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What are the key words that can be used in the turism area? 119 08.12.2005 The best way to find out keywords in tourism would be to consult different homepages, eg… Librarians use keywords but they are few and that would not help you.
What is the Finnish word for library? 118 10.03.2005 Finnish word for library is kirjasto. Finland´s other offical language is Swedish and Swedish word for library is bibliotek.
Can you help me to begin learning finnish languge and finnish grammar? I am bulgarian and I can use russian and english like help languges. 118 22.02.2001 Jyväskylä library has the following books that might be of use to you: 1) First Finnish (by Leena Horton), includes a text book and an exercise book) 2) Finski jazyk dlja natsinajustsih: kurs intensivnogo samoobutsenija (by Pavel Razinov) 3) Survival course in Finnish for foreigners (by Eeva Piirainen) 4) Finnish for foreigners (by Maija-Mielikki Aaltio) In addition to books, in Jyväskylä there are excellent language courses. You can get more information by telephoning to the following number: 626 597 (Jyväskylä folk institute) If you live somewhere else in Finland, try contacting the local folk institute (that's kansalaisopisto in Finnish).
I would like to know if I can get any book on immigrant entrepreneurship like 1. Immigrant Entrepreneurs - Venturing Abroad in the Age of Globalization Robert… 118 19.01.2005 The two books are owned by the Helsinki School of Economics Library, see the library's on-line catalogue at
We have a patron who would like to borrow a book that appears to only be available from a library in Finland. Is it possible to borrow from a library, what… 117 02.04.2004 You can send an interlibray loan request to Helsinki City Library. Our email-adress is . You can pay the loan with IFLA-vouchers or International Coupon Réponse. Helsinki City Library / Interlibrary loans Box 4100 00099 THE CITY OF HELSINKI Phone +358 9 310 85433 Fax +358 9 310 85434 Email
Can you provide me with a good source to begin researching my family who came from Etelavartsala, Kustavi. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. 117 06.04.2008 For an English speaking person there are two informative web sources of Finnish genealogy: The Swedish-Finn Historical Society, based in Seattle, has all-English web pages. There you can for example discuss your case in The Finlander Forum, which has specific threads for genealogy, relatives search etc. Please be sure to check also the links provided in the pages. One of the links leads to the English pages of The Genealogical Society of Finland. Among other things the society maintains HisKi, a complementing database of old church records. HisKi contains lists of christenings, marriages, burials and moves. It is also possible to register to a mailing list where people…
Do you know who this lady was? Lady Lacey Isabella Beatrice Milhorn. 117 04.01.2005 Lady Milhorn is an imaginary person in a Finnish LARP (Live Action Role Playing). In this game she is the founder of Milhorn boarding school in Wales. The site of the game is only in Finnish:
What is the role of a librarian post google? 116 19.01.2004 In the following link is a good article about the librarian´s role. I hope the article will answer your question partially, at least.
I search french text on litterature of the 19e century, on-line and free? Could you help me? Thank you, A. Genest. Y 115 03.04.2004 I hope I understood your question right: your interest lies on 19th century litterature in generally and you are not looking for texts belonging to French literature only? The best literature sites in French seem to concentrate on French or francophone literature. It could help me if you defined your question a bit. Are you interested in a special language area or a certain literary movement? What is the level of your studies? Here are some links for you to start with. I would be glad to answer you again after getting some more details. Revue d'Histoire du Dix-Neuvième Siècle (périodique en ligne) - interesting articles on the 19th century literature, from some articles only abstracts Society of Dix-Neuviémistes -…
What kind of reference source should I consult in order to find out whether there is a librarian character in a writer's novel, say Barbara Pym or someone else… 115 13.07.2004 In order to find fiction about a given theme, consult any library catalogue you wish. In most library catalogues nowadays, the titles have been provided with ample description about the contents of the work in question. This means that you can choose your keywords fairly freely. Only bear in mind that such searches can never give a 100% result, due to the fact that it is impossible to catalogue every single aspect of e.g. a novel. So, choose any library catalogue. You do not tell why you are sending your question to the Finnish "Ask a librarian" service, but assuming that you are especially interested in Finnish sources, you have to use keywords in Finnish in your searches. Choose. e.g. the HelMet catalogue (…
I am searching for an painter: H. Daalgard. He has painted among other thinds an oil painting with storymy sea and ships. Can I find any biographical… 115 13.04.2005 The painter H.Daalgard is unfortunately unknown to us. Wenzel Hagelstam, one of our specialists on antique did not recognize the name either. He advised you to direct the question to the Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers in Denmark.
Do you or can you look up obituary archives? I'm into my genealogy and my Grandmothers family lived in Helsink, I have names and death dates. 115 12.04.2003 Unfortunately we have no orbituary archives at our disposal. The best thing for you to do is to contact the Genealogical Society of Finland and ask the personnel there to assist you in finding the orbituaries. Their address on the Internet is
Will you tell me how you public libraries in Finland offer delivery service(a book mobile or traveling library) to schools? Is there any regular way? I want… 115 06.04.2006 In Finland the delivery service is meant mainly for people who cannot visit library because of an illness or a disability. But we have a mobile library (buses) which brings library services close to schools. In Helsinki we have also buses in which there are books only for children. Many teachers also bring their pupils to the library. For more information you should visit for example these sites:…
What is the deference between search engine& data base? 115 20.11.2006 Search engine or search service is a software that searches the Internet for information. Database is an organized collection of information (data) of one or more specific areas (The New Penguin English Dictionary, London 2000). More about the search engine and the database you can read in the english Wikipedia, a free Internet encyclopedia. The addresses of the sites are and .
Whether use the Finnish libraries still the traditional card catalogue which would duplicate the contents of the electronic catalogue? 114 13.03.2006 In Lahti City Library there is only online catalogue (no cards). We cannot say for sure what the situation is in other libraries in Finland. However, we found a figure from 2002 stating that 97% of the public libraries were computerized. You might find these links to Finnish library information useful:
For months I have been looking on the Internet for places where I could buy neem contraceptive products. Are there doctors in Finland who are knowledgeable… 114 17.10.2005 As you have noticed yourself, it's quite hard to find information about neem contraceptive products. There is a list of links concerning alternative medicine in this address: Perhaps you can find there some further information about these products, and places where to buy them. You can also visit the homepage of Finnish Medical Association. You can ask there if they know any doctors, who can tell you more about these contraceptive products.
Do you have fax machines available at Tampere City Library? 113 23.03.2005 I'm sorry to inform You that we don't have fax machine for public use. Would You like to use Our Internet services instead? Is it possible that You send Your papers in an attachment file by email. We have scanners, Internets and personal assistance in our Netsquares in Sampola and in Hervanta. More information on page and
I want to know the average cost of living including house rent, food etc. per month in Finland particularly in Helisinki. 112 15.02.2001 Statistics Finland compiles the official statistics concerning whole Finland. Their main page: Income and Consumption (includes household expenditures): Housing (includes average rents of rented dwellings): Prices and costs (includes selected food prices): Finland in figures, all kinds of statistics about everyday life in Finland: The pages above give information on the whole Finland. Statistics concerning Helsinki are compiled by Tietokeskus (http://www.hel.…
What is the hink pink for what does a two headed monster use to think with? 112 24.10.2006 The monster thinks with his main brain.
Family history. 111 12.07.2001 The website adress to Finnish Genealogical Society is . You'll find more links on that site.