Do libraries charge patrons for overdue materials?


I wonder if Finnish libraries charge patrons for overdue materials? Could you give me some brief information on that? Are these regulations different library from library or are they all the same over Finland?



Public libraries in Finland do charge patrons for overdue materials. The fee is not the same in every library, for example in Turku it is 30 cents/loan/day and in Helsinki it is 20 cents/loan/day. Also, at least in these two libraries, you don't need to pay overdue fees for childrens' books. There is also a maximum overdue fee per loan (in Turku 9 € and in Helsinki 6 €) so even if your loan is overdue for a longer time you don't have to pay more than that. If you can't return the loan at all, you'll have to compensate for the item (how much depends usually on how expensive the item was and if it was very new or old and worn).

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