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Family history. 114 12.7.2001 The website adress to Finnish Genealogical Society is . You'll find more links on that site.
Whether use the Finnish libraries still the traditional card catalogue which would duplicate the contents of the electronic catalogue? 114 13.3.2006 In Lahti City Library there is only online catalogue (no cards). We cannot say for sure what the situation is in other libraries in Finland. However, we found a figure from 2002 stating that 97% of the public libraries were computerized. You might find these links to Finnish library information useful:
Would you be so kind to send me the definition for 3 terms in some online dictionaries of education? The terms are: 1- skills 2- communication skills 3-… 113 21.1.2008 We were unable to locate the terms in any online education dictionaries but you can apply the term skill - the power or ability to perform a task well, especially because of training or practic - to communication and language skills. However, here are a couple of good online dictionaries:
I want to know the average cost of living including house rent, food etc. per month in Finland particularly in Helisinki. 113 15.2.2001 Statistics Finland compiles the official statistics concerning whole Finland. Their main page: Income and Consumption (includes household expenditures): Housing (includes average rents of rented dwellings): Prices and costs (includes selected food prices): Finland in figures, all kinds of statistics about everyday life in Finland: The pages above give information on the whole Finland. Statistics concerning Helsinki are compiled by Tietokeskus (http://www.hel.…
I am looking for an index of Sami (Lapp) names - if possibile on the internet, but if not in print. 113 13.3.2001 Sorry, it is not possible to find Sami names in the internet. They are in the book Yliopiston nimipäiväalmanakka 1999 (email:, the Almanac Office at University of Helsinki. It is a little book (20 FMK).
Do you have fax machines available at Tampere City Library? 113 23.3.2005 I'm sorry to inform You that we don't have fax machine for public use. Would You like to use Our Internet services instead? Is it possible that You send Your papers in an attachment file by email. We have scanners, Internets and personal assistance in our Netsquares in Sampola and in Hervanta. More information on page and
Can I borrow items from one library and return them at another library? For example, can I borrow books from Library 10 but return them at the Kallio library? 112 30.3.2006 All materials borrowed from any Helsinki City library can be returned any branch library.
I have searched all over, but cannot find a link to job opportunities for libraries in Finland. How can I find out if you have vacancies? 112 9.1.2003 When it comes to, a link to vacancies can be found only on the Finnish and Swedish versions of the site. I believe the reason for this is simply the fact that if one speaks nothing but English, one cannot work in Finnish libraries. In Finnish: - kirjastoala - ammattikalenteri - avoimia työpaikkoja. In Swedish: - biblioteksbranschen - fackkalendern - lediga tjänster. In addition to this, vacancies (all branches) in Finland can be found via the site of the Ministry of Labour in Finland ( However, the Internet pages of the labour administration are being revised and so far, only part of the service supply of the labour administration is in English.
I want to download the project proposal entitled Bread for the World 112 27.7.2006 Youy can download various information about Bread for the World from their website Here are some useful links that lead to download-pages on that site:… For additional information about the matter, i recommend sending e-mail straight to them: Contact Us: 50 F Street, NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20001 phone: (202) 639-9400 toll-free: (800) 82-BREAD fax: (202) 639-9401 email:
Do you have any recipes with reindeer blood as an ingredient? 112 19.3.2004 There are two books that both have a recipe of blood dumplings, which are made of reindeer blood. The books are Arctic à la carte and Tapio Sointu's Lapland à la carte. You can ask for them at your nearest library.
How would I go about obtain a copy of the following article: AUTHOR: Simberloff, D. ARTICLE: "The sick science of ecology: symptoms, diagnosis, and… 112 29.9.2001 That artice was published in the following journal: Eidema : an international journal of adaptive strategies of field biologists / University of Helsinki, Department of Zoology So probably the Helsinki University Library can help you. Their website with contact information can be found at
Where can I find the following book? Hansen and Nielsen "The Economic Analysis of the EU" McGrow-Hill, 1997 111 11.4.2001 There is a book "An Economic Analysis of the EU" by Drud Hansen, Jörgen available in the library of Turun kauppakorkeakoulu. I suggest that you visit the library in Pasila and ask them to borrow the book for you from Turku. You can also ask the book from the library of Yleisradio, open mon-fri 9 am-6 pm, tel (09) 148 015 619, but they might not want to help you.
