Where does the last name "Leija" come from? Is it from Finland?


Where does the last name "Leija" come from? Is it from Finland?


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Word "leija" is a Finnish word indeed. In English it is translated as "a kite". The noun "leija" comes from the verb "leijata" or "leijua" (to flow). In the old or dialectal Finnish language "leija" can also mean "a bridal veil". Leija is not a very much used word as a surname but surely it can be used. In the telephone catalogue of Helsinki there is only one person with the family name Leija. Leija can also be used in compound family names such as Leijavuori (a rough translation: Kite Mountain). There is no record of Leija as a first name.

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there is a book out in Finland called" Leija" is it obtainable, in book shops?

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