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Do you have any recipes with reindeer blood as an ingredient? 121 19.3.2004 There are two books that both have a recipe of blood dumplings, which are made of reindeer blood. The books are Arctic à la carte and Tapio Sointu's Lapland à la carte. You can ask for them at your nearest library.
Do you or can you look up obituary archives? I'm into my genealogy and my Grandmothers family lived in Helsink, I have names and death dates. 121 12.4.2003 Unfortunately we have no orbituary archives at our disposal. The best thing for you to do is to contact the Genealogical Society of Finland and ask the personnel there to assist you in finding the orbituaries. Their address on the Internet is
I would like to know what's the History of Art's most expensive work, and what are the circumnstances surrounding it. 120 30.11.2004 Perhaps you can find a suitable answer to this question in an article in portal, address . The Articles address is In this Article (May 06, 2004) it is said that the most expensive piece of art ever, a painting by Picasso, namely "Boy with a Pipe", has been sold for a new record price, for $104 million at an auction at Sotheby's in New York. In this Article you will also find information about the circumnstances surrounding this painting.
What is the answer to this hink pink? an intelligent award 119 4.2.2004 An intelligent award = wise price ?
Helsinki library plans (the lattest) 118 24.4.2002 If you mean the future plans of Helsinki city library, perhaps the best information source is our library director Maija Berndtson, .
Can you help me to begin learning finish languge and finish grammar? I am bulgarian and I can use russian and english. 118 22.2.2001 Dear Ms. ..., I recommend you to check via http://www.kirjastot fi the database of your nearest library. Using the subject heading "suomen kieli kielikurssit" or "kielikurssit suomen kieli" you should see the availability of both books, cassette-courses and even cd-roms. The cassette-courses come in packages, which contain both the recordings and the books.
Where can I find information regarding companies in an industry? 118 13.2.2002 Oletko hakemassa tietoa teollisuusyrityksistä Suomessa? Vai etsitkö pelkästään hakemistoja, joissa olisi telekommunikaatio- ja elektroniikka-alan yrityksiä? Hakemistoja on olemassa useampiakin. Niitä löytyy Oulun kaupunginkirjaston tietokannasta esim. yhdistämällä asiasanat yritykset ja hakemistot. Muutamia, joissa on myös toimialakohtaisia hakemistoja: - Sininen kirja : talouselämän suurhakemisto (on myös netissä ja demon saa ilmeisesti viikoksi käyttöön ilmaiseksi ) - Kompass - sarja, josta löytyy tietoa mm. Suomen, Baltian, Ruotsin, Saksan, Venäjän yrityksistä - Yritystele 2002 : valtakunnallinen yrityshakemisto. Mikäli etsit tietoa elektroniikka-alan…
I'm trying to find record of a foreign exchange student from Helsinki. She was in Bellevue, Ohio, USA in 1985-1986. Can you help me try to locate her? 118 3.9.2018 You could contact Vaestorekisterikeskus (Population Registry Centre), they should be able to help you in locating your friend, Phone service i available only in Finland, but you can find contact information and an e-mailaddress in this page, .
What is the hink pink for "what is the spot left by a huge water ballooon?" 118 1.11.2006 The hink pink for the spot left by a huge water balloon is a fat splat. Hink Pinks are silly rhyming pairs which can be used as answers to riddles. To any given riddles, there might be more than one correct answer. The whole idea of hink pinks is to use your own imagination in trying to find words that rhyme together. So, in future we suggest that you try to figure out the answer yourself. Hink pinks are fun to make as illustrated by the following web-site:
Can you suggest where can i find specialized publications relating to security equipment manufacturers or access control industry. 117 28.6.2001 Finnish companies can be searched in Blue Book company director: > Select Security > Search > Free text search. Search terms: alarm devices; access control; burglar alarm devices. A leading Finnish company in the field is Securitas Tekniikka Oy. Their home page on the net ( ) is only in Finnish, but their record in Blue Book is also in English (… ). Internet address worth checking:, title of the site: Alarms and Security Devices. Google search engine ( ) gives relevant links with the above search terms, also terms like security…
Where can I find the following book? Hansen and Nielsen "The Economic Analysis of the EU" McGrow-Hill, 1997 117 11.4.2001 There is a book "An Economic Analysis of the EU" by Drud Hansen, Jörgen available in the library of Turun kauppakorkeakoulu. I suggest that you visit the library in Pasila and ask them to borrow the book for you from Turku. You can also ask the book from the library of Yleisradio, open mon-fri 9 am-6 pm, tel (09) 148 015 619, but they might not want to help you.
