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Is there any place for the citizens to borrow the books in addition to the public/school libraries? For example, Japan, is a bit complicated. Most of community… 4 7.9.2023 Many other libraries in Finland are also open for general public: National Library, University libraries, many special libraries (e.g Library of Parliament, Library of the Genealogical society in Finland - though only refence, Migration Institute of Finland etc.), so, no, it is not correct to say that people lend books only in public or school libraries, many use the services of other libraries too. In addition it is of course possible that you can borrow books in clubs and organisations you are a member of (e.g. student organisations). You can browse Finnish Libraries in our Library Directory.
Do you have blood pressure measurement tools for borrowing? 6 29.8.2023 Yes, in some Helmet libraries. You can search blood pressure measurement devices from Helmet with key word "verenpainemittari". Locations and availabilities you see from the results. It´s not possible to make an online request, but you can contact the library and ask the staff. More information you find online  
How can I practice speaking in Finnish? 10 29.8.2023 The best way would be to participate in a Finnish course or a Finnish Club. You could try to find out if there is such activity in your home region. Here is a list of Suomi-koulut, your can check if you find help there,…. You could also search for Finnish Courses online. Here is a collection of webmaterial for Finnish Studies,…. 
Tietääkö kukaan vanha suomalainen tarina "KAUKAINEN SAARI" (Toivo Pekkanen), ja onko teillä Englanninkielinen käännös? Kiitos paljon! 🇫🇮 11 10.7.2023 "Kaukaisesta saaresta" on ilmestynyt Lola Rogersin englanninnos "The Faraway Island" julkaisun Books from Finland numerossa 1/2007. Käännöksen voi lukea täällä.
How can I donate some to the Pasila library? 22 28.6.2023 Libraries, except Central Library Oodi, accept material donations according to their needs. Libraries reserve the right to further channel the donations e.g. to recycling shelves from where customers can take books for themselves. Feel free to contact the Pasila Library on the matter.  You find conctact information online at Pasila Library | Helmet
I am writing with a great request. I am looking for the author and the title of the book I was reading in the Helsinki library while preparing materials for my… 19 8.6.2023 The pages are from Björn Collinders book The Lapps (Princeton University Press, New York, 1949).  You find the book in digital form in Internet Archive.
Is there an exclusive repertoire, catalog or repository of illustrated albums for adults? 22 29.5.2023 Hello, I am afraid Vieremä library does not participate in the Ask a Librarian service. Try to contact the library directly by email or phone. Contact details: You can search for material in the collections of Rutakko libaries, which includes Vieremä, here.
I have the plastic library card for the Helsinki library. I saw that some people have their library card on their phone. How does that work? Can I also get… 35 28.4.2023 Taskukirjasto (Pocket Library) is a mobile application for customers of the Helmet library. Taskukirjasto does not replace plastic library card but can be used alongside it. Taskukirjasto has your library card's bar code. Taskukirjasto application is free of charge and available for Android and iOS mobile devices. You can download Taskukirjasto from app stores. This year Helmet libraries are renewing their online and mobile services. Taskukirjasto app can be used until a new system replaces it.
How can I cancel the library card/membership of a child. I want to do it temporarily because she just doesn’t move out of couch! Reading is good habit that I… 60 26.4.2023 There are a few choices to prevent a person borrowing books from library, although as a librarian I cannot recommend canceling child's library card and I have no knowledge of a precedent. Also library must act according to library regulations and there is no mention of restrictions for if a person reads too much. As you say, reading is a good habit! I presume the child is under 15 years old? First comes to mind that without library's interference maybe you could just simply take the card and keep it to yourself for the time being. In case the child has Taskukirjasto (Pocket Library app) which one can use as a library card, it is a bit trickier. You'll have to unload the app from his/her phone. Technically, library card can be locked or…
I live in Turku and do not come to Helsinki often. Can I still be Helmet´s customer? I want e services only? 36 20.4.2023 You don't have to live in Helmet-area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa or Kauniainen), but You need to have an address in Finland to get a library card. You can obtain a library card and PIN code from any Helmet library by providing your address and presenting a valid ID card with a photograph and personal identity number accepted by the library.  If you are 15 years old, you can save your own personal details in customer register in advance by filling the form by clicking the link below. You will get your library card quicker by filling the registration form beforehand. Once you have saved your personal details, you can pick up your library card from any Helmet library. Take a valid ID card with you. If you do not pick up your library card…
I want to ask are there any books, journals or circulars that have mentioned about Finnish local brands that produced electronics, home appliances or other… 32 21.2.2023 I tried several searches. With Finnish keywords elektroniikka brändit Suomi i got a result with a few publications about Nokia, but the were in Finnish, only one was in English (not about history of brands).  Elektroniikka Suomi historia gave documents about firms, factorys and brands and their history. The english material in mostly about Nokia. English keywords are used in documents that can be found in university libraries and higher vocational libraries. For instance brands electonics Finland and electronics history Finland give some results, but in all, i would recommend you to turn to Aalto University Learning Center. Aalto University has engineering, computer science in their study program.
