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I am a French/Finnish citizen living in Tampere for more than 40 years. I would like to know if it is possible to get an HELMET library card and PIN so that I… 332 11.2.2017 Everyone who has an address here in Finland can have the Helmet library card. Only thing is that you need to come to any of Helmet libraries in Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen or Vantaa with your ID with a picture and we will make you your library card. We don't send library cards via post so you are welcome to visit us.
#1. Please send me the name, address and phone numbers of three relatively cheap and safe motels/hotels near the main Eurorail Station in Helsinki, Finland. … 331 31.5.2008 Helsinki is a rather small city with a fairly good public transport. It is rather easy to get around in Helsinki. Below find some hotels adresses Academica Summer Hostel… Hostel Stadion and more You will be well adviced to study the Helsinki city site There are many guided city tours by bus, such as You can make a virtual city tour on the net Have a nice visit in Helsinki
Could you tell me in which library I can find books on psychology in English? 329 22.8.2008 Below kindly find a listing on books on psychology in the Helmet libraries. When you click on the title you will see where to find the*fin?/dpsykologia/dpsykologia/1%2C2%2C747%2C… in question.
Do you have knitting lessons or classes as a library service 329 6.5.2019 Occasionally we have knitting guidance in libraries. In the autumn and winter, many libraries (Entresse, Kauklahti; Soukka and Sello) have handicraft clubs. You could be asking for guidance at Sello's handicraft shop.*&es=5/6/2019 You could also try the Workers' Institut courses.
Is there any drama clubs or free clubs in Lappeenranta? 326 3.2.2014 We have sent you and email an have been waiting for more information from you. We are not quite sure what kind of clubs you mean. Please, send us more specified information and we can answer your inquiry.
I want to ask if i request a book which is currently not available in the library, do i have to pay any fees? 319 19.10.2016 No, as long as the book you reserved is part of a collection of any Helmet-library (public library in Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen or Vantaa) making a reservation is free.
I have borrowed one book from Nikkila(Sipoo) library and i would like to renew it but i can't. Its webpage is also closed. Any… 319 5.6.2017 They are opening a new system, Helle libraries, and that is why Porsse is closed. Helle netlibrary isn't opened yet, but you can renew your loans by telefone, 09 2353 6003.
Do you have medical journals 318 29.11.2011 Since you did not specify where you would like to find medical journals, it is slightly difficult to answer your question. The best collections of medical journals in Finland are available in Terkko library ( ). In you are looking for medical journals in some other library, you can directly contact the library in question. You will find the contact information of Finnish libraries here:
Aloitin juuri työskentelyn Tallinnan suomalaisessa koulussa ja haluaisin tietää, olisiko esimerkiksi Helsingin kaupunginkirjastolta mahdollista saada… 318 16.8.2017 Kirjastokortin myöntämiseen tarvitaan Suomessa oleva osoite, joten valitettavasti ulkomailla asuvan ei ole mahdollista saada korttia ja oikeutta aineiston käyttöön. Kortti tarvitaan myös e-kirjojen lainaamiseen, eikä erillistä lisenssiä niitä varten ole. Alla olevasta linkistä tietoa Helmet-kirjastojen kirjastokortista:…
I'm a Finnish student from Spain and I found the English edition of Fred Karlsson's Finnish grammar. I know that a Spanish version was published but I can't… 317 24.10.2018 The Spanish version of Fred Karlsson's Finnish grammar is Gramática básica del finés (Suomen peruskielioppi, traducción y adaptación: Ursula Ojanen et al., Universidad Autónoma de Madrid : Siglo XXI, distr., 1991, ISBN 84-7477-306-7). The book is available in some university libraries (Helsinki, Turku, Oulu and Jyvaskylä) and as well in some public libraries. You can check the availability of the item for example in Finna or in Frank Metasearch Fennica  
What is polytechnic rankings in europe from technology and business? and what is postion of finnish polytechnics and universties in the world? 316 2.7.2001 I asked the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) ( if there is some official board that ranks European polytechnics and universities. They told me that there is no such board. That is, there are no official ranking lists that compare polytechnics of Europe. I have found university ranking lists produced by different institutions for a few separate European countries. They are (Universities of Germany) (Universities of Norway)… (Universities of Great Britain) (…
I have German and English language books I would let go for space reasons, could I bring them to a library (preferably Kallio or center) so someone can have a… 315 26.3.2018 Many libraries in Helmet area have a book exchange service. You can take your books for example to Kallio, Pasila, Vallila, Rikhardinkatu or Library 10. However, the libraries prefer to take in only a few books at the same time, so if you plan to bring lots of them, please contact the staff in advance. Hopefully your books will find a new home!
Dear Sir/ Madame, I am writer and art journalist right now at artist in residence project at Nelimarkka museum in Alajarvi. I would like to write an article… 314 5.7.2016 Thank you for your request. Unfortunately I did not quite understand if it is Alajärvi Library that you would like to visit or some library in Helsinki. If you meant Alajärvi Library, it would be best for you to contact them straight. Their e-mail address is kirjasto(at) . If on the other hand it is Helsinki City Library that you are interested in, you could contact tiina.tarvonen(at) . Here in Helsinki City Library we would be glad to give you a guided tour in the library and all the information you need. Your book donations would also be very welcome in our collections. Further information about Helsinki City Library in general: about Pasila Library (Main Library) in particular: http://…
What is the origin and mening of the surname ‘Keinonen’ 309 27.9.2019 Surnames 'Keinonen' and 'Keinänen' are both believed to be derived from the word keino which in the Savonian dialect carries the meaning 'trap, snare, (a hunter's) trail'. Pirjo Mikkonen & Sirkka Paikkala, Sukunimet
I am looking for a book in english about the finnish plant. Any help would be appreciated. 308 11.8.2017 Hello! These ones you can find from Helmet-libraries……
I search a statistica about Vallila Library , Helsinski. Something like an annual report with loan/by habitant, number of book and other think of their… 306 20.6.2012 2011 Vallila library's collection was about 26 000 items and there was 163 000 loans. Book in finnish form the main part of the collection (21 000 items) but there are also books in swedish and english (about 2 000), dvds (700), cds (1800)
What diploma do you need to become a librarian in Finland? Are a foreign bachelor + a M1 in Information and communication science enough? 306 2.2.2021 You have to have a degree on information and libraries studies in university. In Finland you must be completed information studies about third of you examination. In Finland you can work in libraries without having degree in information studies, but to be librarian you should have those studies in university. We have been asked about working in libraries before.
I had reserved a time at the paja to convert some film, but have to change times, and can not get through on the phone. What is the email and/or phone number… 303 25.8.2016 Please call (09) 816 57 607
What is a good source of news, travel and other current information (in English) about Finland? 300 31.3.2003 Dear Sir First about good websites. A good place to start is There You can find a link to Virtual Finland with lots of information about Finland in english. The Virtual Finlands Picture Book of Finlands offers You panoramas, videos and photographs about finnish nature, culture and seasons. Other quite interesting sites are (only in finnish) (here's a linklist called Photo Albums of Finland Category : Webcams and photographs)
I've just got a library card from the Kannelmaki public library in the Helmet network. I don't quite understand how the interlibrary loan fees work. For… 299 25.10.2017 You can order an item as an interlibrary loan from elsewhere in Finland or abroad, if the item is not available in the collections of any HelMet library. The service is subject to a charge. If You reserve material for exampel from Pasila to Kannelmäki it is not interlibrary loan. Reservation from other Helmet Libary is free of charge.……