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What is the hink pink for 'Moan of contentment after the last bite of Thanksgiving dessert?' 97 23.11.2006 That certainly is a tough one. Could it be 'pie sigh'? After that last piece of the pumpkin pie...
Can you help me to begin learning finish languge and finish grammar? I am bulgarian and I can use russian and english. 97 22.02.2001 Dear Ms. ..., I recommend you to check via http://www.kirjastot fi the database of your nearest library. Using the subject heading "suomen kieli kielikurssit" or "kielikurssit suomen kieli" you should see the availability of both books, cassette-courses and even cd-roms. The cassette-courses come in packages, which contain both the recordings and the books.
I am seeking information about the etymology of finnish words. I expect that the infomation available will be in finnish. Do you know of any material that is… 97 07.09.2005 Professor Ulla-Maija Kulonen has written some information about the etymology of finnish words. Her material is available on-line. Verbs saapua and saavuttaa are derived from the verb saada. They are native words. Saapas is a loan word from Russian. ---- Many libraries have etymological dictionary: Suomen sanojen alkuperä : etymologinen sanakirja. 1 - 3. -Helsinki : Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskus, 1992 - 2000.
Pls inform which libraries in Finland possess a copy of IBM and the Holocaust. Thank you. 97 30.03.2005 There are two university libraries which possess a copy of IBM and the Holocaust, Åbo Akademi and Tampere. Links to their websites are on this page… . It seems that none of the public libraries have the book in their collections. Links to the websites of public libraries are here .
Where can I get an information about main holidays in Finland if I need it very soon? Please help me. 97 03.04.2001 I recommend you the Virtual Finland webpages maintained by the Press and Cultural Department of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the internet address they are an excellent starting point to the Finnish society, politics, news and cultural events. On the mainpage choose FinFoDirectory. In the directory pick "The Finnish Way of Life". There you'll find articles about "The traditional Finnish festivities ", "Finnish Easter traditions", "Midsummer in Finland" etc. If you need the exact dates I recommend you to look in a good calendar, which usually list the main public holidays all over Europe. A good source is also "The Europe World Year Book" . The "Year 2000 volume" contains the dates of 2001 holidays…
I want to every details about buddhism 97 26.06.2003 Here is couple of links via Google-search There is a lot of information of buddhism and it is quite complex religion, too. You have to just browse all kind of information to get what you want. Books you can find by contacting your nearest local library and using different library catalogues, also in internet.
I need info on Super Computer(Linux): -History and background -Changes from the time it first started up till the current version today. -Graphical User… 95 14.12.2004 I understood you need information on using linux OS in different supercomputer systems. Short history of supercomputers in general is on page tells us more about the history of supercomputers and linux, for example: "Clustering technology enabled large number of Linux machines to be combined into a single computing entity, a parallel computer. In April 1996, researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory used Linux to run 68 PCs as a single parallel processing machine to simulate atomic shock waves.But unlike other Supercomputers costing a fortune, it was rather cheap. The do-it-yourself supercomputer cost only $152,000, including labor (connecting the 68…
Would you please be so kind as to let me know what the official abbreviations are for Finnish months? For example is the letter k required and then a period,… 94 14.02.2008 Abreviations for months in Finnish are tammik., helmik., maalisk. and so on with k and dot. K is the first consonant of the second part of a compound and dot is for the omitted part of a compound. Source: Nykysuomen sanakirja, osa 5, Lyhenteet, Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, Porvoo, 1989, p. 299.
I am to start my masters in health care and quality management at the university of helsinki in january 2003 and was wondering if you can help me with part… 94 21.11.2002 I recommend you go to the webpages of the Ministry of Labour, Finland, . On the frontpage you'll find a link to "Employment service". This is a good way to start. When you already are in Finland, you can also browse newspapers and read the college bulletinboard. Another useful address is, a portal of public services, maintained by Finnish government offices. This is not necessarily for job seeking, but contains other useful information on Finnish society.
