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I need a book called: Teaching reading in mathematics by Mary Barton. Are there any exemplaries in Helsinki's libraries? All good, Kelly Sule 2 7.7.2020 Unfortunately this book is not in any libraries in Helsinki or even in Finnish libraries anywhere. From the database WorldCat you can see libraries which has this book in their collections:
Dear Librarian, I have returned the books that I had borrowed. Why they are not cleared from my account and I need to pay for them? This has happened quite a… 3 6.7.2020 Hi!  I am deeply sorry that your returning progress hasn´t been working as it should. I recommend you to call to your local library and find out what happened there. Here we don´t solve out client´s loaning and returning issues because of the information security.  All libraries have machines where you can borrow and return your loans. Librarians will advice you more about these things at your local library. You can check information, locations and phone numbers from libraries here: 
How can i access chat on helmet website? please tell me qiuckly :( I don't have much time.. 6 23.6.2020 I'm sorry for answering you so late. Helmet chat comes into view just when it's open. In this summer the opening hours are mon-thur 12-17 and fri 12-16:
Denmark has www. Sweden has Norway has Does an equivalent "open search" ( in Swedish ) exist covering Finland? 7 15.6.2020 Hi! In Finland we have: (in Finnish) You can search for example Swedish names but the search language is Finnish (in Finnish) This search service is like Fonecta only in Finnish but you can even here search for example Swedish names and for  Åland Islands (in Swedish)
About using valid ID card for applying library card, is this type of ID card valid (see link below)? My daughter was rejected by using her ID card when… 8 12.6.2020 Any photo ID that s issued by police is enough when applying library card. Passport, ID card of any EU country (the one you linked), Finnish driving license and Kela card with photo are all valid. Here is the Helmet listing about valid ID:s. Children under 15 need a written consent of their guardian when applying library card. Read more at Helmet Library user regulations. 
I have been studied about Finland's Mobile library. Do mobile libraries visit schools and daycare centers almost every day? Specifically, how often? Thank you… 10 4.6.2020 Finnish libraries are in that way independent that their mobile libraries have own time tables and schedules. That means that they can have very different resources and that every mobile library does not circulate every day. If you want to study the activities or timetables of mobile libraries, you can find them here, It is possible however that not every library has included opening hours and routes of their mobile services here. In that case you can ask the library in question, the contact information can be found in the same directory. This kind of information can't be found in our statistic database,  Mobile libraries have an own site, …
Help! I am from South Korea and I am studying about Finland's mobile library. I want to know something. Q. How many Finnish people use the mobile library for a… 13 29.5.2020 1. Loans from mobile libraries 6 229 346 year 2019, We can't individualize persons who use mobile libraries, because the library card is use in all the service points of the library in the city or municipality, for example if you have a library card to Helmet (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen city libraries), you can use it in every service point of the city libraries in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen including mobile libraries. 2. In Finland we have had a mobile library system for so long, that people see it as a normal part of the library. We have also long distancies in almost every other part of the country than the south, in many parts of…
I lost my libary card. Is it possible to have a new one and how is the fee? Thank you 8 22.5.2020 It is of utmost importance that you report the loss of your library card immediately to any Helmet library. For information see You are not responsible for the loans that have been checked out on your card after you have reported the card lost, but until you report the loss of your library card you may be held responsible. A new card is liable to charge. Information on libray cards and all costs can be found on>Info>Using the library.  
Is there any libraries in Finland that have a gaming room outfitted with 10+ gaming PCs? Thank you 5 22.5.2020 There are in Helsinki Central Library Oodi three rooms with console games and one game room with gaming computers. In these rooms there are 14 gaming computers. More information here: Obviously it is the only library with 10+ gaming PCs.  
