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I would like to know where i could get information about the log homes manufacturing industry in Finland or if there is a book about it. 497 25.2.2005 There's a great deal of information about our log house industry to be found on the Internet, but unfortunately a shortage of books on the subject. Please try the following links: Wood Focus Finland at Do try their free word search under "Links". The Centre of Expertise for Wood Products at There's a database for finding manufacturers on the finnish sites only. The WoodFinland Programme at For statistics contact the Statistics Finland, the address on the Net is
I have returned an item yesterday -"the Lost plays" by Agatha Christie -but it's still on my record today and the fee is still coming. Could you, please, check… 497 11.4.2016 We discussed of this situation at gmail and everything is now ok. I took the fee away and returned "The lost plays". You have returned it and it´s missing at library. You have no more responsibility of that loan.
Would like information and a picture of Finlands first president, Karlo Julo Stahlberg? 497 3.1.2001 The easiest way to get information about and a picture of Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg (note the spelling, Ståhlberg with so called swedish o) is from Internet. I used Google search engine , searched the name as a phrase "Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg", and found some useful pages: (National Biography of Finland, large article and a good picture of young Ståhlberg; easiest way to search is to browse "index of biographies"). (good picture)… (information in English) (statue of pr. Ståhlberg in…
Dear Madam or Sir, I have read a news from “Visit Helsinki Blog (” that Arabianranta… 496 30.8.2016 Dear Patron, Arabianranta Library will help you with this matter. Please call +358 9 3108 5056 to make inquiries about the boats. Another option is to visit the library. The price to rent the boats is 10 euros. Here you can find the library's contact information:…
Can I Practice AutoCad in library computer? I mean does library computers have autocad facility??? 496 19.12.2018 Unfortunately there are no workstations with AutoCAD available in Helmet libraries. The new central library Oodi will provide some 3D modelling software when their makerspace facilities open, but apparently AutoCAD will no be included. More information on Oodi can be found on their website at However, Aalto Fablab, at Aalto University in Otaniemi, Espoo, provides CAD workstations with AutoDesk Fusion 360 and other software. Aalto Fablab is mostly used by Aalto University students and staff, but they have open access days every now and then. You can contact them by sending e-mail to fablab[at]
You are an appreciable "Ask a librarian" service. Are all the questions you've been asked archived ? Are those archives available to all the public ? Are they… 493 12.11.2015 Thank you very much! We have saved all answers since we started in year 1998. You can find them here (this is the search, the newest answers are listed here . The most part of the answers are available, only those containing personal information that can't be published is hidden. Our RSS-feeds are at present only in Finnish, but we should of course include all languages (Finnish, Swedish and English) in the feed. This is the addres to our RSS-feed,… . I'll enquire about the change, it might not be to difficult to change it in near future.
How do I renew online? 492 25.10.2001 You can renew your loans twice online. Go to our home page… and choose "loans". Then you have to give your customer identification code (your library card) and password in order to sign on (if yo don't have a password yet, you will get it from any library in Turku City Library). Now you can renew your loans by selecting the loans you want to renew and clicking on "renew selected loans". The renewed loans are placed at the end of the list.
I'm curious about xylitol 492 11.10.2007 Here are a couple very informative web-pages on xylitol.
I'm a student in tampere and want to borrow ebook from helmet. But I don't have a library card. Can i order one and get it by posti? Thank you so much Phuong, 491 11.12.2017 Hello, Unfortunately you cannot get a Helmet library card by post. You have to visit a Helmet library to get a card. Here is an excerpt from the user regulations: "You can get a personal library card, the right to borrow and a PIN code at any Helmet library or mobile library. You will get the library card when you state your address and present a valid ID card with a photograph and personal identity number accepted by the library. To be able to receive a library card you need an address in Finland. The first library card is free of charge. If you do not have a Finnish personal identity number, your library card is valid for twelve months at a time." You will find more information here:…
What was the cost and source of funding for the Seinäjoki city library? 490 14.10.2002 In Finland the libraries are funded by tax revenues. So the source of funding for the library was partly state aid and partly it was paid by the city of Seinäjoki. The library building was finished in 1965 and the cost was then 1 041 145,86 Finnish marks. It would be about 9 001 222,20 Finnish marks in the value of mark in 2001. If we change it in to euros it would be about 1 514 000 euros. As you can see the cost of the building was very low. Nowadays the cost of building a library would be twice as much.
