What are the roles of shool library in improving the reading habit of secondary school students


What are the roles of shool library in improving the reading habit of secondary school students


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In Finland municipalities are not obligated to have school libraries. Most schools have a library although they may be outdated and have a rather modest collection. Many schools cooperate with the public library. Some municipalities have their own information literacy curriculum which schools and libraries have compiled together. Accordingly to the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education organizations like museums, sport facilities, art centra, public libraries are seen as learning environments.
For more reading on the subject:

Finnish National Agency for Education


Curricula and qualifications > General upper secondary education

link: National Core Curriculum for General Secondary Education Intended for Young People

link: A Good School Library 2006 > link to pdf

/ alternatively go directly to http://oph.fi/download/47629_good_school_library.pdf

Article: School libraries in Finland

Sinko, P. (2013). School Libraries in Finland. Scandinavian Library Quarterly, 46 (1)


An overview of the situation of school libraries in Finland and their role.

The Finnish School Library Association


The Finnish School Library Association offers the forum to change experience about developing and improving school libraries. Takes up the opportunities of school libraries to support the curriculum and to enrich learning. Provides information about school library projects. Aims to strengthen the status of school libraries in Finland.

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