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Can the catalogue 'Mind-Building' of the Finnish Pavilion for the Architectural Exhibition 2018 be physically purchased? 304 31.5.2018 Architecture Information Centre Finland informed me that there is only a very limited amount of the catalogue printed and they are primarily meant for the exhibition's use in Venice. They try to pass some on to the libraries that are involved in it, but at least for now you can't unfortunately buy the catalogue anywhere. http://archinfo.fi/en/
Does it cost to print in the library? If I need to print many pages should i bring my own printing paper? 157 20.4.2018 If you're visiting Turku city libraries on normal opening hours then you don't need to bring any printing paper with you. It then costs 20 cents per page to print (i.e. 40 cents per double-sided printing). The price is the same whether you print in color or in black and white. If, on the other hand, you are visiting one of the branch libraries during its open hours when there's no staff present, then you actually do need to bring your paper with you. At this situation there's no additional fee for printing of course.
I'm looking for my roots, and I would like to know if it's possible to have a death's certificat for my gr gr uncle ? He's dead 31 /01/ 1908 at Vaasa. He was… 300 4.8.2017 Hello You can contact Statistics Finland and The National Archives of Finland to find more about your uncle's death and ask if they can find his death certificate. Vaasa's church registry office can also help you. I'll leave contact information to all of these here. The links should lead you to English versions of the sites but if they don't you can change the language from the top of the pages. Statistics Finland http://tilastokeskus.fi/org/yhteystiedot/index_en.html The National Archives of Finland http://www.arkisto.fi/en/info-4/info-5 Vaasa church registry office email: vaasan.kirkkoherranvirasto@evl.fi
I am looking for book that help me in preparation of the exam, the exam is related to Finnish license to practice medicine in Finland. the exam will be in… 366 3.6.2017 At least the following books deal with clinical examination and might be useful for you (they can all be found in the Turku city library): Kliinisen tutkimuksen etiikka : opas tutkijoille ja eettisille toimikunnille (2015). Kliinisen tutkijan opas (2000). Kliininen hoitotyö : sisätauteja, kirurgisia sairauksia ja syöpätauteja sairastavan hoito (2012). Potilaan tutkiminen (2009). Kliinisen fysiologian perusteet (2012). Toimintakyky : arviointi ja kliininen käyttö (2004). Sairaan hyvä lääkäri (2012). Lääkäriksi (2007).
What are the roles of shool library in improving the reading habit of secondary school students 378 6.3.2017 In Finland municipalities are not obligated to have school libraries. Most schools have a library although they may be outdated and have a rather modest collection. Many schools cooperate with the public library. Some municipalities have their own information literacy curriculum which schools and libraries have compiled together. Accordingly to the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education organizations like museums, sport facilities, art centra, public libraries are seen as learning environments. For more reading on the subject: Finnish National Agency for Education http://www.oph.fi/english Curricula and qualifications > General upper secondary education link: National Core Curriculum for General Secondary Education Intended for…
I am writing an academic article about public libraries and I need to send out my online questionnaires to Finnish public librarians. Who should I contact or… 625 8.1.2016 There are several possibilities where to send your online questionnaires, depending on the nature of your survey. You have to decide to whom you want to send your questionnaires. You could think about whether you would like to send the questionnaires for the library administration (library directors etc.) or individual librarians. It could also be useful to think which libraries you want to include. The provincial libraries are the libraries that are in charge of the public library service in their regions. In addition to them, there are several smaller libraries and branch libraries. Frank Metasearch -site includes a list of all Finnish public libraries and provincial libraries: http://monihaku.kirjastot.fi/en/. After deciding which…
I'm a traveler from Taiwan, and I'm a librarian in the elementary school. I heard the library in Finland is very nice. I will go to Finland next week, I have … 900 21.7.2014 Since I don't know which library you are going to, I can't give you a specific answer. Many public libraries will let you take photographs, but to be on the safe side, ask the staff when you get there if photographing is alright.
