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Dear Professionals, Am from India, I did my Masters in Management and Library Science. I have 10 years of experience in Business school libraries as a… 246 3.8.2016 Right know employment situation in Finland is not very good. There are many librarians and information specialists who are unemployed. That is why it is not so easy to find a job here. But always You can try. I give you links with contact information to some business school libraries. Business school libraries in Helsinki: • Aalto university is the biggest one, but they can’t employ new people this year • Haaga Helia university of applied sciences :… • Hanken school of economics library :… The Finnish National Board of Education is responsible for recognition and…
What diploma do you need to become a librarian in Finland? Are a foreign bachelor + a M1 in Information and communication science enough? 245 2.2.2021 You have to have a degree on information and libraries studies in university. In Finland you must be completed information studies about third of you examination. In Finland you can work in libraries without having degree in information studies, but to be librarian you should have those studies in university. We have been asked about working in libraries before.
I'm a member of Helmet and I've been told that some of the libraries hire out power tools. I've been onto the database and my local library doesn't provide… 244 18.3.2019 You can find all the tools and other objects provided by the Helmet libraries using the Helmet search . The problem for you here might be that all library materials, objects included, are catalogued in the Helmet database in Finnish. If you use the Helmet search for finding objects, choose Advanced search, type * (i.e. one asterisk, meaning "all") in the search field, and choose "Object" from the dropdown menu for Format. This is the search result you will get:*%29%20f%3Aq__Orightresult__U?lang=eng&suite=cobalt . In this list there are all the objects for borrowing from Helmet libraries. To find an electric sander you ought to know the…
I come from Taipei, Taiwan. I am a student learning about department of library and information science and study on the Fu Jen Catholic University. For… 238 31.3.2004 The Culture and Media Division of the Ministry of Education in Finland maintains the data in the Finnish Public Libraries Statistics Database. The address is Additional library statistics are to be found on the Statistics Finland webbsite under the address First click on Finland in figures and then on Culture and the media, and finally on Public libraries. Good luck with your work!
Mannerheim statue in Seinäjoki 237 5.3.2018 There is a small publication about the parks in Seinäjoki "Seinäjoen puistot ja viheralueet" published by the city of Seinäjoki in 2015. There is a short text concerning the Mannerheim Park and statue. You can find this publication on the website of the city of Seinäjoki: There are also too older booklets that might be useful for your project. Unfortunately they are not in digital form. Ahti Mäntylä: Seinäjoella sijaitsevien sotiimme liittyvien sotamuistomerkkien kertomaa, 2000 (What the war memorials in Seinäjoki tell us) Hilkka-Maija Keskinen: Seinäjoen patsaita, 1992. (Statues of Seinäjoki) 
What are the effects of electronic information on the reference service? 236 13.2.2009 In our library, electronic information sources (databases) give more relevant results. Databases also help us to sort results efficiently. I'm sorry but we don't have ability to answer better to your question. If you want to have more information about this topic, The university of Tampere has faculty of information sciences(
Do you have a recipe or instructions how to make viili starter (pohjapiimä) from ingredients available in the U.S.? 235 13.2.2002 In Finland there are two kinds of viilis:the short and the long one, which is more "stretching". For the short viili You can make the starter. Look at: and --->information sheet --->Ferments. But for the long viili it is more difficult. You could ask for more information from Valio. The Internet adress is:
I need a book about (Type 1 diabetes) for children in English that I can read it to my diabetic child. I wanted it with colourful pictures and in a simple way… 233 30.11.2016 Unfortunately there isn't children's books about diabetes in english in Helmet libraries (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries): children's books about the subject are available only in finnish and swedish. The search on the database of The Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature didn't bring results either. There seem to be a few books you are looking for in international online stores. There is also three free self made books about diabetes under the following site:
Can I return the books from one library to another? Thank you. 233 2.1.2019 You can return the material to any Helmet library during its opening hours.…
