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I'm interested in learning finnish language, do you have a free downloadable finnish alphabet? or dictionary? thank you. sean 419 22.7.2008 You'll find the finnisch alphabet for english speakers at the Wikipedia site . Online introductions to Finnish language are given for example in the following addresses: Free language software downloads are found in the address English to Finnish/Finnish to English online dictionaries are available in the following addresses:
Thermal properties of palm oil 417 18.1.2008 The following website and the related articles contain some information about the thermal properties of palm oil.…
I'm looking for Auni Nuolivaara's book "Paimen, piika ja emäntä". Which libraries of Finland can I read it? 412 2.4.2018 Several public libraries have this old book still in their collections. At least Helsinki, Joensuu, Oulu, Rovaniemi and Tampere city libraries have this item. If you come to Finland, it should not be difficult to borrow a copy of this one. But if you need an international interlibrary loan, you need to start asking for it in your local library, wherever it is. Heikki Poroila
Could you please guide me which children and adult library is the nearest to Roninmeantie. 410 24.6.2010 The nearest public library to Roninmäentie in Keltinmäki Library (Keltinmäen kirjasto). Here is an english language link to the opening hours and contact informations of Jyväskylä City Library: Please bring an ID with a photo (i.e. passport), when applying for the membership.
Finnish Libraries are using a software for their E services (like borrowing books online, finding a book in a library....) I want to know which software… 410 6.6.2016 In Helsinki City Library, we use Sierra by Innovative Interfaces ( It’s a commercial software. You can find more about the library systems used in Finland at Especially Koha ( is interesting as it is an open source software. Our E-book systems have been integrated to Sierra, but they use different commercial sites. They are OverDrive ( and Ellibs (
Can books borrowed from sello be returned to entresse? 410 6.11.2016 Yes. You can return Helmet-book to any Helmet library in Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen or Vantaa.
My grandson has a summer reading project to complete before school begins this August. He and I are trying to obtain information about Finland's status… 409 17.5.2016 In short, Finland and Germany were allies from 1941 to 1944. During that time German troops were based in Finland, but the country retained an independent democratic government and was never occupied. The co-operation ended in 1944, and Finland declared war on Germany. Here are some worthwhile sources of information online. ThisisFINLAND by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: An article by C. Peter Chen in World War II Database: In Wikipedia:… Printed sources: Lunde, Henrik: Finland's War Of Choice: The Troubled German-Finnish Coalition in World War II (a…
Sirs, I am writing you from Serbia and I wonder if you can please help me to find out what are the models of traditional publishing? What types of publishing… 395 3.9.2008 Hello, I´m sorry but i don´t think the Helsinki City Library either can help so very much from distance in searching after specific textbooks according to the general standpoint in your question. But i think the link below can be to some help for further reserach: Best regards.
Looking at maps of Päijänne Tavastia I noticed, near Enonvesi lake in Heinola, that there's a small enclave of Päijänne Tavastia inside Southern Savonia. The… 395 27.8.2015 I found an Internet site, that contains some knowledge about the history of the Enonvesi-region and it's villages, As far as I understand, part of the area has belonged to the cultural region of Häme from early on, the fiscal authorities and the nearest church have been in Häme. That could probably be the explanation to the fact that thist part, called Paadenmaa, still belongs to Päijät-Häme and not to South-Savonia. There is a contactform on the pages of Enonkylät ry, they could possibly give you more accurate information,
To whom it may concern, I am now completing my M.A. thesis on Nordic Women's Life-writing and trying to find the English version of Selma Lagerlöf’s Ett… 391 2.4.2012 I couldn't find the books you asked for in any library in Finland but both books can be found in Stockholm, Sweden. "The diary of Selma Lagerlöf" is available in Stockholm City Library and you can make an interlibrary loan for that book. "Memories of My Childhood" can be found in Kungliga Biblioteket (National Library of Sweden) but it seems the book can be used only in the Reading Room. You can also send your question to a swedish "Ask a Librarian -service" Bibblan svarar:
When it says "Dogs allowed" for certain finnish libraries, does that really mean I can bring my dog inside the library? 387 14.3.2017 Indeed it does. You can check here in which Helmet libraries you are allowed to take your dog with you: (Click the link "Libraries" in the upper banner and then choose the library from the dropdown menu.)
Which library has this book? Pentti Ajo. European motor insurance and victim protection:finnish insurance training and publishing company ltd, 2002 386 17.3.2006 We don't have this book in Vaasa. If you come to the library, we can order the book from another library in Finland. The book is available for example in Turku university library and Oulu university library.
