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Terve, I would like to ask that if I borrow a book from Oodi or any library in Helsinki region do I have to return it to Oodi, or I can return book to any… 387 18.4.2019 You can return the book in any Helmet library. More information about using the library here,
Does Tampere library have access to e-journals about music and musicology? 386 26.6.2009 Hi! We don't have any access to e-journals about music and musiology. But we have access to Oxford Music Online, which includes for example Grove Music Online. More information: Oxford Music Online isn't e-journal and you can used it only in library.
Finnish Citizenship 383 1.6.2018 On the website of the Finnish Immigration service there is information about the requirements for residence permits and citizenship in Finland. Information is available also in English: Finnish Immigration Service   A Finnish citizen can apply for citizenship for a minor child in his/her care. A child is minor is he/she is under 18 years of age and unmarried. It is not allowed to apply for citizenship for a child who is already an adult. You can read about the criteria for obtaining citizenship on the following webpage: Finnish citizenship/Finnish Immigration Service   You can find the requirements for residence permit on the following webpage: Residence permit/Finnish…
I am an international researcher working at Aalto University on the use of storytelling to improve the health and well-being of seniors. We are developing a… 380 18.5.2018 In Helsinki City Library, the best person to contact first would be the Chief Pedagogical Information Specialist Lea Kuusirati: She can guide you from there.  
I live in the u.s. my grandfather was from jacobstad, where can i find birth records for a family history? 377 7.3.2012 You should contact The National Archives (Arkistolaitos) and there the Provincial Archives of Vaasa. You will find the contact information here:… God sources of information to the genealogist also here:
I am working for Neste Oyj and from Neste network we cannot open the site Kinldy guide us to the administrative / Technical contact of… 375 14.6.2016 Please use Helmet-feedback:
Would there be a document on core competencies (competency index) for library/information professionals for Finland and/or European Union) - in English if… 374 24.8.2017 We have a new Public Libraries Act in Finland. In section 17 states about competence and leadership so: "(1) Public libraries shall have a sufficient number of qualified staff trained in library and information services and other staff. Staff members in expert positions shall have a suitable higher education degree, unless otherwise required by the nature of the position. (2) The director of municipal library services shall have a suitable Master’s degree, leadership skills and good familiarity with the duties and operations of libraries." Every country has the law of their own. Please ask about the competencies from the library…
Am Uma. Looking for the job in finland and i want to learn finnish & want to take part in cafe finnish learning program can you please advice about finnish… 373 17.12.2016 Welcome to Finland! Applying for a job is a good start here: Finnish language courses are organized a lot . This site will get you started and you will also find other useful information from Finland. Libraries organize their Finnish language cafés:…
I would like to mention actuall legislation (maybe evolution of the legislation aswell) about corruption (bribery) in my bachelor essey. Could you please… 372 21.11.2008 Various forms of bribary are criminalized in Chapter 40 of the Penal Code of Finland 39/1889 as amended. An unofficial translation of the Penal Code is available in the Finlex database: Ari Salminen, Olli-Pekka Viinamäki and Rinna Ikola-Norrbacka at the Faculty of Public Administration at Vaasa University has published an article with the title "The Control of Corruption in Finland". The article was published in 2008 and is available electronically in the following website: The article gives a good general presentation of the legislative framework and social structures preventing corruption in Finland. The article also gives…
I have German and English language books I would let go for space reasons, could I bring them to a library (preferably Kallio or center) so someone can have a… 372 26.3.2018 Many libraries in Helmet area have a book exchange service. You can take your books for example to Kallio, Pasila, Vallila, Rikhardinkatu or Library 10. However, the libraries prefer to take in only a few books at the same time, so if you plan to bring lots of them, please contact the staff in advance. Hopefully your books will find a new home!
