Guidelines for services to teens (12-18) in public libraries in Finland.


I would like a guide or guidelines for services to teens (12-18) in public libraries, and I would also like your list of services to teens (12-18). thank you



Services for teens differs between Public libraries in Finland. 

In the Public Libraries Act (1492/2016) it says, that public libraries are tasked with:
1) providing access to materials, information and cultural contents;
2) maintaining versatile and up-to-date collections;
3) promoting reading and literature;
4) providing information services, guidance and support in the acquisition and use of information and in versatile literacy skills;
5) providing premises for learning, recreational activities, working, and civic activities;
6) promoting social and cultural dialogue. 

These services are of course aimed at teens also and very often libraries co-operate with schools to provide these services for teens. It is very common that a librarian goes to school to make book talk or that pupils come to the library to have, for example, a lecture or escape game about information search, media literacy etc.
In many libraries there are also services aimed especially for teens in leisure time. These can be for example:
- different events (for example cons)
- media, homework or reading clubs
- workshops, makerspaces etc.
And usually teens just come to the library to hang around or read. Some libraries have also hired youth workers to provide teens with wide-ranging services.


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