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I want to find penpals in Finland,can you help me? I am working on my genealogy. 256 27.1.2003 There are several services that offer penpals in Finland. You could try for instance You can find more useful links by Google by entering search term "penpals". If you want to reach specially people who are interested in Finnish genealogy you could try the mailing lists of the Genealogical Society of Finland
I would like to know about essentials for successful business communications in Finland. What kinds of things do you have on that? 255 20.10.2003 You can do a search for example in the National Bibliography of Finland . First click Search. "Business communications" means "liikekirjeenvaihto" in finnish, so write that in the Search for -box. Choose Subject(browse)-search and click Search. You'll get 65 titles in the headings list. Click the number 65. Now you'll get the list of the titles in front of you. Most of them are in finnish. If you want only those in english, click Post limit on top of the list. Now you can choose the language: english. Remember to click Set limits. Now you'll get 14 titles in front of you, all of them are in english. You can also try "liike-elämä and viestintä". So write liike-elämä - viestintä in the Search for -box…
Could you help me please! i'm looking for old photo's of finnish proffesions. Old pictures about men working on a railroad or making a tunnel..or something… 254 24.3.2004 I am sorry, we don't have photos in our collections. I'd ask You to contact to National Board of Antiques,please.
I am seeking information about the etymology of finnish words. I expect that the infomation available will be in finnish. Do you know of any material that is… 252 7.9.2005 Professor Ulla-Maija Kulonen has written some information about the etymology of finnish words. Her material is available on-line. Verbs saapua and saavuttaa are derived from the verb saada. They are native words. Saapas is a loan word from Russian. ---- Many libraries have etymological dictionary: Suomen sanojen alkuperä : etymologinen sanakirja. 1 - 3. -Helsinki : Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskus, 1992 - 2000.
I am looking for a copy of A book by Risto Vilmusenaho. The name of the book is Siikajokilaakson historia. Can you help Me find A source where I can buy A copy? 251 7.11.2000 You can buy the book by Risto Vilhusenaho Siikajokilaakson historia 2 in the Local Government Office of the municipality of Siikajoki. The price is 216 mk. I'd advise You to contact directly the office, , e-mail: , tel. (08) 2113411, fax. (08) 2113403.
What are the effects of electronic information on the reference service? 250 13.2.2009 In our library, electronic information sources (databases) give more relevant results. Databases also help us to sort results efficiently. I'm sorry but we don't have ability to answer better to your question. If you want to have more information about this topic, The university of Tampere has faculty of information sciences(
I am a bachelor of librarianship and information programme in Vilnius University Communication faculty (Lithuania, Europe). At the moment I am writing the… 249 17.3.2003 While Helsinki City Library provides a fundamental civic service available to everyone Helsinki School of Economics is the National Resource Library of Economics and Business in Finland. Maybe you could contact there: E-mail: Helsinki City Library’s collections includes of course business material. Our collections can be found on page . Use Keyword Search “business” for english material. You can see Helsinki City Library’s digital material and databases on page… . Mainly for business information there is database called Helecon MIX, which is procuded by Helsinki…
I was trying to reserve a CD from a band named Unit 4 +2, and there didn't seem to be a way to do it. There doesn't appear to be a "Request It" button at this… 248 27.2.2018 Right now the only copy of the CD has been taken aside for some repair operation (I cannot see the reason). Unfortunately you just have to wait and hope that eveything goes well and the CD is soon again in circulation. If that happens, you see the possibility to reserve it as well. Heikki Poroila
I have tried, without success, to find a copy of piano sheet music for the Christmas song Tulkoon Joulu - could you please suggest how/where we might find or… 247 26.11.2020 'Tulkoon joulu' is a beautiful song composed by Pekka Simojoki. It was first recorded in 1991 by a chorus called Braxen. The most famous and popular versions are by Petri Laaksonen (2006) and Suvi Teräsniska (2009). You can find 'Tulkoon joulu' in the free sheet music catalogue MuseScore.   Other sources:  
Could you let me know how the world is moving and countermove about environmental pollution of earth? 246 28.10.2009 The following links contains a comprehensive list of environmental organizations and thus their points of view and main concerns:
Searching sources for my thesis I´m getting courious to know wich are the reasons (social and historical)why you have in Finland such a high level of… 245 5.11.2003 There's a good starting point for your thesis on the site of the Ministry of Education: There are also two shorter articles on the Internet that I believe you should check out. One is under the address and written by Ilkka Mäkinen. The article will provide you with a historical perspective. The other one is under and concerns the situation today. There are also books on the subject, for instance: Finnish public libraries in the 20th century. You can find more books on our database
What do I need to do to be becoming the librarian in Finland. and Could you give me some information about textbook of course for librarians? kiitos 245 14.12.2006 To become a librarian in Finland one has to have a master´s degree which includes at least 35 study units in information and library science. Normally it takes from four to six years to complete the master’s degree. There are only three universities in Finland, which provide courses in information and library science, namely, Tampere, Oulu, Åbo Akademi in Turku. As for other actual librarians, there are a number of vocational high school and collages which train other library professionals such as library assistants. For more detailed information you can check the following web-pages:
Last year one person told me that some library (or may be all) can provide service with checking a documents (for example job application, that what I need) in… 245 11.3.2019 You can ask if Forms assistant services can help you. Or you can leave The Loan to the Librarian -service for a help request. Choose  library and "Tiedonhaku: vaativa aineistohaku, tietokannat, kirjallisuus, musiikki, internet-tiedonlähteet"
I want to know about the inter-library loan for Russia. 244 22.11.2004 Helsinki City Library Interlending Department delivers loans to libraries abroad. In order to send material we need an interlibrary request from your local library. Please visit your nearest library and ask about the possibility to make the request. The payment depends on the type of the material. Our email-adress is Helsinki City Library / Interlibrary loans Box 4100 00099 THE CITY OF HELSINKI Phone +358 9 310 85433 Fax +358 9 310 85434
Do you know where I can find a DVD version of "Valkoinen Peura" (1952) with English subtitles either within the library system, to rent or to buy? 244 19.2.2019 DVD version with English subtitles of Valkoinen peura (The White Reindeer) by Erik Blomerg is unfortunately not available in Finnish libraries. It's possible to buy the DVD in some webshops. You find the online stores easily by using Google.
I would like to have the statistics on 'How much Finnish people read?' how much they read books, how much they buy, how often they use library? in whole… 244 23.8.2019 You can see the statistics about lending and library use on website:  In 2017, 77% of >10 year old Finns read at least one book in a 6 month period. More statistics about that in the Statistics Finland website (in finnish): Yle has written an article in english about the above statistics: Book sales in 2017 was 549 million euros. Source: Statistics Finland    
What are some universities in Finland that offer a bachelor's or master's degree in Library and Information Science? 244 23.2.2023 has compiled a list of universities and vocational schools which offer education in either librarianship or information science more broadly. Unfortunately the page is only available in Finnish, but it links directly to the websites of different schools that detail what education they offer within the subjects - At university level currently the most well-known places for information science are Tampere University, University of Oulu, and Åbo Akademi (which is a Swedish speaking university in Finland). Certain universities offer degrees (both bachelor's and master's) fully in English, with some giving possibilities for students to write their thesis in either English, Finnish,…
How would I go about obtain a copy of the following article: AUTHOR: Simberloff, D. ARTICLE: "The sick science of ecology: symptoms, diagnosis, and… 242 29.9.2001 That artice was published in the following journal: Eidema : an international journal of adaptive strategies of field biologists / University of Helsinki, Department of Zoology So probably the Helsinki University Library can help you. Their website with contact information can be found at
Do you have fax machines available at Tampere City Library? 242 23.3.2005 I'm sorry to inform You that we don't have fax machine for public use. Would You like to use Our Internet services instead? Is it possible that You send Your papers in an attachment file by email. We have scanners, Internets and personal assistance in our Netsquares in Sampola and in Hervanta. More information on page and
Could you recommend a book about dogs? 242 5.9.2007 There are lots of books about dogs and pets in general, especially in English language, so it may be a bit difficult to recommend one book without knowing more details about needs and interests. Are you considering your first dog and needing some basic information about dog breeds and dog care? Most bigger libraries in Finland should also have some English-language books about dogs. Online bookshop has many lots of book reviews written by customers and also lists by customers where they recommend the books they have found to be most useful. One such list is available online here:… lists might be useful especially if you're looking for…