Do you have some book dealing with modern slavery? 488 3.3.2008 Yes, we have several books about modern slavery in English. The books listed below are available in Helsinki, Vantaa or Espoo City Libraries: -Cox, Caroline: "This immoral trade - slavery in the 21st century" (Monarch, 2006) -Bales, Kevin: "Disposable people - new slavery in the global economy" (University of California Press, 2000) -Ali, Miriam: "Without mercy - a woman's struggle against modern slavery" (1995) -"The slavery reader" edited by Gad Heuman and James Walvin (Routledge, 2003) -Bales, Kevin: "New Slavery : a refence handbook (ABC-Clio, 2000) You can search the books from our catalogue by using Helmet search:
I am looking for book that help me in preparation of the exam, the exam is related to Finnish license to practice medicine in Finland. the exam will be in… 488 3.6.2017 At least the following books deal with clinical examination and might be useful for you (they can all be found in the Turku city library): Kliinisen tutkimuksen etiikka : opas tutkijoille ja eettisille toimikunnille (2015). Kliinisen tutkijan opas (2000). Kliininen hoitotyö : sisätauteja, kirurgisia sairauksia ja syöpätauteja sairastavan hoito (2012). Potilaan tutkiminen (2009). Kliinisen fysiologian perusteet (2012). Toimintakyky : arviointi ja kliininen käyttö (2004). Sairaan hyvä lääkäri (2012). Lääkäriksi (2007).
I would like to have some e-mail addresses of karelian's schools and companies. Mainly in kuopio, joensuu,lieksa etc. I would appreciate if you could help me. 487 6.9.2001 You can find Joensuu schools and educational services through homepage of Joensuu city in internet: and there you see "services". There is information about The Center of Educational Services, If you press the arrow, you can have pages of different schools in Joensuu. Other North Karelian towns and communes and there educational services you can find through "Province of Karelia: The homepages of the towns". Different homepages of North Karelian companies you find through the same page: take "companies". Other homepages of North Karelian companies you can find through the pages of Joensuu Science Park: . The e-mail address of the office of employment services in Joensuu…
What do the finns serve(food) while celebrationg. and what do they celebrate 486 12.2.2002 Hi, there's a good site about "Finnish feast or festival days and foods": At the main page you reach more information about Finnish gastronomy. Here's some recipe links:
Do you have any books or handbooks in Albanian Language? 483 8.6.2006 Yes we have. You can search in HelMet-catalogue ( also in English. Books in Albanian language you can find like this: choose guided search Keyword , write two small stars (**), limit your search by material code ’book’ and by language ’Albanian’. You can also choose Sorting order by ’year of publication’ or ’alphabetical’. As a result you get the collection of literature in Albanian language in Helsinki metropolitan area City Libraries (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen). In Helsinki Pasila, the Main Llibrary, has the biggest number of books in Albanian, but at the moment the library is closed for renovation.
What is a Microfiche? 482 2.5.2001 Microfische (mikrokortti in finnish)is a flat piece of film containing microphotographs of the pages of a printed text or document. You can read microfische only with special kind of device.
Friends, I am Ravinder I completed my International Master degree in Digital Library Learning from Norway, Estonia and Italy and have few years of experience… 482 5.10.2015 NG hoitaa.
Santa's birthplace and birth year 481 25.11.2009 There are a lot of stories about Santa Claus´ history. It's known that there lived the bishop Nicolaus at the 300 century in Turkey who liked children and then Nicolaus´day 6.12. was the celebration day when kids got presents. Joulupukki/Santa Claus as an old man with grey and long beard began his journey to Finland´s homes during 19th century. Finland´s radio declared Korvatunturi as the home of our Joulupukki in the year 1927. He lives there even today with his family although he himself also spends a lot of time here in Rovaniemi at the Santa Claus village: In the old times (pagan times) Santa Claus was a different character from todays´s. He/she was more like an animal, a buck and called…
I´m bookmarks colltionis and if you can help , to send me bookmarks , because I want to have my international collection , or to put in contact with a person… 480 23.7.2002 You could try the URL's_page.htm . If you are especially looking for Finnish bookmarks, try a Google search ( ) using the word "keräily" or "keräilijät". There are quite a few pages with different collectors' items, but so far I have not found any Finnish pages concentrating on collecting bookmarks.
Is it possible for people to survive in air that is completely dry? 480 9.3.2004 Human beings cannot survive without water. If you spend any amount of time in zero humidity, whether in an extremely hot desert, in an extremely cold artic region or in space, you would need protective clothing, which would keep your dehydration in check. You would also need an ample and constant supply of water or any other drinkable, non-poisonous liquid. For further information, go to your nearest library and read on the topic from a comprehensive book on biology.