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I plan to visit Helsinki for a couple of weeks and I'd like to use the Oodi library then. But I don't have an address in Finland and I'll be staying at a Hotel… 23 27.10.2023 According to the Helmet website you need to have an address in Finland to get a library card. If you want you can ask for more information directly from Oodi (contact-information). Even if you don’t get a library card, you can visit Oodi and use the facilities (some facilities are bookable, you can get more information from the website). There are also customer computers on the first and second floor that you can use without booking. I hope this answered your question!
I can only see one book on my "Reading History" list in my Helmet account. However, I have definitely borrowed more than one book from the Helmet libraries in… 22 20.11.2023 The Helmet library reading history can list only those items that you borrow after you activate the reading history. Unfortunately items that had been borrowed before the activation cannot be recovered.
How to book sewing machine place? 22 4.3.2024 In Espoo, you can reserve a sewing machine at You can also use the booking office in English You can log in with your library card and its pincode number. You can search with the word sewing machine and limit your search to, for example, the Tapiola library. When you click on the picture of the sewing machine, a window opens with a calendar at the bottom. You can choose the day and time you want. 
Can I become library member to borrow online book? I am Indonesian citizenship. I would like to expand knowledge by reading and My son also like to read math ,… 21 15.11.2023 You need a libray card in order to borrow ebooks.  You can get a library card if You live in Finland. Or at least You need to have an address in Finland. You do not need to be citizen of Finland. For example, if you do not have a Finnish personal identity number and you live in Helsinki metropolitan area, your Helmet-library card is valid for twelve months at a time. It is not possible to get a library card without visiting a library.  You will get the library card when you state your address and present a valid ID card with a photograph  in a library. Library card in Fnland is free.
I would like to get information about school libraries in Findlandia. If their function is performed by the public library I would like to know how this… 21 24.1.2024 School libraries in Finland are not regulated by the law. School libraries are often very small and most of the services provided to schools by libraries are delivered by the public libraries. Due to the decline in literacy, schools have been offered money, for example by The Finnish Cultural Foundation, to develop school libraries and purchase books. For further reading (in finnish): see also:Sinko, Pirjo. School libraries in Finland : The heart of school seldom beats Scandinavian library quarterly 2013 : 1, s. 16-17  
What steps should I take if a book I loaned out is now damaged and cannot be returned? 19 3.1.2024 Hi! Contact a Helmet library directly to discuss how to proceed. If the book is damaged and no longer viable for returning, it must be compensated with the purchase price. Usually it's also possible to arrange compensation with a new copy of the book.  You can find instructions in the Helmet Troubleshooting FAQ.
I was wondering if there are public kitchen facilities except Oodi. How can I reach that information? 19 30.1.2024 Yes there are. You will find them at in Helsinki and at in Espoo. Just use keyword kitchen.
Where can i find the location that shows all available playstation and switch games? 18 22.1.2024 You can search console games in Helmet catalogue Use Advanced search and as keyword * and select as format console game. In the result list selection At the library shows You games which are at the moment available in some Helmet-library. By logging in with Your library card number and pin code You can make reservations to get games into Your nearest library.
Onko P. Mustapäällä runoa nimeltä Muisto? Vai kenen se mahtaa olla? 16 1.12.2023 Hei, P. Mustapäällä on runo nimeltä Muisto. Se ilmestyi kokoelmassa Linnustaja (1952). Runo löytyy myös Kootut runot -teoksesta.
I need any book about the emotional intelligence of kids (in arabic language). Is it available in Helmet? 14 5.2.2024 Hi, Helmet-libraries have two books about the emotional intelligence of kids in arabic language. You can find them here:…
I work at a nursing home and most of the residents have got memory illness. I need help finding materials that would be useful with them for daily activities… 12 17.10.2023 There is activities for seniors with memory disorders online e.g. on Muistiliitto´s website: Library materials you can search from . Keywords: ikääntyneet, virikkeet, muistisairaat, muistisairaudet Library´s Lukulähettiläs project team has produced book tips and lists of literature suitable for elderly and others with disabilities: Easy reads for different purposes you can search with keyword "selkokirjat".   
Hope you're doing well:) I've moved to Finland about a year and a half ago and I've been actively trying to find Finnish films with English subtitles, but it's… 12 8.4.2024 There are a number of Finnish films with English subtitles available in DVD and Blu-ray formats. Many of these are included in the Helmet libraries collection. Below you can find a sample of these films from different genres and eras. You can browse for more here. Aleksis Kiven elämä Arvottomat Asfalttilampaat Back to the USSR - Takaisin ryssiin Badding Ganes Harjunpää ja pahan pappi Heinähattu ja vilttitossu Hevi reissu Hyvä poika Ihmisen osa Juoksuhaudantie Kaikki rakastavat Kanelia kainaloon, Tatu ja Patu! Kesäkaverit Klassikko Kuulustelu Kätilö Levottomat Linnaisten vihreä kamari Lumikuningatar Luokkakokous Menolippu Mombasaan Mieheke Mies vailla menneisyyttä Minä ja Morrison Miss Farkku-Suomi Niskavuoren…
I'd like to know ablout the Irish great famine in the 1840s. Also, I want to know about the causes and symptoms of potato blight. 11 22.1.2009 The great famine of Ireland took place in 1845-1849, and it is said that about a million people died of hunger during those years. In the early 1840's around a third of Irish people depended on the potato as their main source of food, and thus the destruction of the potato harvest because of potato blight in 1845 launched a catastrophe. More information about the famine: Potato blight is a potato disease caused by a fungus. Its origins are in America, from where it spread to Europe by a shipment of seed potatoes destined for Belgian farmers in 1845. Potato blight first affects the leaves and later the actual…
We have a lot of children's books in Chinese language. When our kid grow up, I would like to ask if it's possible to donate to the library if they are in good… 10 29.2.2024 Libraries accept donations but there are library-specific policies. You should contact the library where you want to donate books.
I have got a card Helmet, but have not got at the same time pin-code. How I can get pin-code and start to use my card? 10 19.3.2024 You can get the PIN code by visiting the library or mobile library in person. A valid ID card with a photograph and personal identity number is needed.…
Are there violins to practice or barrow in any of the metro region libraries? 9 13.3.2024 Unfortunately, no libraries in this area have violins in their collections.
Onko sulla tämän kirja 1. Berman,A., Synder., Kozier B. and Erb G.2008. Fundamental of Nursing 2. Evaluation of clinical competence 2nd Edition, Eric S… 8 19.3.2024 Hi! You should  ask  about these books at JAMK University of Applied Sciences Library  or  you can search these books  yourself  by Jamk University of Applied Sciences Online Library Kind regards
Will there be ukulele class in Eastern Helsinki? 6 19.3.2024 At the moment there are no ukulele classes or ukulele groups in East Helsinki helmet-libraries. In Espoo libraries you can find ukulele groups at different levels:……