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Is Pulla often pronounced Bulla? 678 If you mean the Finnish word pulla (‘bun,  coffeebread’), I think it can be pronounced as ‘bulla’ only if you have a flu or rarely in some Finnish dialects. According to Kielitoimiston sanakirja, the Finnish word bulla means also ‘papal bull’ - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papal_bull.
What is the definition of plagiarism? 1151 According to BBC English Dictionary (Harper Collins Publishers, 1992) plagiarism is "the practice of using or copying someone else's idea or work and pretending that you thought of it or created it". The word is also "used showing disapproval". More definitions can be found in Google. Write 'define:plagiarism' (without quotes) in Google's search box. You can found article on plagiarism in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plagiarism.
Where does the last name "Leija" come from? Is it from Finland? 3590 Word "leija" is a Finnish word indeed. In English it is translated as "a kite". The noun "leija" comes from the verb "leijata" or "leijua" (to flow). In the old or dialectal Finnish language "leija" can also mean "a bridal veil". Leija is not a very much used word as a surname but surely it can be used. In the telephone catalogue of Helsinki there is only one person with the family name Leija. Leija can also be used in compound family names such as Leijavuori (a rough translation: Kite Mountain). There is no record of Leija as a first name.