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How many of cities and libraries in Finland ? 141 15.10.2005 Please note public library statistics on the following link Statistics concerning research libraries will be found at the following link.… Early this year 2005 there was 114 cities and 432 municipalities in Finland.
I am trying to find if any Finnish libraries have the English magazine "The Diplomat 141 6.8.2018 Unfortunately I couldn't find The Diplomat magazine in any of the biggest libraries in Finland.  The Diplomat isn't available in helmet-, vaski-, porsse, nor helka-libraries. I also checked Frank-multisearch, and I didn't get any hits.  You can make a acquisition request here:  
I am looking for information about a language called "skolta", which is spoken in the north of Finland 140 15.3.2001 Skolt is a very small language spoken by the Skolts, a group of Lappish people, living in the most north-northeastern part of Finnish Lapland and in the north-western part of Russia. There are only about one thousand Skolt-speakers left, half of them in Finland. Even these very few people speak various dialects, which can differ drastically even from village to village. So if your main wish is to be able to comumunicate with the parents of a friend I recommend sticking to English, and asking your friend to teach you a couple of phrases. But if you are interested in the language beside that, you could start with reading an article "Saamic" (pp.43-95) in "The Uralic Languages" / Daniel Abondolo. Routledge, London and New York, 1998…
What is public library all about? The management and services? 138 9.2.2006 The public library is an institution provided usually by a state, city or municipality. Public library services are provided equally for all citizens or inhabitants of a certain area (state, city, commune etc.) regardless of age and economical, social or cultural background. The aim is to give people access to knowledge, information, education, recreation and experience by means of literature, audio- or audiovisual recordings, IT-services and different forms of personal information service. Public library services may also include occasional art exhibitions, educational presentations, musical or literary performances and so on. In practice, this means that the library users may borrow books and other material from a library or read/listen…
Could you tell me where can I get information on design, building regulations and standards, organization and functions, planning and general plans of… 138 9.12.2006 Here are some, hopefully useful, websites for you:
What kind of reference source should I consult in order to find out whether there is a librarian character in a writer's novel, say Barbara Pym or someone else… 136 13.7.2004 In order to find fiction about a given theme, consult any library catalogue you wish. In most library catalogues nowadays, the titles have been provided with ample description about the contents of the work in question. This means that you can choose your keywords fairly freely. Only bear in mind that such searches can never give a 100% result, due to the fact that it is impossible to catalogue every single aspect of e.g. a novel. So, choose any library catalogue. You do not tell why you are sending your question to the Finnish "Ask a librarian" service, but assuming that you are especially interested in Finnish sources, you have to use keywords in Finnish in your searches. Choose. e.g. the HelMet catalogue (…
I want to download the project proposal entitled Bread for the World 136 27.7.2006 Youy can download various information about Bread for the World from their website Here are some useful links that lead to download-pages on that site:… For additional information about the matter, i recommend sending e-mail straight to them: Contact Us: 50 F Street, NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20001 phone: (202) 639-9400 toll-free: (800) 82-BREAD fax: (202) 639-9401 email:
I am Japanese, and new MFA student of KUVATAIDEAKATEMIA from this Autumn term. I am going to study Finnish by taking Finnish course in my University, but I… 134 9.9.2005 There are English courses available in Helsinki Metropolitan Area libraries. These “packages” consist of textbooks and compact discs. The loan period is 4 weeks. You can browse the material available in the address Select “keyword search”. Use the keywords englannin kieli kielikurssit and choose the material type compact disc. You may also contact the Language Centre of Helsinki University. They arrange English courses for foreign students. You’ll find information in the address
Voitteko yst. lähettää minulle kolmen eestiläisen pääyliopiston (Tarton yliopisto kärjessä)sähköpostiosoitteet luennoitsija tarjousta varten. 134 20.6.2002 Viron yliopistoista ja muista tieteellisistä organisaatioista on koottu yhteystiedot sivulle , sivusto on sekä viron- että englanninkielinen.