I am writing to inquire on how to apply for employment in the Iso Omena Library? Thank you in advance for your time. 385 24.7.2019 In Espoo, the recruitment of libraries is done centrally. You can submit your application using the form found at -> Jobs and enterprise -> Open positions -> Harjoittelu (trainees) If you have any questions Työ Datanomien TOP-paikat: Language Training: Other:  
Kindly let me have a list of books on the contemporary general history and anthropology of Finland, in English. Statistics also is most welcome: as to the… 384 11.5.2004 Here are a few books where you can find general information about Finland: - Facts about Finland (several editions) - Finland. A cultural guide, ed. Pirkko-Liisa Louhenjoki-Schulman – Kaius Hedenström. 2003 Keuruu. Landscapes of Finland. Heikkilä, Tapio- Timonen, Risto. Keuruu 2003. Finland. - The Northern Experience, New Europe, and the Next Millennium. Helsinki 1999. - De Vries, André, Live and work in Scandinavia: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Oxford 2002. There are also a few interesting Internet-sites available and . Statistics Finland publishes Cultural Statistics yearbook. The newest version is from 2001. Please look at the following link:…
List of libraries 382 12.12.2017 You can find Finnish Libraries in the Finnish Library Directory, here
I was in Pasila Library this morning and registered for a library card. I checked out 2 books. Then decided to get 2 movie cd's. I made a mistake of pressing… 381 20.4.2016 You only have four loans at the moment and none of them have been booked twice. At times it may happen that an item is printed twice on the receipt but it does not mean that you have made a double loan. You can check your loans at Log in through the link at the top of the page, then click your own name and then the link Loans.
Dear Ask a Librarian Team I am a librarian at the University of Stirling and have been asked for advice on how to cite Finnish legislation, legal cases and… 381 23.3.2017 Here are a few webguides to citation in the Finnish legislation.… p.54-57
I am trying to find out if this book is translated to English og Swedish; Manuo Niskanen; Niilo Oravainen - Lapin kuningas. Niilo Oravainen was my forefather… 375 16.8.2017 Mauno Niskanen lives in Jyväskylä and visits Lappland and is interested about Lappish items. This book is not translated into English, it's only in Finnish. Niskanen writes in this novel book that Oravainen real mother was a Sami woman from Suikki family in Pakasaivo, Muonio. You can read about him in Swedish here: Några konungens fogdar under 1500-talet / Nordlander, Johan. Norrländska samlingar ; Häftet 12 (III:2).Julkaisutiedot: Stockholm : C .E. Fritzes, 1933 There is also the family book about Oravainen family-tree: Lapinvouti Niilo Oravaisen jälkeläiset : sukututkimus / Leinonen, Margit. - Kemi : M. Leinonen, 2013. - 505, 324 s. Only in Finnish.
I have problems with my laptop so I´m looking to rent a laptop as a short term solution. Is this possible at the library in Jyväskylä or do you know a place… 374 26.10.2017 Jyväskylä Main Library and all branch libraries have customer PCs with access to a word processor. The PCs can be booked in advance, at the Main Library on tel. (014) 266 4123, and at branch libraries by telephoning the library in question. Red more.. In the following address in the internet they promise to rent laptops. Look in English.…
Is it possible to lend from the library some kind of audio tape/cd with finnish conversation to practice listening of finnish language at home? 371 16.1.2004 We have both audiotapes and cd- and cd-roms to lend. Here are some names of those items. Our best collection is in the main library Metso (address : Pirkankatu 2). Please, ask the librarians to help You. Please take this list with You. 1.LAURANTO, Yrjö : Kiva nähdä : puhutun kielen harjoituksia 2. BERG, Maarit : Kato hei : puhekielen alkeet 3.HEIKKILÄ, Satu : Hyvin menee : suomea aikuisille 4. HÄMÄLÄINEN, EILA :Suomen harjoituksia 5. KARANKO, MArjatta : Tottakai 6. LATOMAA, Sirkka : Mitä kuuluu? : suomen kielen kuuntelu- ja ääntämisharjoituksia 7. LENEY, Terttu : Finn talk :neljä, viisi, kuusi... 8. SILFVERBERG, Leena : Supisuomea 9. AALTIO, Maija-Hellikki : Finnish for foreigners 1-2 : oral drills and many others basic and intermediate…