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I am getting the message that you can not renew any item as your registration has expired. Please suggest the needful. 554 17.1.2016 You should visit the library in person and take ID card with you. We'll then continue your registration and the renewals will function again. Sorry for your trouble! Find your library:
Could you let me have a brief description of the legislative system in Finland? e.g. if it is a codified system and so on? 553 24.11.2000 There is a presentation of the Finnish legal system on the www-site of the Ministry of Justice Finland After the ratification the law has to be published in the Statutes of Finland for to come in to force. You can search and read the translations of the Statutes in the FINLEX database The law in force is also found in Finnish and in Swedish in the publication Suomen Laki (The Laws of Finland) annually published by the the Finnish Federation of Layers. If you are interested in the legislative work of the Finnish Parliament you will find some information on the www-site Besides the printed volumes the parliament documents are published in the…
I'd like to know whether the Finnish libraries have a central catalogue, open to everyone, to check in which Finnish library a book is to be found. Fot… 552 2.3.2016 You can localize materials in Finnish libraries using Frank Multisearch (see the link below). You can find library books and other materials from almost all the Finnish libraries that are open and also from several different databases simultaneously.
I would Like to start taking Finnish language classes that are directed at foreigners and would like to start taking such classes immediately. Are there any… 551 15.11.2018 Jyväskylä City Library does not arrange language courses. Please, take contact  Jyväskylän kansalaisopisto, Adult Education Centre or Monikulttuurikeskus Gloria, Multicultural Center Gloria
I am looking for the author or collection in which appears the Sami poem: "What the Months Say to Each Other". I found the poem "What the Months Say to Each… 550 5.8.2004 The book where you can find this poem is written by Valerie Stalder. Legends and folktales of Lappland. London/Oxford, Mowbrays, 1972 ISBN 0-264-64582-0 (6. What the months say to each other in Lappland, s. 29-32) Hope this helps you. The tale about the months is written in many books in Sami language. The very first time it was published by J. K. Qvigstad in: Lappiske eventyr og sagn, 1929.
Which countries have the biggest number of Nobel Prize winners in literature fields? 550 22.1.2009 A quick counting in Wikipedia made a result of 12 prizes for USA, 9 to France, Germany and UK, 7 for Sweden and 6 for Spain and Italy. For an more accurate information check pages of in or Wikipedia
My deceased mother was Finnish and I am interested in determining her ancestors who lived in Finland. Could you please provide me with on-line e-mail links to… 549 1.2.2005 The parish records are the main information sources for genealogists in Finland. Our church legislation resticts however the free use of information concerning events from the 20th century, so it can be difficult to find information about a person who was born so recently as your mother must have been. You will probably anyway find something of interest on the HisKi- Church Records database on the Genealogical Society's webbsite, if your search concerns ancestors born more than a hundred years ago. The adress is Please don't hesitate to turn to the Genealogical Society for help. You can also send a request to the Population Register Centre in Helsinki. Their adress is: http://www.…
I hear that you have a kind of starter kit( how to use the library, etc?) for the children come to libraries for the first time. Will you please tell me about… 549 31.8.2006 In Helsinki city library we have children’s web pages. In these pages Bookster (The official web creature of the Helsinki City Library) will show children for example how to use the library. You find pages in English here:
I am trying to find where my grand father was born. 549 19.7.2007 Link to the Family Search database: You can contact The Genealogical Society of Finland and ask them for help in your search. They can give you professional help: Population Register Center has also interesting database, where you can search for the Finnish names from different periods of time:
We are looking to verify the name of a 20th century Finnish artist. The drawing in question was done in charcoal, and is of a nude female. The signature of… 548 28.5.2001 Olemme tarkistaneet hakuteoksesta Kuvataiteilijat 1991 kaikki P-kirjaimella alkavat sukunimet: ei yhtään taiteilijaa, jonka ristimänimi olisi Armas. Sen sijaan R-kirjaimella alkavista löytyi yksi Armas: Kaarlo Armas Raunio, syntynyt 20.4.1911 Helsingissä. Hänellä on ollut näyttely USA:ssa vuonna 1972, paikkakunta Lakeover Bedford Hill. Tämä ehdotuksemme on tietenkin arvailua, mutta jos Raunio ei sovi kokonaisuuteen, niin kysykää uudelleen. - Possibly the artist you are searching is Armas Raunio, b. 20.4.1911 Helsinki.
