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I am an experienced librarian with masters qualification from abroad. I am moving to Finland. Is there a professional society for librarians in Finland? I am… 17 6.7.2021 Hello When it comes to getting your degree recognized in Finland you need to be in contact with the Finnish National Agency for Education.  When it comes to your question about a professional organisation I suggest to look into the Finnish Library Association and ask for help there.
What services do you provide at home? 16 7.5.2021 Your question is unfortunately hard to comprehend. Can you specify what you mean by services?  
Tietoja kirjojen lainausmääristä löytyy, mutta onko mihinkään koottu tietoja kirjastojen varattavien esineiden lainausmääristä kunnittain? 15 27.5.2021 Esineitä ei tilastoida erikseen Suomen yleisten kirjastojen tilastoihin Suomen yleisten kirjastojen tilastot ( vaan ne sisältyvät muut aineistot -kategoriaan, johon sisältyvät myös esim. digitaaliset pelit ja moniviestimet. Vaski-kirjastojen osalta voimme antaa seuraavat luvut: kaikkien Vaski-kirjastojen esinelainaus: 2018                    10851 2019                    11527 2020                    7727 2021                    2964 Vaski-kirjastoihin kuuluvat Kaarinan, Kustavin, Laitilan, Liedon, Maskun, Mynämäen, Naantalin, Nousiaisen, Paimion, Pyhärannan, Raision, Ruskon, Salon, Sauvon, Taivassalon, Turun, Uudenkaupungin ja Vehmaan kirjastot. erikseen Turku: 2018                    8396 2019                   …
I have received a return request on a book, but the library is closed fir pandemic reasons. How do I return the book, and is the request even relevant at this… 14 17.2.2021 Helmet-Libraries are not closed, they have been open all the time this year, but services are very limited: - Retrieval of material from the reservation shelf and from the limited selection and theme shelves at the lending machines. - Necessary, fast transactions with computers. - Pre-booking and self-service with a lending machine as the primary service. - If necessary, assistance and advice at the service desk. - There is an obligation to use a mask in transactions. (Does not apply to people with a medical condition using a face mask.)  
I have lost my library card, and Pin id, would like to get a new one. How can I get a new one? 14 18.5.2021 It´s necessary in this case to visit your Library, you´ll get there your new card and PIN-code. Welcome to any of our Libraries. Take tour ID-card with you. 
I am new to Finland and got the information that the library has common closed spaces to practice dance. I was interested to know which room… 14 4.8.2021 Unfortunately, libraries do not have closed spaces suitable for dancing. (We will be happy to take performances on our stages when Covid is over.) The facilities in Varaamo are for musicians and singers. Schools have bookable spaces to suit the wider movement. (This page is only available in Finnish.) You can ask more at
My daughter is learning the piano. Would it be possible for her to play the piano at the library? 13 3.9.2021 Yes it is possible to book the music room of Turku main library. The booking is made through this website:  You need to log in with your library card and password.
Team, Good Morning. We are new to Finland and am interested to borrow some story books from Library for my kids as they would like to go read stories etc. Can… 10 8.7.2021 Here is what our rules say about the question: Wellcome!
I would like to ask if its possible to return a book in Vaasa Vaasa library when i borrowed it in Helsinki. 10 30.8.2021 Unfortunately it is not possible to return a book borrowed in Helsinki to Vaasa library. You have to send the book to Helsinki library by yourself.
I would like to know which classification system you use, and its the same as the other libraries in Finland? Thanks! 9 23.8.2021 Tuusula library uses YKL - Yleisten kirjastojen luokitusjärjelstelmä, in English PLC - Finnish Public Libraries Classification System, It is used in all public libraries except the Helsinki city library, who has it's own classification system, HCLCS - Helsinki City Library Classification System,
I wish to donate some English-language scholarly books (film, theater) to your library. Please tell me how to do this. I am a legal resident of Filnland,… 9 8.9.2021 You have gotten the answer from my colleague. So we are waiting for books.
Terve! I am taking part in Helmet Reading Challenge 2021 and would like to ask for assistance. Could you recommend a book about an LGBT+ family? Either fiction… 3 22.9.2021 If you are in Helmet-region, following books could be of interest,  This is how it always is / Laurie Frankel. Headline Review 2018. Girl, woman, other / Bernardine Evaristo. Hamish Hamilton 2019. The guncle : a novel / Steven Rowley. G. P. Putnam's Sons [2021] (new book, available at present only as audio). Meet me in another life / Catriona Silvey. HarperCollins 2021 (also new currently only as e-book). These two are coming to the library printed book also. The problem is that if you are using the library in Kajaani, your choices are fewer. None of these books seem to be available in Kainet, I tried to find other material in English there, but did'nt find anything, not even biographies. Everything was in…