kieli = language).

It is, literally, a version of language that is easy to read. In Finland it has been developed since 1980’s to make reading in Finnish easier and more understandable. At starters, it was mainly aimed for persons with developmental disabilities or reading disorders. Later it has proved to be helpful, for example, among elderly people, immigrants, or anyone struggling with Finnish language.

In easy-to-read text, the terms, that might not be obvious, are explained. It’s also clear by its layout and is supposed to be accessible. Selkouutiset, for example, are news that are made accessible and understandable for those who do not necessarily cope with lingua franca.


More about easy-to-read language (mostly in Finnish): https://selkokeskus.fi/  

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