What is the basis of a bibliometric study and how can this kind of study be applied to the analysis of a scholarly journal. 93 16.03.2006 in a few words: Bibliometrics is a research method used in library and information science. It utilizes quantitative analysis and statistics to describe patterns of publication within a given field or body of literature. Researchers may use bibliometric methods of evaluation to determine the influence of a single writer, for example, or to describe the relationship between two or more writers or works. One common way of conducting bibliometric research is to use the Social Science Citation Index, the Science Citation Index or the Arts and Humanities Citation Index to trace citations. Useful links and hints can be found at:
I plan to buy a home in Finland. I want to be about halfway between nort and south and a little east. How would you go about this research online through any… 93 08.11.2002 Referring to Your inquiry about buying a home in Finland. There aren’t very many places where you can find information in English how to buy a home in Finland. You could have a look at a guide - Are you planning to move to Finland? This guide is for you who are living abroad and are planning to migrate to Finland. You can find it in this address: You can find several links how to find and buy a home in Finland. Unfortunately all of the links are either Finnish or in Swedish. You can find these links in this address: This here address leads you to several links about various house agents here in Finland: You can…
I am a distant cousin of your former Prime MInister, Kalevi Sorsa. Can you give me Kalevi's grandfather's name, and place of birth? Thank you for your… 92 09.01.2006 There is a Genealogical Society in Finland, with the best possibilities to answer your query. Please check
Can you please give me the url of the multicultural library; seems to be not valid any longer or, at least, at the moment. 92 22.07.2006 The Multicultural Libray is now The Multilingual library and functions as an integrated part of the Helsinki city library. Contact information, and a presentation, .
Do you have any middle eastern dancing groups in Porvoo? 92 23.03.2004 Finnish Dance and Production Companies can be found under this link: For more information contact The Finnish Dance Information Centre:
Is there any archival photoalbum about finnish life (before WWII) in the Russian part of Karelia? 92 17.04.2004 Photos from Karelia befor the Second World War are not hard to find. There are many photos on the Internet, in the museums and in the archives, and there are numerous books on the subject in all public libraries. The best places for you to go in Helsinki are: The Karelian Association The National Board of Antiquities Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura(The Library of the Finnish Literature Society) The National Archive Try these libraries: the National Library of Finland and the Genealogical Society of Finland You may however want to specify the…
What are the most popular books in your library this month? 91 01.12.2004 You will find the list of the most popular books at Helsinki metropolitan area public libraries in November 2004: . The first group is fiction and the second one is non-fiction.
I would like to get a list of schools in higher education that have their studies taught primarily in ENGLISH. 91 24.06.2004 Here are some links with information on institutes that give instruction in English and general information for foreigners who wish to study in Finland:… , , , , .
How can i get more information about ROLE OF LIBRARIES ON WOMEN EDUCATION ? 90 02.12.2004 here are some www-pages: (Centre for the History of Women's Education) and (American Women's history:education) Eric database ( is an important database for educational history.
Where may I find information about virtuals courses to learn mathematics and physics? 90 29.11.2004 You can find information about these virtual courses by using a search machine like Google and writing in the search box "learn mathematics and physics" (note the quatation marks - they determine, that the search will look for a phrase).
I'm looking a magazine "Water Supply Vol.7 BARCELONA,PP149-154, 1989" .There is a artice "To remove the algae in the drinking water" -Reserch report in Finland 89 10.06.2002 Hi Linda, At first I apologize, that it took so long to answer, but here's some information: At the Tampere University of Technology they have Water Supply magazine, so You can ask either your nearest library to make a interlibrary reguest (Phone number just for sure: Interlibrary services +358 -3 -3115 3133) or get in touch with Water Science & Technology (former Water Supply) magazine. Publisher's E-mail is You find more information and online magazines also in page but unfortunately they don't have such an old number in the net.