I'm looking for some historical results (more complete than possible) of cross country skiing. The races are: - 50 km men Finnish Championship (Kuopio) 1972 … 770 13.5.2013 The best books to look for older information in, are the Mitä Missä Milloin – kansalaisen vuosikirja –books. They are published every year on the events of the previous year. So information regarding cross country skiing on a Finnish championship event in 1972, can be found in the book’s sports section of the following year, Mitä Missä Milloin 1973. Some of this information can also be found on Wikipedia. Men’s Finnish Championship’s 50 km event in 1972 (Kuopio): First place Kalevi Oikarainen (time 2.44.10). Second place Ahti Nevala (time 2.46.45) and third place Reino Tamper (time 2.46.53). http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiihdon_Suomen-mestaruuskilpailut_1972 Men’s Finnish Championship events in 1973 (Kurikka) 15 km First place Juha Mieto…
Is there any possibility that I can use musical instrument in the library? 576 4.11.2011 Hello! There is in fact a possibility to play a instrument in library. The music library has a playing room, that you can reserve for a hour at a time. In the room there's an acoustic and an electric piano. But you are free to bring your own instrument as well. You can visit the music library at the 2nd floor of the old building at the main library, or call the music library's customer service number 02-262 0658 to make the reservation.
I'm researching library in Finland. I have two questions. Question 1: When and where the first library was established in Finland? One source says that … 1059 10.2.2011 Both answers are correct in a way. In 1794, the first "public" library, Vaasan lukukirjasto, the Vaasa Reading Society, was founded. "Although the Reading Society was originally meant for its members or partners, other people were also allowed to borrow books for payment. The Reading Society in Vaasa was thus both a “proprietary” and “subscription” library. It is a rather new idea to consider the Vaasa Reading Society to be the beginning of public libraries in Finland. It is usually thought that libraries which provided reading for the Finnish-speaking less-educated majority were the predecessors of public libraries in Finland. However, reading societies at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries, which were an undertaking…
Kes on nende luuleridade autor ja mis on luuletuse pealkiri. "See kevad tuleb teisiti, tiu-tiu ja teisiti" 798 6.4.2010 Ask a Librarian provides answers in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Ques-tions in other languages can only be answered if there happens to be a person available who is capable of giving professional service in that language. About Ask a Librarian see also, http://www.libraries.fi/en-GB/ask_librarian/about/ . You might find help in the National Library of Estonia, information about services here http://www.nlib.ee/32825
図書館員の皆様、 日本語の本や雑誌等、資料がどれほどヘルシンキ、又は、トゥルクの図書館にあるかどうか知りたいのですが、教えて頂けますでしょうか? 387 6.4.2010 Ask a Librarian provides answers in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Ques-tions in other languages can only be answered if there happens to be a person available who is capable of giving professional service in that language. About Ask a Librarian see also, http://www.libraries.fi/en-GB/ask_librarian/about/ .
I am a student of Information Studies and Librarianship at Charles University in Prague. According to my study recently I have been writing a Master Thesis on… 721 1.4.2010 We can give You some links to go on. For the history of photography in Finland the center is Suomen valokuvataiteenmuseo http://www.valokuvataiteenmuseo.fi/ Aalto-yliopisto is the School of Art and design http://www.taik.fi/en/ and is conneteced to so called The Helsinki School of Photography. Their library database is following http://www.taik.fi/en/services_/aralis_library.html. Maybe also links of Peri Gallery in Turku can help You. http://www.peri.fi/
I am looking for some information about the bookstore of anni Liljefors in Abo/Turku round 1900.Did she have a business relation with Forlag Hans A.Hanson in… 1141 28.4.2009 The only thing we were able to find out about the bookstore of Anni Liljefors was the name and the phone number of the bookstore in the telephone directory of the year 1905. It sold at least school books (Skolbokshandeln / Koulukirjakauppa). So we can verify that the bookstore existed but no other information was found.