I wonder if you could tell me what the salary of a finnish librarian is? And how are the credits of them? How is the education of becoming librarian handled? 133 24.11.2006 The average salary for a librarian in Finland is 2 046 euros/month.… (Commission for Local Authority Employers) The salaries in the municipal libraries are smaller than in the scientific/research libraries. Librarians in the municipal sector earn on average 1 700 euros/month. As for the education, librarians have to have a higher university degree / master's degree. The degree can be a Master of Social Sciences or Master of Arts. Information on university education in Finland: Library in its self is a highly valued service in Finland, but as a profession, librarian is not among the most admired. In…
I would like to know if I can get any book on immigrant entrepreneurship like 1. Immigrant Entrepreneurs - Venturing Abroad in the Age of Globalization Robert… 133 19.1.2005 The two books are owned by the Helsinki School of Economics Library, see the library's on-line catalogue at
Will you tell me how you public libraries in Finland offer delivery service(a book mobile or traveling library) to schools? Is there any regular way? I want… 133 6.4.2006 In Finland the delivery service is meant mainly for people who cannot visit library because of an illness or a disability. But we have a mobile library (buses) which brings library services close to schools. In Helsinki we have also buses in which there are books only for children. Many teachers also bring their pupils to the library. For more information you should visit for example these sites:…
Whether use the Finnish libraries still the traditional card catalogue which would duplicate the contents of the electronic catalogue? 132 13.3.2006 In Lahti City Library there is only online catalogue (no cards). We cannot say for sure what the situation is in other libraries in Finland. However, we found a figure from 2002 stating that 97% of the public libraries were computerized. You might find these links to Finnish library information useful:
How would I go about obtain a copy of the following article: AUTHOR: Simberloff, D. ARTICLE: "The sick science of ecology: symptoms, diagnosis, and… 131 29.9.2001 That artice was published in the following journal: Eidema : an international journal of adaptive strategies of field biologists / University of Helsinki, Department of Zoology So probably the Helsinki University Library can help you. Their website with contact information can be found at
What is the hink pink for what does a two headed monster use to think with? 130 24.10.2006 The monster thinks with his main brain.
Do you know who this lady was? Lady Lacey Isabella Beatrice Milhorn. 130 4.1.2005 Lady Milhorn is an imaginary person in a Finnish LARP (Live Action Role Playing). In this game she is the founder of Milhorn boarding school in Wales. The site of the game is only in Finnish:
Can you provide me with a good source to begin researching my family who came from Etelavartsala, Kustavi. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. 130 6.4.2008 For an English speaking person there are two informative web sources of Finnish genealogy: The Swedish-Finn Historical Society, based in Seattle, has all-English web pages. There you can for example discuss your case in The Finlander Forum, which has specific threads for genealogy, relatives search etc. Please be sure to check also the links provided in the pages. One of the links leads to the English pages of The Genealogical Society of Finland. Among other things the society maintains HisKi, a complementing database of old church records. HisKi contains lists of christenings, marriages, burials and moves. It is also possible to register to a mailing list where people…
Do you have fax machines available at Tampere City Library? 130 23.3.2005 I'm sorry to inform You that we don't have fax machine for public use. Would You like to use Our Internet services instead? Is it possible that You send Your papers in an attachment file by email. We have scanners, Internets and personal assistance in our Netsquares in Sampola and in Hervanta. More information on page and
What are the key words that can be used in the turism area? 130 8.12.2005 The best way to find out keywords in tourism would be to consult different homepages, eg… Librarians use keywords but they are few and that would not help you.
I need electronic copy of few pages of finnish magazines. Could you advise me library which can provide this service for me. Thank you in advance, 129 29.7.2002 Unfortunately we do not have magazines in electronic format. However, you can check the following web address to see whether the magazines you are looking for are available in any of the Helsinki City libraries: In case you find the magazine you are looking for, you can visit the library in question and photocopy the pages you are interested in. In case you are living in another country, you should contact your local library and ask if they can make an interlibrary request for the articles you are looking for.