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Is there any possibility to ask about job? I'm from other country, but I want to move to Finland. 43 20.12.2021 You can find information about working in Finland for example here:…   If you are interested particularly in library jobs, here's one earlier answer to question about library education:…
Is there any book in the Persian language available or not? I would like to know how can I search for books in the Persian language online. 41 19.2.2021 There are books in the Persian language available. At Helmet SEARCH FOR ITEMS you just write PERSIA and then at left side refine by language you choose Persian. Then you get list of books in Persian language. After that you can refine more, like Fiction or Non-fiction.……
I am looking for materials regarding a man named XX. He is a performer in the early 1900s and did do shows around the world. I… 40 27.1.2020 The famous artist you are searching for is said to have donated all his belongings to Blekinge Läns Museum, see   
I need a book called: Teaching reading in mathematics by Mary Barton. Are there any exemplaries in Helsinki's libraries? All good, Kelly Sule 40 7.7.2020 Unfortunately this book is not in any libraries in Helsinki or even in Finnish libraries anywhere. From the database WorldCat you can see libraries which has this book in their collections:
I'm trying to find someone in Finland but the address I have is no longer listed. Could it be possible that the house has been demolished. The address I'm… 39 15.3.2021 Hello It looks like Humalistonkatu has the numbers 1-13 in Karjaa, which would mean that the address has changed. Unfortunately the Address service by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is only available from Finland. I would suggest free address search services, like
I am an experienced librarian with masters qualification from abroad. I am moving to Finland. Is there a professional society for librarians in Finland? I am… 38 6.7.2021 Hello When it comes to getting your degree recognized in Finland you need to be in contact with the Finnish National Agency for Education.  When it comes to your question about a professional organisation I suggest to look into the Finnish Library Association and ask for help there.
I wish to donate some English-language scholarly books (film, theater) to your library. Please tell me how to do this. I am a legal resident of Filnland,… 38 8.9.2021 You have gotten the answer from my colleague. So we are waiting for books.
I am new to Finland and got the information that the library has common closed spaces to practice dance. I was interested to know which room… 37 4.8.2021 Unfortunately, libraries do not have closed spaces suitable for dancing. (We will be happy to take performances on our stages when Covid is over.) The facilities in Varaamo are for musicians and singers. Schools have bookable spaces to suit the wider movement. (This page is only available in Finnish.) You can ask more at
Terve! I am taking part in Helmet Reading Challenge 2021 and would like to ask for assistance. Could you recommend a book about an LGBT+ family? Either fiction… 37 22.9.2021 If you are in Helmet-region, following books could be of interest,  This is how it always is / Laurie Frankel. Headline Review 2018. Girl, woman, other / Bernardine Evaristo. Hamish Hamilton 2019. The guncle : a novel / Steven Rowley. G. P. Putnam's Sons [2021] (new book, available at present only as audio). Meet me in another life / Catriona Silvey. HarperCollins 2021 (also new currently only as e-book). These two are coming to the library printed book also. The problem is that if you are using the library in Kajaani, your choices are fewer. None of these books seem to be available in Kainet, I tried to find other material in English there, but did'nt find anything, not even biographies. Everything was in…
I used to have a helmet card, but I can't find it anymore. How can I renew it? 35 7.5.2020 Unfortunately it is not possible to send any customer info via e-mail or phone due to confidentiality and privacy reasons.  You can obtain a temporary customer id for the access to e-library by sending a request to the address Temporary customer id is valid until 31 May, 2020. Online courses and e-books for example contain some language learning material. You can get a new permanent card from library customer service when libraries are fully open again in June. There is more information about the current situation on Helmet website.   
How can I book the recording studio for tomorrow for few hours? And is it free or how much dose it cost? I’m in Helsinki for only 24h and I don’t have a guitar… 35 12.10.2021 The studios can be reserved via a system called Varaamo,, but these kind of services are very popular and it isn't likely that you can get a room at such a short  notice. You could visit Oodi in the city center and ask if they could help you in any way, since you only are here for one day and Varaamo perhaps doesn't help you. 
What services do you provide at home? 34 7.5.2021 Your question is unfortunately hard to comprehend. Can you specify what you mean by services?  
I have received a return request on a book, but the library is closed fir pandemic reasons. How do I return the book, and is the request even relevant at this… 33 17.2.2021 Helmet-Libraries are not closed, they have been open all the time this year, but services are very limited: - Retrieval of material from the reservation shelf and from the limited selection and theme shelves at the lending machines. - Necessary, fast transactions with computers. - Pre-booking and self-service with a lending machine as the primary service. - If necessary, assistance and advice at the service desk. - There is an obligation to use a mask in transactions. (Does not apply to people with a medical condition using a face mask.)  
Is it possible now to print documents in any library? 33 8.4.2021 Hi! I am sorry but it's not possible in Vantaa libraries during covid -19. If you print official papers you can do it in Vantaa info….       
I have lost my library card, and Pin id, would like to get a new one. How can I get a new one? 33 18.5.2021 It´s necessary in this case to visit your Library, you´ll get there your new card and PIN-code. Welcome to any of our Libraries. Take tour ID-card with you. 
Do you have CD players or DVD players available to borrow so that we may enjoy the CD audio books and some movies that you have in stock at the library? Also,… 33 17.11.2021 Hello! Unfortunately we don't have CD players or DVD players that you can check out to use at home etc. But for example there are DVD drives at the Helsinki Central Library Oodi and Pasila libraries in Helsinki that you can use in the library premises.  Unfortunately we don't have puzzles in the Helmet library collection at the moment. But we do have many different types of board games in the collection that you can check out with the Helmet library card. The collection covers all the public libraries in Helsinki City Area: Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa libraries. You can try for example Puzzle Battle board game where your goal is to be the first to complete the puzzle. You can find more board games from making a…
I would like to ask if its possible to return a book in Vaasa Vaasa library when i borrowed it in Helsinki. 28 30.8.2021 Unfortunately it is not possible to return a book borrowed in Helsinki to Vaasa library. You have to send the book to Helsinki library by yourself.
Dear Librarian, I thought that I picked up all the books that I ordered, but noticed that there is a one euro charge on my account, and it seems that I did not… 28 8.11.2021 To pay the fee online, go to At the bottom of the page, you will find Pay online. Click it, then login with your library card number and PIN code. Select the outstanding payment on the list and click Proceed to payment. Alternatively, you can pay the fee in your nearest Helmet library. If you do not pick up the reserved book in time, the reservation is cancelled and the book is returned to its place. You can check the book's current status at and make a new reservation.
Can I receive a copy of an academic journal article ( via email ? 28 5.11.2021 You can request an article through an interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loan service orders are accepted in all Satakirjasto. You can also place an order by sending a request by email to your own library. Orders are also accepted by phone, but a written request is preferable for clarity. siikaisten.kirjasto(at)
Team, Good Morning. We are new to Finland and am interested to borrow some story books from Library for my kids as they would like to go read stories etc. Can… 27 8.7.2021 Here is what our rules say about the question: Wellcome!