Which countries have the biggest number of Nobel Prize winners in literature fields? 496 22.1.2009 A quick counting in Wikipedia made a result of 12 prizes for USA, 9 to France, Germany and UK, 7 for Sweden and 6 for Spain and Italy. For an more accurate information check pages of Nobelprize.org in http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/ or Wikipedia http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/
For months I have been looking on the Internet for places where I could buy neem contraceptive products. Are there doctors in Finland who are knowledgeable… 125 17.10.2005 As you have noticed yourself, it's quite hard to find information about neem contraceptive products. There is a list of links concerning alternative medicine in this address: http://www.fimnet.fi/linkit/Laaketiede/Vaihtoehtolaaketiede/index.html Perhaps you can find there some further information about these products, and places where to buy them. You can also visit the homepage of Finnish Medical Association. http://www.laakariliitto.fi/e/index.html You can ask there if they know any doctors, who can tell you more about these contraceptive products.
I am seeking information about the etymology of finnish words. I expect that the infomation available will be in finnish. Do you know of any material that is… 105 7.9.2005 Professor Ulla-Maija Kulonen has written some information about the etymology of finnish words. Her material is available on-line. http://virtual.finland.fi/netcomm/news/showarticle.asp?intNWSAID=25830 Verbs saapua and saavuttaa are derived from the verb saada. They are native words. Saapas is a loan word from Russian. ---- Many libraries have etymological dictionary: Suomen sanojen alkuperä : etymologinen sanakirja. 1 - 3. -Helsinki : Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskus, 1992 - 2000.
I need information about Reading Research in Finland. 219 7.7.2005 It has been quite hard to define what kind of material You actually need. Reading research is a vast area and the links provided here may or may not be useful. First, the links to the Internet where You should have a free access from any Internet account: "The finnish success in PISA and some reasons behind it PISA 2000" Authors and Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä http://www.jyu.fi/ktl/pisa/publication1.pdf "Literacy Skills for the World of Tomorrow: Further Results from PISA 2000 - Publications 2000" http://www.pisa.oecd.org/document/21/0,2340,en_32252351_32236159_336886… "Summary of “Finland Reads” studies from 1989, 1995, and 2003" Drafted by Yrjö Repo from the reports of Taloustutkimus Oy http://www.skyry.…
My question is: the city of Turku has honoured a famous dutchman. Do you know the name of the person? Thanks for the effort. Greetings from Holland. 691 11.1.2005 There is a street called Peter Thorwöste road in Turku. Peter Thorwöste was a dutchman, who lived in Turku in the 17th century, and died here 1659. He was a well-known tradesman and industrialist, he founded for example ironworks in Fiskars. Some further information about Fiskars you can find here: http://www.fiskars.fi/pdf/Fiskars_history_eng.pdf Could this Peter Thorwöste be "the famous dutchman" you are looking for? If he is not, could you please give us more information about the man you are trying to identify. When did he live? What did he do for living?
Hella Wuolijoki's "Niskavuoren Heta" - all about this female Finnish writer. 460 16.11.2004 There are some articles about Hella Wuolijoki in English. I found these: Lounela, Pekka: Hella Wuolijoki : a woman of contrasts. In journal Books from Finland. 1979 p. 120-183 Tarkka, Pekka: Open wide gates. In journal Books from Finland. 1991: 4: 226-227. Hawkins, Hildi (transl.): Hella Wuolijoki : a versatile talent : 1886-1954. In journal Books from Finland. 1986: 2, p. 90-95 Koski, Pirkko: Hella Wuolijoki, 1886-1954. In Modern drama by women 1880s-1930s : an international anthology. London, Routledge 1996 Koski, Pirkko: Introduction. Portraits of courage : plays by Finnish women. Helsinki, Helsinki university press, 1997 There is also a monograph concerning films based on Wuolijoki's plays: Koivunen, Anu: Performative histories,…