I have my library card. How do I reserve the book? 79 18.1.2023 1. You can reserve material through the Helmet portal. Find the book that you want to reserve by entering the search term in Search for Items, then click Request it. You are asked to log in by entering your library number and your PIN code. Once you have done that, you can choose the library where you want to pick up your book. You can make your choice from the drop-down menu presented. If you do not, the book will be sent to your default library. 2. Alternatively, you can phone any of the Helmet libraries and ask the staff to reserve the book for you. You will be asked for your library card number. You can find the library phone numbers under Libraries on the page. 3. If you want to reserve material that is available on…
Can you please recommend me a dystopia book that's worth reading? Is for the Helmet challenge 39 12.1.2023 Two classics: Margaret Atwood: Handmaid’s Tale (1985) Set in near-future, New England is known as a patriarchal, totalitarian state called the Republic of Gilead. Most women, especially poor ones, are forced to produce children for commanders and their wives as “handmaids”.   Don DeLillo: White Noise (1985) A postmodern classic about a middle-class suburb family, airborne toxic event and suspicion. Lots of dialogue in this one! Noah Baumbach just made a hilarious movie based on this classic.   And a newer one: Emily St. John Mandel: Station Eleven (2015) Civilization has collapsed as a deadly virus conquered the whole world. A traveling symphony orchestra roams the waste lands and tries to find hope in art and humane…
There, I know this is a long shot, but I would need some help finding a Finnish language song - I was recommended to try asking here from Reddit. The song… 72 13.12.2022 I am sorry to tell you that our music experts didn't recognise the song. The tune you whistled sounded distantly familiar. Maybe some of our readers would recognise the song? If you do, you can write the details of the song to the comments below.  
I'm interested in the chess club. I see its opening hours are 2-4pm on Mondays. Are there other opening hours? 151 5.12.2022 In Helsinki Central Library Oodi the chess club is only on Mondays2 - 4 PM.  In Lauttasaari Library there is a chess club on Wednesdays 5 - 8 PM. It is organized by Lauttasaari chess club and it is open to everyone. In Tapulikaupunki Library there will begin a chess club in the end of January 2023 on Wednesdays 5 - 7 PM.…
I need this book: But I cant find it any where in Finland, Is it possible to… 42 24.11.2022 Unfortunately, this textbook is not available in any Finnish library. It seems that no library in Europe has this title, so an interlibrary loan is not possible.
How can i borrow a drill 45 9.11.2022 It is possible to borrow a drill from some Helmet-libraries. Drills can not be booked but availablity can be checked via Helmet. Loan periods vary from one day to two weeks.  ttps://
Do you have any books you would recommend for an adult just learning Finnish? Thanks! 32 2.11.2022 You could try on of these From start to Finnish : a short course in Finnish, White, Leila. [Helsinki] : Finn lectura, [2012] Complete Finnish, Leney, Terttu. London : Hodder Education, 2010 Mitä kuuluu? : suomen kielen kuuntelu- ja ääntämisharjoituksia, Latomaa, Sirkku. Helsinki : Finn Lectura, 2003 Finnish courses -books Webmaterial  Easyfinnish Yle Finnish More webmaterial in
I cannot find the prices for printing and how to top up my printing money. Can you help me? 97 14.7.2022 Hi, Current instructions for self-service printing in Helsinki City Library: The PaperCut self-service printing is available for your own device and the library computers. Both allow you to print 5 pages in 3 months free-of-charge - subsequent printouts cost €0.40 each. You can load credit to your card for the additional printouts at the customer service point. Printing from the library’s customer computer ASKO: log in with your library card number and PIN code. Please save the printable files from your USB stick or email to the ASKO computer and double-click them in order to open them in their native programs to print. After you've pressed "print" (you can lock your ASKO to continue working after printing) log in to the light-blue-…
I will leave Helsinki/Finland for 2 months from the next month. During that trip, I would like to bring some books but the maximum loan time is just 30 days… 93 20.5.2022 The loan period is fixed at 28 days for books, excluding Bestsellers which are 14 days. However, you can renew your loans online before they are due, thus extending the loan time another 28 days. You can renew your loans five times, provided no one else has reserved the books in question. Note that Bestsellers cannot be renewed online. To manage your loans, go to and choose LOGIN. Login with your library card number and PIN code. Choose the loans that you want to renew under Checkouts and click RENEW MARKED.