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Voitteko yst. lähettää minulle kolmen eestiläisen pääyliopiston (Tarton yliopisto kärjessä)sähköpostiosoitteet luennoitsija tarjousta varten. 164 20.6.2002 Viron yliopistoista ja muista tieteellisistä organisaatioista on koottu yhteystiedot sivulle , sivusto on sekä viron- että englanninkielinen.
What do I need to do to be becoming the librarian in Finland. and Could you give me some information about textbook of course for librarians? kiitos 163 14.12.2006 To become a librarian in Finland one has to have a master´s degree which includes at least 35 study units in information and library science. Normally it takes from four to six years to complete the master’s degree. There are only three universities in Finland, which provide courses in information and library science, namely, Tampere, Oulu, Åbo Akademi in Turku. As for other actual librarians, there are a number of vocational high school and collages which train other library professionals such as library assistants. For more detailed information you can check the following web-pages:
What kind of reference source should I consult in order to find out whether there is a librarian character in a writer's novel, say Barbara Pym or someone else… 162 13.7.2004 In order to find fiction about a given theme, consult any library catalogue you wish. In most library catalogues nowadays, the titles have been provided with ample description about the contents of the work in question. This means that you can choose your keywords fairly freely. Only bear in mind that such searches can never give a 100% result, due to the fact that it is impossible to catalogue every single aspect of e.g. a novel. So, choose any library catalogue. You do not tell why you are sending your question to the Finnish "Ask a librarian" service, but assuming that you are especially interested in Finnish sources, you have to use keywords in Finnish in your searches. Choose. e.g. the HelMet catalogue (…
I need to borrow a handheld power drill in Helsinki. (Not an impact drill or hammer drill, just a normal drill.) I see these are available at Iso Omena library… 162 27.10.2020 Sorry, it seems there are no such drills available in Helsinki. The one in Kallio Library is in repair. Here is a link to Helmet results:
Do libraries in Finland have an obituary index that I might request an obituary from the late 1800's to middle 1900's? I do not have a death date, just a name… 161 16.11.2001 To my knowledge the libraries in Finland do not have obituary indexes. You may be able to get a photocopy of a obituary if it has been printed in a newspaper. Most libraries have their local newspapers on microfilm. I suggest you contact your library and ask them to help you through the interlibrary lending system. At first you really should try to find out the death date. It is essential if you want to find the obituary. Most libraries have access to parish records on microfilm. On the net you can find and search information about Finnish parishes: .
Can you provide me with a good source to begin researching my family who came from Etelavartsala, Kustavi. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. 161 6.4.2008 For an English speaking person there are two informative web sources of Finnish genealogy: The Swedish-Finn Historical Society, based in Seattle, has all-English web pages. There you can for example discuss your case in The Finlander Forum, which has specific threads for genealogy, relatives search etc. Please be sure to check also the links provided in the pages. One of the links leads to the English pages of The Genealogical Society of Finland. Among other things the society maintains HisKi, a complementing database of old church records. HisKi contains lists of christenings, marriages, burials and moves. It is also possible to register to a mailing list where people…
I'm trying to find record of a foreign exchange student from Helsinki. She was in Bellevue, Ohio, USA in 1985-1986. Can you help me try to locate her? 159 3.9.2018 You could contact Vaestorekisterikeskus (Population Registry Centre), they should be able to help you in locating your friend, Phone service i available only in Finland, but you can find contact information and an e-mailaddress in this page, .
I lost my helmet card. What have to do? 158 4.1.2021 Hello,  You can get a new library card at any Helmet library by showing your ID card (with a photo) to the library personnel. At the library they can also check out, if your lost library card is maybe found, and can be fetched from a library somewhere.  The cost for a new card is 3 euros for adults, and 2 euros for children. Note, however, that you can also borrow books with an ID card, from the desk if there's personnel present, and if you are a registered customer. It is also possible to get a virtual library card to your smart phone by installing an app called Taskukirjasto, but you need to know your library card number and pin code in order to use it. With Taskukirjasto you can also renew your loans, make reservations etc. 