I need an article that has people that believe blind people can't live ordinary lives. 111 6.4.2006 Pamela A. Almon's "Mass Transportation Operators' Beliefs About Visual Impairment" in Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness; Jan2001, Vol. 95 Issue 1, p. 5, investigated 171 mass transit operators'beliefs about blindness and the factors that may influence their beliefs. Jason and Sheri Wells-Jensen and Gabrielle Belknap have studied how casual exposure to braille (a form of writing for the visually impaired) affects sighted people's attitudes towards blindness. The article is published in Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness; Mar2005, Vol. 99 Issue 3, p133-140. The title of this article speaks for itself: "In the Darkness There Can Be Light: A Family's Adaptation to a Child's Blindness" by Alissa A. Ulster and Beverley J.…
Helsinki library plans (the lattest) 111 24.4.2002 If you mean the future plans of Helsinki city library, perhaps the best information source is our library director Maija Berndtson, .
Where can I find information regarding companies in an industry? 110 13.2.2002 Oletko hakemassa tietoa teollisuusyrityksistä Suomessa? Vai etsitkö pelkästään hakemistoja, joissa olisi telekommunikaatio- ja elektroniikka-alan yrityksiä? Hakemistoja on olemassa useampiakin. Niitä löytyy Oulun kaupunginkirjaston tietokannasta esim. yhdistämällä asiasanat yritykset ja hakemistot. Muutamia, joissa on myös toimialakohtaisia hakemistoja: - Sininen kirja : talouselämän suurhakemisto (on myös netissä ja demon saa ilmeisesti viikoksi käyttöön ilmaiseksi ) - Kompass - sarja, josta löytyy tietoa mm. Suomen, Baltian, Ruotsin, Saksan, Venäjän yrityksistä - Yritystele 2002 : valtakunnallinen yrityshakemisto. Mikäli etsit tietoa elektroniikka-alan…
Olen 'Inkerilaisten Viesti' aikauslehden etsimassa. I need a number of articles copied & will be in HKI one day next week to do so, if I can find the series! 110 18.11.2004 The latest five numbers of Inkeriläisten viesti can be read at the link below: Also, do cantact the Inkeri society for futher information at The Inkerläisten viesti can be found at the Leppävaara library in Espoo in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and you night also find it at the publisher's office
Dear Finland Librarian colleague, I would appreciate if the library could acquire the following books (1-2 copies each, where possible), as general… 110 11.8.2004 This service is only for questions related with information seeking.
Aikamatka Sysmän Historiaan is the name of a DVD film BUT I want to know the year and director. Can anyone supply them? 110 19.10.2018 The director of the film is Janne Vanhanen and the documentary is probably made 2014. At least first screenings were then.
As a library student at Simmons College, Boston, USA, I am currently working on a project about Finnish libraries. After examining the Finish library system, I… 109 20.4.2006 Finland adopted a new Constitution in March 2000. Like its predecessor, the new Constitution states that Finnish and Swedish are the national languages of Finland. According to the Constitution, the public authorities are required to provide for the cultural and societal needs of the Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking populations of the country on an equal basis. In practice, this means that various social services, education and information must be provided in both languages. The law also ensures bilingual government in Finland. This means that all legislation and other important documents must be available in both Finnish and Swedish. The…
I would like to know what's the History of Art's most expensive work, and what are the circumnstances surrounding it. 109 30.11.2004 Perhaps you can find a suitable answer to this question in an article in portal, address . The Articles address is In this Article (May 06, 2004) it is said that the most expensive piece of art ever, a painting by Picasso, namely "Boy with a Pipe", has been sold for a new record price, for $104 million at an auction at Sotheby's in New York. In this Article you will also find information about the circumnstances surrounding this painting.