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Could you give me some information on the origin of the word nisu? Is it a Swedish word? When did pulla replace this word? I live in Ohio, and the Finnish… 2042 According to the etymological dictionary of modern Finnish language the word “nisu” has an analogue in all of the near related languages. Karelian and Estonian languages have the word “nisu” and the Veps language “ńižu”. Also the Sami language knows the word “njizzi” which is apparently derived from the same origin. The word is most likely a derivative of a word that means breast or teat (the Finnish word “nisä”). The concept of this is that the product of the teat (which is white and sweet milk) has same qualities that the mild-flavoured grain (wheat). In the Finnish literary language “nisu” has appeared since Agricola and it has been the primary designation of wheat until the 19th century. The word “pulla” is a loan from “bulla” in the…
Where does the last name "Leija" come from? Is it from Finland? 3549 Word "leija" is a Finnish word indeed. In English it is translated as "a kite". The noun "leija" comes from the verb "leijata" or "leijua" (to flow). In the old or dialectal Finnish language "leija" can also mean "a bridal veil". Leija is not a very much used word as a surname but surely it can be used. In the telephone catalogue of Helsinki there is only one person with the family name Leija. Leija can also be used in compound family names such as Leijavuori (a rough translation: Kite Mountain). There is no record of Leija as a first name.