I'm beginning a thesis on anthropometrical history. Could you help me for my bibliography? 157 31.3.2004 In Helmet catalogue of Helsinki region public libraries( one can find one work using the search term anthropometry: Sheldon, W. H.: The varieties of human physique : an introduction to constitutional psychology / by W. H. Sheldon with the collaboration of S. S. Stevens and W. B. Tucker, New York : Harper, 1940. Then there are two more close to the subject: Sheldon, W. H.: The varieties of temperament : a psychology of constitutional differences / by W. H. Sheldon with the collaboration of S. S. Stevens, New York : Harper, 1942; and Kretschmer, Ernst: Körperbau und Charakter : Untersuchungen zum Konstitutionsproblem und zur Lehre von den Temperamenten / von Ernst Kretschmer, Berlin : Springer, 1951. In Linda, the catalogue of…
What is the origin of the family name Liimakka? 157 25.8.2020 Family name Liimakka is an unusual name in Finland. According to the name service (Nimipalvelu)  of The Digital and Population Data Services Agency service there is or has been only 79 people named Liimakka in Finland: Unfortunately we didn't find the origin of the name.
What is the hink pink for what does a two headed monster use to think with? 156 24.10.2006 The monster thinks with his main brain.
I have searched all over, but cannot find a link to job opportunities for libraries in Finland. How can I find out if you have vacancies? 155 9.1.2003 When it comes to, a link to vacancies can be found only on the Finnish and Swedish versions of the site. I believe the reason for this is simply the fact that if one speaks nothing but English, one cannot work in Finnish libraries. In Finnish: - kirjastoala - ammattikalenteri - avoimia työpaikkoja. In Swedish: - biblioteksbranschen - fackkalendern - lediga tjänster. In addition to this, vacancies (all branches) in Finland can be found via the site of the Ministry of Labour in Finland ( However, the Internet pages of the labour administration are being revised and so far, only part of the service supply of the labour administration is in English.
What is the hink pink for 'Moan of contentment after the last bite of Thanksgiving dessert?' 155 23.11.2006 That certainly is a tough one. Could it be 'pie sigh'? After that last piece of the pumpkin pie...
Would you please be so kind as to let me know what the official abbreviations are for Finnish months? For example is the letter k required and then a period,… 155 14.2.2008 Abreviations for months in Finnish are tammik., helmik., maalisk. and so on with k and dot. K is the first consonant of the second part of a compound and dot is for the omitted part of a compound. Source: Nykysuomen sanakirja, osa 5, Lyhenteet, Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, Porvoo, 1989, p. 299.
Aikamatka Sysmän Historiaan is the name of a DVD film BUT I want to know the year and director. Can anyone supply them? 155 19.10.2018 The director of the film is Janne Vanhanen and the documentary is probably made 2014. At least first screenings were then.
Do you know where I can find a DVD version of "Valkoinen Peura" (1952) with English subtitles either within the library system, to rent or to buy? 155 19.2.2019 DVD version with English subtitles of Valkoinen peura (The White Reindeer) by Erik Blomerg is unfortunately not available in Finnish libraries. It's possible to buy the DVD in some webshops. You find the online stores easily by using Google.
My mother and father competed in the international games for the deaf in helsinki finland in 1961. i would like information about that, in english. thank you… 154 28.12.2002 I do not seem to be able to find information about the games you mean in the databases available in public libraries, probably mainly because news from that period have not yet been indexed in the article reference data bases. There are, however, two institutions that would probably be able to help you. (I assume you mean athletic games for the deaf.) Suomen Urheilukirjasto ("Finnish Athletic Library", has a wide archive of different materials about athletics. Their home pages only seem to exist in Finnish, but I am sure you can contact them directly, E-mail: The other organization for you to contact is Finnish Athletic Association of the Deaf (Suomen…
I am a French librarian. I would like to know the percentage of Finnish people visiting libraries. Thank you. 154 22.10.2003 Hi! In 2002 there were 12.76 libary visits/inhabitants and 47.02 % of inhabitants were borrowers. You'll find the statistics of Finnish libraries in this address: (>english)
Can I borrow items from one library and return them at another library? For example, can I borrow books from Library 10 but return them at the Kallio library? 154 30.3.2006 All materials borrowed from any Helsinki City library can be returned any branch library.
Can you help me to begin learning finish languge and finish grammar? I am bulgarian and I can use russian and english. 153 22.2.2001 Dear Ms. ..., I recommend you to check via http://www.kirjastot fi the database of your nearest library. Using the subject heading "suomen kieli kielikurssit" or "kielikurssit suomen kieli" you should see the availability of both books, cassette-courses and even cd-roms. The cassette-courses come in packages, which contain both the recordings and the books.