How many Finnish people use the mobile library for a year in 2019? Or, what is the usage rate of the mobile library for a year in 2019? Please let me know only… 12 20.5.2020 The mobile library in Helsinki had 91322 visitors in 2019 according to newly computed statistics. For detailed information please contact the Mobile library.… Nationwide library statistics can be found at 
Looking for a verse to put in the Anniversary card I’m making for my wife, and I need it in english please. 6 19.5.2020 Maybe these websites might be helpful for you:…      
I want a book about nursing services, and about the CCU section. 10 7.5.2020 Here below you can see all books about nursing (hoitotyö) in Rutakko libraries. Most of them are unfortunately in Finnish. There are some books about heart diseases and children:…
Can I find subscriptions to Morningstar or ValueLine or some other investment material through Helmet? 12 29.4.2020 Many international magazines and newspapers are available on PressReader, that is a part of Helmet collection. Morningstar or Value Line are unfortunately not included, but there are several business journals, eg. Forbes, FinWeek, Stock etc.  You need a library card and a valid PIN code to sign in and read the magazines. More instructions to use PressReader, please check the Helmet website: 
Mobile libraries in Finland 17 24.4.2020 Stara and Skidi are both children's mobile libraries in Helsinki, so there is no difference between them in content. The names, Stara and Skidi, are Helsinki slang. Stara means an old person in Helsinki slang (Stara was formerly known as a mobile library mostly for adults.) Skidi is a slang word for a child (formely Skidi was for children). In Finland, mobile libraries usually have names, they are not considered just as vehicles :)  In the website 'Finnish Public Libraries Statistics' a loan amount for the mobile library means the amount of loans that people have borrowed.  One mobile library can carry approximately 3500 books (it depends on how full mobile libraries are packed). Mobile libraries…
Dear Gentlemen, I am searchig for a Finnish book that has been out of order for a long time. It is a book about Hollywood comics Laurel & Hardy. The author is… 7 15.4.2020 The book "Surullisen hahmon ritarit" by Sauli Pesonen is in collections of some libraries in Finland. You can see the libraries from the datebase Finna: You can ask an opportunity to interlibrary loan from your own library. Now all the libraries in Finland are closed during the corona epidemic and unfortunately all our services are not functioning as normal.     
I can't renew the book i have checked out online because it is on hold. but it is due april 6 which during the virus shut down period. so please help me take… 10 20.3.2020 In Helmet-libraries no loans are due when libraries are closed.  Loans will not be due between March 16th and April 19th 2020. If the loan has not been renewed in due, library will extend the due date by two weeks. We shall re-evaluate the situation after Easter. In addition, the library will extend the loan period for loans due from 20 January to 15 March 2020. There is no overdue fee for extending the loan period.  However, there are exceptions for material that is overdue and therefore in recovery.  If your loan has expired before January 20, 2020, it is in recovery and the loan cannot be renewed. Please contact your local library via email or by telephone to check the situation.  
I have books on hold and others that I have taken for loan. My question is what happens now with the closing down the Libraries? I still need this books that… 10 17.3.2020 In Helmet libraries the loan periods do not expire during 16.3. – 19.4.2020. If you have not returned the loans by the due date, the loan period will be lengthened automatically. While the libraries are closed, you cannot pick up your holds. The reserved materials will be kept waiting for pick-up for a couple of days after the libraries are reopened.
,I have one book that want to be renewed online but 9 16.3.2020 Unfortunately, you cannot renew the loan, because another customer has reserved the book. But luckily for you, because of the corona epidemic, the due dates of all loans expiring today have been postponed by two weeks. So, now the due date of your loan is 30.03.2020.
I am taking the Helmet Reading Challenge for the first time this year. It is great way of choosing what to read and reading books that I would not normally… 10 12.3.2020 Here are some suggestions for Sámi or Sámi language books that are translated in English: Beyond the wolf line : an anthology of Sami poetry (1996) is a collection anthology of several Sámi writers. Roađđi / Rosa Boreal / Boreal Rose : Contemporary Sámi Poetry (2016) is a multi-author collection of contemporary Sámi poetry. It includes poetry in Sámi, English and Spanish. Trekways of the Wind (1994) and Greetings from Lappland (1983) are anthologies by the most famous Finnish-Sámi poet Nils-Aslak Valkeapää. The White Stone (2011) by Kirste (or Kirsti) Paltto is a children’s book about loneliness. In between worlds (2016) is a fantasy novel by Norwegian-Sapmi author and artist Máret Ánne Sara.   Unfortunately it's quite…
Dear sir or madam, I am an student of Library and Information Science from Spain and I am doing a research about public libraries comparing their active… 12 11.3.2020 I'm not quite sure, what your question was. If you are looking for a library strategy, we have a guideline for public libraries (the previous one was called strategy),…, which contains the stress points in our library activities. If you are looking for Helsinki City Library strategy, it was updated 2015, but since the city organization has changed the library is a part of the city strategy, Helsinki City Strategy,…. The former one stated that vision for the library was to enrich the thoughts and ideas of, to offer knowledge, skills and stories and that way to create a new citizens society. I couldn…