I am in tampere. I borrowed the book from korso helmet liberary. How do I renew the loan?


hello , I am in tampere. I borrowed the book from korso helmet liberary. I have to renew my book rich dad poor dad. There is no helmet liberary in tampere. It is unable to renew from mobile I forgot my pincode. Is it possible to return back from here ? I request pin number in my Email but could not get it. Help me please.


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Books from the Helmet libraries can only be returned to one of their own libraries. If you have not saved an email address to your library card, you can only reset your pin number in-person at the service counter of any Helmet library. If creating a new pincode is not working for other reasons, get in contact with the Helmet libraries directly. This is done by going to their website - Libraries and services | Helmet - and selecting a library, which provides the phone number and e-mail contact details for particular libraries within the Helmet network. They can further assist you on creating a new pin code and may be able to renew your loans remotely, provided they do not have reservations.

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