I am writing from Portland, Oregon, US. A few weeks ago I had asked for the contact information for a record company in Finland. I received a reply but it… 546 25.7.2001 Hello! I couldn't find contact information about Sportin' Life Records, but maybe you can buy Let's Get Physical-CD fromÄÄN UUDET ÄÄNITTEET There's e-mail address : ask them! Good luck!
I am looking for a book in finnsih language learning for adults, I made a reservation for one to pick up in Tapiola, which is closer to my home. Will I have… 546 5.5.2017 Booking is free from Helmet Library collections. Can choose pickup and return site freely. Also returning to another city is free if the material is owned by the Helmet Library.
What is the first stamp in the world? 545 26.11.2008 The first postage stamp is the Penny Black, which was issued by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on 1 May 1840. You can find more information about Penny Black here:
I wish to purchase a book- De klagande vindarnas o 1937 which was written by Olof Enckell. Can you help me please ? I live in the United Kingdom. The reason I… 544 17.9.2007 De klagande vindarnas ö ( The Isle of the moaning winds) was published a long time ago. You should contact one of the well known antiqurian book shops to order or get it! Find some adresses below to helpful book sellers:…… The name could perhaps be translated to The island of the moaning winds.
I would like to ask if there is a difference between finnish polytechnics and vocational schools. 543 7.5.2004 Different types of vocational training can be attended after completing the basic education (comprehensive school) whereas the polytechnic schools belong to the upper secondary education options which are attended after the higher school. There is a good diagram about the finnish school system at the following address: You can read more about the finnish education system in English at various Internet sites. Use Google and the search terms “finnish school system” or “finnish education system”.
Chinese history about money 542 25.5.2004 Some interesting links in Internet about the topic you asked. I hope that these will help you. Please, ask more, if you need more information. The history of early chinese money: Coins of Ancient China: Ancient China to Modern Times:
'Utilization Public Library for Increment of The Children Reading Population' . I want the materials connected with the topic (Utilization Public Library… 541 9.4.2002 I searched the material in databases called Manda and Linda. Here are some results: - Holstila, Marja Lasten tietokirjallisuus ajanmukaiseksi : kehittämishanke (2001) - Tuominen, Kirsti Children, libraries and information technology : results of user need analyses (1997) - Lapset ja aikuiset kirjastonkäyttäjinä Keski-Suomen läänin kunnissa v.1987 /[ julk.] Keski-Suomen lääninhallitus. Kouluosasto (1988) - Meidän luokka kirjastossa / [työryhmä: Raisa Alameri-Sajama ... et al.] (1996) - Lastenkirjastotoiminta Hämeen läänin yleisissä kirjastoissa vuonna 1988 (1988) - Eskelinen, Raili Yleinen kirjasto lasten lukemisharrastusten ohjaajana (1973) You can ask these books in your library. If they are not available there, you can make…
Can you tell me if Swedish-speakers outside the Swedish-speaking regions are entitled to use their language when dealing with public libraries? 541 16.4.2007 In principal the answer is ’yes’. According to the new Language Act that came into force on 1 January 2004 state authorities and municipal authorities are obliged by law always to serve in both Finnish and Swedish. In the following some extracts from description of the law by the Ministry of Justice, Finland: “Everyone shall have the right to use Finnish or Swedish at their own option in their contacts with authorities. … This, however, does not mean that all employees must master both languages. In practice the authorities can act in the way they consider most appropriate with regard to their own duties. If, for instance, there are several service points, different service points can provide service in different languages. Another…
I would like to the know the numbers of all Finnish libraries now. I checked the URL below, I understand there are 1099 libraries in Finland, is that right?… 541 29.7.2016 In 2015, according to the Ministry of Education and Culture, there was a public library in every municipality (301), and most of them also had branch libraries (450) and bookmobiles (140) (2015). However, in a long term, number of public libraries has decreased since 1960 from 4 007 libraries to 765 in 2015. Number of research libraries and special libraries can be found from the Research Library Statistics Database. Number of libraries depends on the level the numbers are calculated: administrative unit, main library and branch libraries are separated in statistics. Concerning university libraries, there are 18…
I live in Laakso Helsinki. I have a little baby and cannot go too far from my house. And I dont know Helsinki good. Could you give me the address and phone… 540 9.1.2007 The nearest public library is Helsinki city library and the Töölö branch library, at Topeliuksenkatu 6, 00250 Helsinki. Check our website at for contact information and public transport. You will also find opening hours there.