Based on the very important info in "Further information" field: Can you please tell me what are the least costly options for me here in Finland, as a Finnish… 117 26.6.2003 The commune is responsible for the public health services. The private sector supplements the public health services. (In some cases the patient is justified to get a little refund from the Social Insurance Institution (Kansaneläkelaitos) if he / she has used private sector health services). The health centre of the commune takes care of the primary health care. By law the duties of the health centre are: • to take care of the health counselling and national health education, for example contraceptive advice. • to arrange the common physical examinations and screenings. • to take care of the child welfare- and maternity clinics. • to arrange the school-, student- and occupational health care • to arrange dental care • to arrange the health…
I would like to lending Russian poltie literature (Dostoyevsky, Pooshkin). In English or in Russian. I am PhD student right now, at the Helsinki School of… 116 29.3.2006 We do have both Russian and English book and you can have a library card since you have an address in Finland. You can obtain a library card and borrowing rights by presenting a photo-enhanced ID-card or passport. For more information: See also our list of libraries
Olen 'Inkerilaisten Viesti' aikauslehden etsimassa. I need a number of articles copied & will be in HKI one day next week to do so, if I can find the series! 116 18.11.2004 The latest five numbers of Inkeriläisten viesti can be read at the link below: Also, do cantact the Inkeri society for futher information at The Inkerläisten viesti can be found at the Leppävaara library in Espoo in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and you night also find it at the publisher's office
I need an article that has people that believe blind people can't live ordinary lives. 116 6.4.2006 Pamela A. Almon's "Mass Transportation Operators' Beliefs About Visual Impairment" in Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness; Jan2001, Vol. 95 Issue 1, p. 5, investigated 171 mass transit operators'beliefs about blindness and the factors that may influence their beliefs. Jason and Sheri Wells-Jensen and Gabrielle Belknap have studied how casual exposure to braille (a form of writing for the visually impaired) affects sighted people's attitudes towards blindness. The article is published in Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness; Mar2005, Vol. 99 Issue 3, p133-140. The title of this article speaks for itself: "In the Darkness There Can Be Light: A Family's Adaptation to a Child's Blindness" by Alissa A. Ulster and Beverley J.…
I have been told by a danish collegue that Helsinki library offers a digital language course online in severel languages. I have not been able to find the… 115 12.9.2006 I`m afraid there is no digital language course online offered by Helsinki City Library at the moment. I couldn`t find any information about that either. Helsinki City Library offers e.g. e-books for customers to borrow In some swedish libraries it`s possible to download music and audio books onto mp3-players. Maybe in the near future it`s possible to offer language courses also.
Lahti was once Peralahti which came from Village of Peralahti. I have tried to find that village on a map of Finland. The Parish Was Kuortane. Is there maps… 114 22.3.2007 The National Library of Finland has an excellent collection of maps. More detail and contact information can be found on their website: The Helsinki City Library has one book in its collections that is specifically about the parrish of Kuortane. The book was published in 1932 and also includes a map. Information regarding interlibrary loans can be found here:
Where can I find stories about Moomins in Finnish language? (on-line). Thank you. 113 30.9.2004 The Moomin books are not available on on-line. In case you live in Helsinki (or elsewhere in Finland) you can visit the nearest library and borrow those books. The first Moomin book is called "Muumit ja suuri tuhotulva" in Finnish (originally written in Swedish). You can check the library items of the Helsinki metropolitan area public libraries from the HelMet-catalogue:
What does employed population mean in your country? 113 29.11.2004 Employed person in Finland is a person who gets salary or wage of his/hers job and who pays taxes. The number of employed persons does not include home mothers, students and workless job seekers and of course the grey economy, too. You can get more information on the web sites of our Ministry of Labour:
I am looking for book about the pipes and the fitting pipes can i find any books about that because i started studying (ammatti) as ( putkimies ) so please… 113 20.12.2018 Your question is so specific that i would suggest you ask in your school library or your teachers for help. In public libraries i found searching with putkiremontti this book Home plumbing manual / Andy Blackwell, 2012, with putket several guidebooks about standars by Suomen standardoimisliitto SFS ry:  Teollisuuseristys = Industrial insulations. Suomen standardisoimisliitto SFS ry | 2016; Viemäreiden sisäpuoliset saneerausmenetelmät = Renovation of drains and sewers with no-dig methods / [julkaisija:] Suomen standardisoimisyhdistys SFS2014; Teollisuusputkistot = Industrial piping : materiaalit, valmistus ja tarkastus = materials, manufacturing and inspection / käsikirjan sisällöstä vastaava toimialayhteisö: METSTA Metalliteollisuuden…