Is there any specially published reading materials for the elderly readers? such as books/magazines with larger letters or font so that they can read easily. 232 4.7.2016 There are some large print editions of books. You can check their availability in Helmet by using search words such as "large print" or isotekst*. Here are the search results:*%29%20f%3A1__Or…… There only seems to be one magazine in large print in Helmet libraries:*%29%20c%3A1__Or… If you are also looking for materials the contents of which are aimed at elderly readers, there are books like that too. One typical example this kind of books are the handbooks of using computers and the internet, written especially for senior citizens, e.g. the following: http://…
I am a bachelor of librarianship and information programme in Vilnius University Communication faculty (Lithuania, Europe). At the moment I am writing the… 231 17.3.2003 While Helsinki City Library provides a fundamental civic service available to everyone Helsinki School of Economics is the National Resource Library of Economics and Business in Finland. Maybe you could contact there: E-mail: Helsinki City Library’s collections includes of course business material. Our collections can be found on page . Use Keyword Search “business” for english material. You can see Helsinki City Library’s digital material and databases on page… . Mainly for business information there is database called Helecon MIX, which is procuded by Helsinki…
Päivää ! So I am a student in finnish language in Paris. Unfortunately there is no book about finnish grammary. Even if you get it in english I would it. Then… 231 23.3.2007 The Finnish grammar is available in the internet. On the following sites you’ll find it both in English and in French: The following titles offer you the Finnish grammar in book form, one of them in French. - Fred Karlsson: Finnish- an essential grammar, Routledge 1999, ISBN 0415207045 - Merja Karjalainen and Helena Sulkala: Finnish, Routledge 1992, ISBN 0415026431 - Limnell, Eija: Finnois express (Finlande) : guide de conversation, les premiers mots utiles, notions de grammaire, culture et civilisation, renseignements pratiques, Editions du Dauphin 2006 ISBN 2-7163-1323-7
Could you help me please! i'm looking for old photo's of finnish proffesions. Old pictures about men working on a railroad or making a tunnel..or something… 229 24.3.2004 I am sorry, we don't have photos in our collections. I'd ask You to contact to National Board of Antiques,please.
I borrowed two books but I had to travel outside Finland and I don't have the card with me to renovate them. Now the system generated a fine and I would like… 228 17.10.2018 You must first renew or return the loans. Only then will you be able to pay the accrued fines. You can also renew your loans by telephone. Instead of a card number, you can use your social security number. If the books are reserved, they can not be renewed.
Can you help me find an antiquarian bookstore in Finland which specializes in astronomy? I am looking for a copy of the 1952 book AVARUUDEN VALLOITUS, by Willy… 226 28.2.2002 I hope these websites will help you find the book you are looking for.
Are there Quaker meetings in Helsinki and/or Roman Catholic masses? If so, when and where are they? 225 2.8.2001 About Roman Catholics in Helsinki you will find information on, especially "Tapahtumia" and "Basic information in English". About Quakers
I want to find penpals in Finland,can you help me? I am working on my genealogy. 225 27.1.2003 There are several services that offer penpals in Finland. You could try for instance You can find more useful links by Google by entering search term "penpals". If you want to reach specially people who are interested in Finnish genealogy you could try the mailing lists of the Genealogical Society of Finland
I live in Singapore and would like to become a member of Finnish libraries. I am only interested in digital content and I find your web page design is superb!… 225 23.11.2017 I am sorry, but to be able to receive a library card in Finnish libraries you need an address in Finland. You can see for example the user regulations of Helmet-libraries here:…
I am looking for a copy of A book by Risto Vilmusenaho. The name of the book is Siikajokilaakson historia. Can you help Me find A source where I can buy A copy? 225 7.11.2000 You can buy the book by Risto Vilhusenaho Siikajokilaakson historia 2 in the Local Government Office of the municipality of Siikajoki. The price is 216 mk. I'd advise You to contact directly the office, , e-mail: , tel. (08) 2113411, fax. (08) 2113403.
I was trying to reserve a CD from a band named Unit 4 +2, and there didn't seem to be a way to do it. There doesn't appear to be a "Request It" button at this… 225 27.2.2018 Right now the only copy of the CD has been taken aside for some repair operation (I cannot see the reason). Unfortunately you just have to wait and hope that eveything goes well and the CD is soon again in circulation. If that happens, you see the possibility to reserve it as well. Heikki Poroila