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What is the hink pink for "what is the spot left by a huge water ballooon?" 146 1.11.2006 The hink pink for the spot left by a huge water balloon is a fat splat. Hink Pinks are silly rhyming pairs which can be used as answers to riddles. To any given riddles, there might be more than one correct answer. The whole idea of hink pinks is to use your own imagination in trying to find words that rhyme together. So, in future we suggest that you try to figure out the answer yourself. Hink pinks are fun to make as illustrated by the following web-site:
How can I reserve this book to Laajalahti library in Espoo? Flow : the psychology of optimal experience / Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 146 25.10.2018 If you have the 4-digit PIN code plus your own library card, you can make a reservation directly via this link*fin (there are already two reservations waiting for Munkkiniemi library to get their copy, so anyway you have to wait). If you do not yet have the PIN code, you have to visit some of the HelMet libraries and get one. You can make a reservation in library anytime. Heikki Poroila
I would like to have the statistics on 'How much Finnish people read?' how much they read books, how much they buy, how often they use library? in whole… 146 23.8.2019 You can see the statistics about lending and library use on website:  In 2017, 77% of >10 year old Finns read at least one book in a 6 month period. More statistics about that in the Statistics Finland website (in finnish): Yle has written an article in english about the above statistics: Book sales in 2017 was 549 million euros. Source: Statistics Finland    
Were there any photographs published in the newspapers of the 41 Members of the 1952 British Olympic team parading at the Olympic Stadium last Friday night … 145 25.7.2002 Thank you for your interesting question. Unfortunately we have no resourses to answer your question here at the Helsinki City Library, but advise you to contact Suomen Urheilukirjasto (Finnish Sports Library) in Helsinki. The Library spesializes in serving customers who are interested in sports and especially in the Olympic games. In the library there is an archive of 21 000 pictures or photographs. Their services include scanning photographs and e-mailing them to your address. They charge for their services. The address of the library is Suomen Urheilukirjasto Olympiastadion 00250 Helsinki Finland Telephone: +358 9434 22 521 Fax: +358 9434 22 550 E-mail: The library is open mon, tue, wed and fri 11-a.m. - 5 p.…
I would like to ask if I lost my library card, were there a fee to make a new one again? 144 3.5.2019 For replacing a lost or damaged library card Helmet libraries  charge three euros. In case of a card of person under 15 years the fee is two euros.
Dear Finland Librarian colleague, I would appreciate if the library could acquire the following books (1-2 copies each, where possible), as general… 143 11.8.2004 This service is only for questions related with information seeking.
What are the key words that can be used in the turism area? 143 8.12.2005 The best way to find out keywords in tourism would be to consult different homepages, eg… Librarians use keywords but they are few and that would not help you.
I am looking for book about the pipes and the fitting pipes can i find any books about that because i started studying (ammatti) as ( putkimies ) so please… 143 20.12.2018 Your question is so specific that i would suggest you ask in your school library or your teachers for help. In public libraries i found searching with putkiremontti this book Home plumbing manual / Andy Blackwell, 2012, with putket several guidebooks about standars by Suomen standardoimisliitto SFS ry:  Teollisuuseristys = Industrial insulations. Suomen standardisoimisliitto SFS ry | 2016; Viemäreiden sisäpuoliset saneerausmenetelmät = Renovation of drains and sewers with no-dig methods / [julkaisija:] Suomen standardisoimisyhdistys SFS2014; Teollisuusputkistot = Industrial piping : materiaalit, valmistus ja tarkastus = materials, manufacturing and inspection / käsikirjan sisällöstä vastaava toimialayhteisö: METSTA Metalliteollisuuden…
Do you or can you look up obituary archives? I'm into my genealogy and my Grandmothers family lived in Helsink, I have names and death dates. 142 12.4.2003 Unfortunately we have no orbituary archives at our disposal. The best thing for you to do is to contact the Genealogical Society of Finland and ask the personnel there to assist you in finding the orbituaries. Their address on the Internet is
As an American, I would like you to provide me with the lists of contacts publications you have in your country such as contact magazines/newspapers for… 142 18.2.2004 Unfortunately I couldn't find any of those lists you required, but here are some useful websites for you:
I am looking for an index of Sami (Lapp) names - if possibile on the internet, but if not in print. 141 13.3.2001 Sorry, it is not possible to find Sami names in the internet. They are in the book Yliopiston nimipäiväalmanakka 1999 (email:, the Almanac Office at University of Helsinki. It is a little book (20 FMK).
Can you suggest where can i find specialized publications relating to security equipment manufacturers or access control industry. 141 28.6.2001 Finnish companies can be searched in Blue Book company director: > Select Security > Search > Free text search. Search terms: alarm devices; access control; burglar alarm devices. A leading Finnish company in the field is Securitas Tekniikka Oy. Their home page on the net ( ) is only in Finnish, but their record in Blue Book is also in English (… ). Internet address worth checking:, title of the site: Alarms and Security Devices. Google search engine ( ) gives relevant links with the above search terms, also terms like security…
Do you know who this lady was? Lady Lacey Isabella Beatrice Milhorn. 141 4.1.2005 Lady Milhorn is an imaginary person in a Finnish LARP (Live Action Role Playing). In this game she is the founder of Milhorn boarding school in Wales. The site of the game is only in Finnish:
We are two dutch students and we are working on a project about Helsinki. We are looking for information on multiculturalism in Helsinki for the following… 140 1.4.2002 Try the new finnish 'gov'-portal
I need electronic copy of few pages of finnish magazines. Could you advise me library which can provide this service for me. Thank you in advance, 140 29.7.2002 Unfortunately we do not have magazines in electronic format. However, you can check the following web address to see whether the magazines you are looking for are available in any of the Helsinki City libraries: In case you find the magazine you are looking for, you can visit the library in question and photocopy the pages you are interested in. In case you are living in another country, you should contact your local library and ask if they can make an interlibrary request for the articles you are looking for.
When is this book going to be available? Kata 140 27.2.2019 If you look at the information under COPIES ON ORDER, there is the line " 1 copy ordered for Myyrmäki aik on 01-10-2018." The book has been ordered already in October 2018, but for some reason - usually unknown to the library - the seller has not been able to provide us with a copy. Unfortunately this is not a rare situation, many items are late, out of print or totally cancelled. Let's hope this one is another case. You can see the situation by following this "Copies on order" information line. Heikki Poroila
Why is there not a FREE telephone directory for Finland ? I can not pay the Fee for a search because it's impossible to do so from where I am. 139 29.11.2018 Providing a public list of telephone numbers (a telephone directory) is a commercial business. There has never been one free catalog for whole Finland, but the local telephone companies did make their own catalogs for a long time and these were given free to the people who owned a share of the company. The last printed catalog in Helsinki area was pubished 2017. Heikki Poroila
What are the late fees for not returning a book on time? I can't find a price list anywhere. 139 10.9.2020 The overdue fee is €0,20 day for adult item per loan. You find all the library fees in Helmet:…
Can tourist borrow books from the library? 137 7.12.2018 You need to have an address in Finland to get a library card,…. So if you are staying for a longer period and you have an address, you can.
I am trying to find an exchange student from Eibar, Spain that stayed with us in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1986. How can I find her? 137 19.2.2019 You could ask for help from the Eibar University. Perhaps they still have information about their exchange students.