To: Research Dept. Helsinki city Library Seeking geographical information, please: Any information available in English or Finnish about the following city… 370 25.2.2003 It looks like that your ancestors' homecounty is Pyhajarvi Vpl. (In Finnish Pyhajarvi is spelled with two a:s with dots, and Vpl is an abbreviation of Viipurin laani = Viipuri province). You can find a short description of the county, in Finnish though, in the following address . Choose a link "Pyhäjärven kartta" and you'll find a map of the county. Today Pyhajarvi is called Plodovoje and there are a couple of pages about it in a book called "Karjala : Suomalainen matkaopas" by Markus Lehtipuu, 2002. ISBN 952-9715-17-x. You'll find a short presentation of the book in . You can try to find information about your ancestors via the webpages of…
When is there story telling in english at your library? 370 16.8.2012 There is an English story hour on Wednesdays at 3 pm - 4.30 pm in the Sello Library in children's section. It is open for children of any age and must come with parent or guardian. Here is the address: Sello Library Leppävaarankatu 9 02600 Espoo (Leppävaara)
Does it cost to print in the library? If I need to print many pages should i bring my own printing paper? 366 20.4.2018 If you're visiting Turku city libraries on normal opening hours then you don't need to bring any printing paper with you. It then costs 20 cents per page to print (i.e. 40 cents per double-sided printing). The price is the same whether you print in color or in black and white. If, on the other hand, you are visiting one of the branch libraries during its open hours when there's no staff present, then you actually do need to bring your paper with you. At this situation there's no additional fee for printing of course.
I am a French/Finnish citizen living in Tampere for more than 40 years. I would like to know if it is possible to get an HELMET library card and PIN so that I… 365 11.2.2017 Everyone who has an address here in Finland can have the Helmet library card. Only thing is that you need to come to any of Helmet libraries in Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen or Vantaa with your ID with a picture and we will make you your library card. We don't send library cards via post so you are welcome to visit us.
Aloitin juuri työskentelyn Tallinnan suomalaisessa koulussa ja haluaisin tietää, olisiko esimerkiksi Helsingin kaupunginkirjastolta mahdollista saada… 363 16.8.2017 Kirjastokortin myöntämiseen tarvitaan Suomessa oleva osoite, joten valitettavasti ulkomailla asuvan ei ole mahdollista saada korttia ja oikeutta aineiston käyttöön. Kortti tarvitaan myös e-kirjojen lainaamiseen, eikä erillistä lisenssiä niitä varten ole. Alla olevasta linkistä tietoa Helmet-kirjastojen kirjastokortista:…
Where do i get information about name of clothes which is worn in different degree of temprature like during +20, +10,-0,-10 and -20 363 6.10.2017 Tricky question! I would personally look for the answer in different hiking guides. You might want to browse through a few books before finding the right one. Why not start with "The ultimate hiker's gear guide", which can be found in the Helmet libraries: If you want to search the Helmet database yourself, you can use the search term "erätaidot" as a starting point. This is also a subject found on various hiking pages online. Try googling terms like "hiking" and "different temperatures". This page lists a few suggestions for several weather conditions:
I want to ask if i request a book which is currently not available in the library, do i have to pay any fees? 362 19.10.2016 No, as long as the book you reserved is part of a collection of any Helmet-library (public library in Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen or Vantaa) making a reservation is free.
I have some not needed books (all in Russian language) and I would not want to through them away since they are in good condition and might be useful for… 361 27.8.2013 Yes, it is possible to give them to the library. You can take them to the nearest library. We cannot promise that all of them will be taken, because it might be that we already have some of those books in our collection, but we will check the situation and we will take the books which we need. Thank you very much for you books!
I would like to print out some papers for my daughters school work. Is this still possible? I live in Pasila and prefer to use the Pasila library, Töölö… 357 10.12.2020 Yes, it is still possible to print papers in all the libraries you mentioned. At the moment the libraries are open with restricted services. It is possible to borrow and return loans, pick up reserved materials and also to use customer computers, printers and copying machines for a short time. In Helsinki city library every customer has a quota of five printouts for free every three months. In order to print more, you have to pay money to your printing account. The price of the printouts apart from the five free pages is 40 cents per page.
I want to know that is there availablity of ielts practice book? 354 25.11.2011 Here is a link to a list where you can see all the IELTS materials available in HelMet libraries:*fin/X?SEARCH=ielts*&searchscope=9&m=&l=&b=&… And this link leads to a list of materials available in university libraries:… Please contact your own library in order to get grasp of the materials suitable for your needs.