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I am looking for a contact/reference-list to finish schools. I would like to create an eu-project analyzing the differences in the educational systems… 467 9.12.2003 You can find an inclusive list of Finnish schools at which is an educational portal published by the National Board of Education. The site provides a lot of information about the Finnish educational system and a directory of schools' home pages.
I'd like to know if there where in Finland any publications of books written by Polish author Boleslaw Prus? 466 7.5.2003 You can find two titles written in Polish by Boleslaw Prus: Faraon and Lalka. The books are available in Helsinki City Library. (HelMet database : ; database of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen city libraries). There are also some publications at Helsinki University Library. You can find more information about these books at (choose "search" and then "basic search", write Prus Boleslaw and choose "author", you'll get 18 books plus some different editions of same books).
I have a question about corwypited material that has been changed and then used in a performance. I am a voiceover artist who is also in University. I have… 466 21.12.2015 First, we have to tell you that we are not copyright specialists, so this answer has been given by amateurs. According the Finnish Copyright Law (“Tekijänoikeuslaki”,, translations and adaptations are protected by the law, so you need a permission from the author when making adaptations. If it’s the same text in other words, I think it will be considered an adaptation. In the Finnish Copyright Law, there is no fair use as in USA.
It there in Finland a duty to register one's place of residence? How it is regulated? 465 14.3.2007 Whenever you move into new premises, you have to inform the magistrate and the house managing agency that you have moved in. Both the magistrate and the house managing agency will monitor the registration. More information about Finnish permits and accommodation can be found from the following web-address:
In 1996 a novel by Juha Tapio was published, in Finnish, about "Frankenstein" coming back in the 20th century. Is there an English translation of this novel… 465 4.12.2000 Unfortunately, according to the Finnish national bibliography, Juha K. Tapio's novel "Frankensteinin muistikirja" has not been translated into any other language.
Is it possible for me to find ancestor link for my mother, whose father's name is Kurt Nyland. My mother told me he was from Friesland, but I think the… 462 14.6.2004 Hi! Your grandfather's family name "Nyland" refers in Finland to the most southern parish of Finland (in finnish Uusimaa, in swedish Nyland, in english New Land). As a family name it does not appear in the telephone catalog of Helsinki metropolitan area, wheras names Nylander ("one who lives in Nyland") and Nylund ("new grove") do. Thus it seems, the name Nyland is not the original form or it refers to the parish, where immigrants came from. If you would like to check the pages of "The Genealogical Society of Finland" you'll find them in web in address where you can choose the english pages. Anyhow, if you would like to use finnish sources you'll end up to the fact that most documents are written in finnish or…
How can I connect with a historian over the internet in Kittila, Finland? 455 21.8.2012 Kittilä is a minor place, it very likely that there are no historians who are specialized in Kittilä history. Since you gave information about your family, i guess you are interested in your family history. I would recommend you to contact the Kittila parish for more information. A helpful source of information to a genealogist in Finland is Sukututkimusseura (The Genealogical Society of Finland) and their database Hiski:… It is also worth looking of the parish register of Kittilä: email address to Kittilä parish is…
I am trying to find the words to two poems by Finnish poet Arvi Kivimaa. They are called "Rajan Lapsi" ja "Rajan kansa". I was wondering if they have been… 452 6.4.2017 ”Rajan lapsi” and ”Rajan kansa” under the title Etuvartiokansa (Suomen rajaseutujen asukkaille omistettu) by Arvi Kivimaa (1904 - 1984) were first published in anthology ”Sotatalvi : runovalikoima” (1940, Otava). You find the poems also in the collection of selected poems by Arvi Kivimaa: ”Airut : valittuja runoja vuosilta 1925-44” (Otava 1947) and ”Arvi Kivimaan kauneimmat runot : tekijän toimittama valikoima (Otava, 1958).All these are available in the HelMet-libraries. Sotatalvi : runovalikoima (Otava, 1940)
Your Library's organization has changed as of 1st March 2004. Could you send new organization chart to me as soon as possible. Thanks. 447 23.3.2004 The organization chart of Helsinki City Library has been updated on our websites:
図書館員の皆様、 日本語の本や雑誌等、資料がどれほどヘルシンキ、又は、トゥルクの図書館にあるかどうか知りたいのですが、教えて頂けますでしょうか? 447 6.4.2010 Ask a Librarian provides answers in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Ques-tions in other languages can only be answered if there happens to be a person available who is capable of giving professional service in that language. About Ask a Librarian see also, .
