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Can tourist borrow books from the library? 134 7.12.2018 You need to have an address in Finland to get a library card,…. So if you are staying for a longer period and you have an address, you can.
I am trying to find an exchange student from Eibar, Spain that stayed with us in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1986. How can I find her? 134 19.2.2019 You could ask for help from the Eibar University. Perhaps they still have information about their exchange students.
Where can I get an information about main holidays in Finland if I need it very soon? Please help me. 133 3.4.2001 I recommend you the Virtual Finland webpages maintained by the Press and Cultural Department of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the internet address they are an excellent starting point to the Finnish society, politics, news and cultural events. On the mainpage choose FinFoDirectory. In the directory pick "The Finnish Way of Life". There you'll find articles about "The traditional Finnish festivities ", "Finnish Easter traditions", "Midsummer in Finland" etc. If you need the exact dates I recommend you to look in a good calendar, which usually list the main public holidays all over Europe. A good source is also "The Europe World Year Book" . The "Year 2000 volume" contains the dates of 2001 holidays…
Where can I find the following book? Hansen and Nielsen "The Economic Analysis of the EU" McGrow-Hill, 1997 131 11.4.2001 There is a book "An Economic Analysis of the EU" by Drud Hansen, Jörgen available in the library of Turun kauppakorkeakoulu. I suggest that you visit the library in Pasila and ask them to borrow the book for you from Turku. You can also ask the book from the library of Yleisradio, open mon-fri 9 am-6 pm, tel (09) 148 015 619, but they might not want to help you.
Is there any archival photoalbum about finnish life (before WWII) in the Russian part of Karelia? 131 17.4.2004 Photos from Karelia befor the Second World War are not hard to find. There are many photos on the Internet, in the museums and in the archives, and there are numerous books on the subject in all public libraries. The best places for you to go in Helsinki are: The Karelian Association The National Board of Antiquities Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura(The Library of the Finnish Literature Society) The National Archive Try these libraries: the National Library of Finland and the Genealogical Society of Finland You may however want to specify the…
Where can I find stories about Moomins in Finnish language? (on-line). Thank you. 131 30.9.2004 The Moomin books are not available on on-line. In case you live in Helsinki (or elsewhere in Finland) you can visit the nearest library and borrow those books. The first Moomin book is called "Muumit ja suuri tuhotulva" in Finnish (originally written in Swedish). You can check the library items of the Helsinki metropolitan area public libraries from the HelMet-catalogue:
I am a distant cousin of your former Prime MInister, Kalevi Sorsa. Can you give me Kalevi's grandfather's name, and place of birth? Thank you for your… 131 9.1.2006 There is a Genealogical Society in Finland, with the best possibilities to answer your query. Please check
I would like to lending Russian poltie literature (Dostoyevsky, Pooshkin). In English or in Russian. I am PhD student right now, at the Helsinki School of… 131 29.3.2006 We do have both Russian and English book and you can have a library card since you have an address in Finland. You can obtain a library card and borrowing rights by presenting a photo-enhanced ID-card or passport. For more information: See also our list of libraries
Greeting I'm a M.Sc. student at biomedical engineering in Iraq and I'm looking for a photocopy of chapter three of book(biomechanics and control of human … 131 22.3.2007 This book can be found in Finland in the following two libraries for example: Jyväskylä University Library and Kuopio University Library. It would be best if you contact either of those libraries directly as they can offer you further assistance. The more common practice is to request an interlibrary loan through your local/school library. You may also inquire about their photocopying policies. Kuopio University Library interlibrary loans: Jyväskylä University Library interlibrary loans:…
I want to every details about buddhism 130 26.6.2003 Here is couple of links via Google-search There is a lot of information of buddhism and it is quite complex religion, too. You have to just browse all kind of information to get what you want. Books you can find by contacting your nearest local library and using different library catalogues, also in internet.
What is the answer to this hink pink? an intelligent award 130 4.2.2004 An intelligent award = wise price ?
We have a patron who would like to borrow a book that appears to only be available from a library in Finland. Is it possible to borrow from a library, what… 130 2.4.2004 You can send an interlibray loan request to Helsinki City Library. Our email-adress is . You can pay the loan with IFLA-vouchers or International Coupon Réponse. Helsinki City Library / Interlibrary loans Box 4100 00099 THE CITY OF HELSINKI Phone +358 9 310 85433 Fax +358 9 310 85434 Email
I have been told by a danish collegue that Helsinki library offers a digital language course online in severel languages. I have not been able to find the… 130 12.9.2006 I`m afraid there is no digital language course online offered by Helsinki City Library at the moment. I couldn`t find any information about that either. Helsinki City Library offers e.g. e-books for customers to borrow In some swedish libraries it`s possible to download music and audio books onto mp3-players. Maybe in the near future it`s possible to offer language courses also.
I would like to get a list of schools in higher education that have their studies taught primarily in ENGLISH. 129 24.6.2004 Here are some links with information on institutes that give instruction in English and general information for foreigners who wish to study in Finland:… , , , , .
As a library student at Simmons College, Boston, USA, I am currently working on a project about Finnish libraries. After examining the Finish library system, I… 129 20.4.2006 Finland adopted a new Constitution in March 2000. Like its predecessor, the new Constitution states that Finnish and Swedish are the national languages of Finland. According to the Constitution, the public authorities are required to provide for the cultural and societal needs of the Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking populations of the country on an equal basis. In practice, this means that various social services, education and information must be provided in both languages. The law also ensures bilingual government in Finland. This means that all legislation and other important documents must be available in both Finnish and Swedish. The…
Dear Sir /Madam I am Masoumeh Omid , master student of library and information science University of Tehran ,IranI am writing to guide you for my thesis. That… 129 11.12.2019 In Sello Library - as well as in other Espoo City Library Libraries as well - Customers can register themselves for a user of Celia -services. Celia offers plenty of services for visual impaired people. See In the past the audiobooks were outloaned from a physical Library building as Compact discs, but nowadays the audiobooks are served via net directly to the customer.
Helsinki library plans (the lattest) 128 24.4.2002 If you mean the future plans of Helsinki city library, perhaps the best information source is our library director Maija Berndtson, .
What is the role of a librarian post google? 128 19.1.2004 In the following link is a good article about the librarian´s role. I hope the article will answer your question partially, at least.
I would like to know what's the History of Art's most expensive work, and what are the circumnstances surrounding it. 127 30.11.2004 Perhaps you can find a suitable answer to this question in an article in portal, address . The Articles address is In this Article (May 06, 2004) it is said that the most expensive piece of art ever, a painting by Picasso, namely "Boy with a Pipe", has been sold for a new record price, for $104 million at an auction at Sotheby's in New York. In this Article you will also find information about the circumnstances surrounding this painting.
I’m working on my master thesis with the goal of creating a fablab in germany. I saw that you have 71 libraries and in some of them you provide 3D printers or… 127 24.10.2018 The largest fablab / makerspace of the Helmet (Helsinki metropolitan area) library network will be opened in December 2018, when the new central library Oodi opens in Helsinki city centre, with a wide range of tools such as a laser cutter, sticker printer, heat press, sewing machines, overlock sewing machines, embroidery machines and badge machines. Oodi has its own website at  If you wish to visit Oodi or interview the staff, you can find their contact information at Until then, the largest fablab/makerspace facilities provided by Helmet libraries are probably found in Espoo (Sello, Entresse, Iso Omena, Tapiola). These libraries provide for example 3D…