I am looking for the latest statistics on the annual number of programmes the Helsinki City Library system organises for the public. I would be even more… 443 17.9.2004 Helsinki City Library has not kept statistics on different user-groups. The only division is between adults and children. The 2003 statistics tell very little about programs for public. User instruction and instruction in information searches: 6489 events, 30235 participants,( consists of any interested, school classes, some groups of old people). Events for children 486, participants 6414 - storytimes in Finnish, Swedish and some immigrant languages as Somali, plays, puppet shows Exhibitions: 370. Events for adults: 176. -lectures, author's visits Other events: 122. Booktalk for children:386 events, 9425 participants -sometimes even for parents and old people in old people's homes and hospitals.
Why do our helmet accounts not work? I can send a screen shot if it helps but it says an authorization error occurred when I put my account number and pin… 440 24.2.2017 I asked colleagues, but we invented, what could be wrong. Would you go to your nearest library beads to investigate the matter? Take your library card and photo identification with you.
Where can I search for Old Church Slavonic texts? I am looking in particular for Russian Orthodox sermons and theological texts. From what I understand… 437 12.5.2009 The best collection in Finland is The Slavonic Library/The National Library of Finland. About its services…
Dear Sir/Madam, I am currently writing a master's thesis on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland in Vaasa. I am particularly interested in the translations of… 436 23.4.2010 I found in Wikipedia that Alice in Wonderland has been translated in Russian in the year 1923. I'm sorry but I couldn't find any earlier translation. In Vaasa city library we have got only the book that has been published in the year 2007.
Can I book a meeting room for tomorrow from 16:30 to 18:00? Thanks. 436 2.2.2016 Please contact the library from which you want to reserve a conference room. HelMet Libraries contacts
May I please know how and where can I access the latest information about the refugees and migrants in Finland and in particular in Turku? Thank you. 435 5.10.2017 Statistics on asylum and refugees are compiled by the Finnish Immigration Service:… Information on immigrants living permanently in Finland can be found on Statistics Finland's website: Information on immigration can also be found on Statistics Finland's statistics on migration:   Please note that the statistics compiled by the Finnish Immigration Service and Statistics Finland are not comparable. Asylum seekers and refugees will show in Statistics Finland's population statistics only if they have been granted an asylum and have a permanent place of residence. Also, there is…
I am from Canada and I was wondering if public libraries in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland offer free internet access to travellers and tourists. Thank… 431 17.11.2009 At least in Finland they certainly do. All public libraries offer this kind of service and do not ask if you are a tourist or not. Probably the situation is the same in all Scandinavian countries.
Hella Wuolyoki's "Niskavuoren Heta" - all about the female finnish writers. 427 15.11.2004 Below please find information on Hella Wuolijoki
I'm interested in learning finnish language, do you have a free downloadable finnish alphabet? or dictionary? thank you. sean 426 22.7.2008 You'll find the finnisch alphabet for english speakers at the Wikipedia site . Online introductions to Finnish language are given for example in the following addresses: Free language software downloads are found in the address English to Finnish/Finnish to English online dictionaries are available in the following addresses:
I was wondering if you had access to machines to repair a scratched CD and if I can ask for a personal CD repair or access such a machine in one of the… 426 13.7.2016 No, we don't have that service at the time. You can ask about CD repair service of console game stores, for example.