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I'd like to ask you if you've got a video cassette of "And then there were none" by Agatha Christie, in English? 566 18.3.2003 You can search HelMet libraries video casette collection by choosing keyword search for keyword you can put Agatha Christie and change all types of material to video casette. By clicking the title of the video you get the location infomation and the original title. Most of the video collection are spoken in original language, only the subtitles are in finish. Unfortunally HelMet libraries collection don't have "And there were none" by Agatha Cristie. But there are several other films made from her books. You should find "And there were none" videocasette in any video rental company.
I am looking for family history. Can you tell me what sites are available to the public to search in church records etc. 566 29.3.2007 Suomen Sukututkimusseura (The Genealogical Society of Finland, has a database called Hiski ( Hiski includes lists of christenings, marriages, burials and moves. There is information about Hiski in English:
I need some information about Finnish libraries. I have searched in the web but there is only information since 1999. I have read that the older statistics… 566 7.12.2013 The Finnish ministry of education publishes on yearly basis via Finnish Public Libraries Statistics Database ( If you need statistical information about the research and university libraries, they can be found here: If you need more specified information about the statistics of Helsinki City Library, please contact Mr. Jouni Juntumaa (
My Cardiologist, Dr. Karpenos of Westport, CT, USA prescribed Benecol powder to reduce chlorestol. He said to check the finnish web to find a source, He… 566 25.9.2001 Benecol international Internet address is There is information about Benecol, eating well, chlorestol and your healt. There you can also contact Benecol for your comments and questions
Our company needs the text (in English or in Russian) of Finland Securities Market Act (1989 year, No 495). Where can we find it? Our company is situated in… 565 21.3.2001 Please contact the Library of Parliament. The Securities Market Act (arvopaperimarkkinalaki 495/1989) is available in English. The library has interlending services, tel. +35894323450, email: The text is in Internet in Finnish: , you can choose the year 1989, the laws are in numerical order.
Population of Canada in year 2000 563 2.3.2007 It was 30 689 000:…
Who made forks? 563 26.11.2008 According to the site The history of eating utensils, the forks were introduced by the Greeks, atleast to the western history of eating utensils. See, These following books could give you more information: Petroski, Henry. The Evolution of Useful Things. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1992. Giblin, James Cross. From Hand to Mouth: Or, How We Invented Knives, Forks, Spoons, and Chopsticks & the Table Manners To Go With Them. New York: Harper Collins Publishers, 1987.
I have 17 years experience of librarianship. I have masters in economics as well as library science. Is there any way i can work in one of the libraries of… 563 13.2.2013 An interesting idea, but unfortunately there is no easy way to organize it. If you are interested in working in Finland You can contact to Embassy of Finland, New Delhi ( Embassy personal can help with visas and work permits. If You are prepared to pay Your own costs, You can participate in Helsinki University Library’s international exchange week, which will be held in June (from 10th to 14th). During the week Helsinki University Library offers foreign colleagues an opportunity to visit its different units and sections and to meet colleagues. The accomodation will be arranged by the Helsinki University Library. Contact person and the organizer of the event is…
How do public libraries in Finland differ from those in the U.S. 562 6.10.2003 You can find information about finnish public libraries in this link: (Information about Finnish Public Libraries). You probably know already the facts about public libraries in the U.S., but here are a couple of links about those too:…
Is it possible to make a Time Machine? 562 26.11.2008 Building a time machine and time travelling are unsolved scientific problems. Some theories claim that it is possible and some deny. In Wikipedia there is an article on time travelling In the end of article there are many links to relevant websites. Here are few books about time machines and time travelling: Davies, Paul: How to build a time machine. London : Penguin, 2002. Le Poidevin, Robin: Travels in four dimensions : the enigmas of space and time. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2003 Gott, J. Richard: Time travel in Einstein’s universe : the physical possibilities of travel through time. London : Phoenix, cop. 2002
Need information on national flower. Bird? Animal? 562 2.5.2001 Finland´s national nature symbols are
I reside in Russia.Do I have a possibility to use the funds of a Finnish research library using the Internet? 560 25.10.2004
I would like the contact information for a record company in Finland: Sportin' Life Records. Thank you. I want to order a CD from the company. The CD is … 560 17.7.2001 The band Trouble Bound Cospel was in Bad Vugum, it is an Internet store for records. Bad Vugum B O X 3 6 2, 9 0 1 0 1 O U L U, F I N L A N D phone / fax: + 358-(0)8-274 910 e-mail: Outside Europe the Postage and packaging is -250g USD 4 and -500g USD6.
I am looking for information on dr.Allan Lassus of the university of Helsinki and the product he invented called viviscal. 559 8.8.2005 Contact Information about Allan Lassus you can find here:,com_mtree/Itemid,59/task,viewlink/l…. The homepage of the clinic where he has his consulting hours is in address And then some publications of Allan Lassus (some are published only in Finnish): - Boston laser-käsittely yhdistettynä joko Viviscalin tai placebon (lumelääke) kanssa kaljuuden käsittelyyn miehillä sekä naisilla placebo-ohjattu, satunnainen vertaileva tutkimus päänahan biostimulaatio (5) Boston HeNe 632,8 nm laserilla -Epidemiological survey of psoriasis in the Greater Helsinki area -Fluorescent treponemal antibody-absorption (FTA-ABS) test as a serological test for syphilis -Treponemal and lipoidal tests…
I want to know information about Alfred Lunt. I especially want to verify his Finnish background. He was a famous actor in USA in the l920-l950's and was… 557 31.7.2001 After checking all the resources at our disposal, I regret to have to tell you that we could not find any more information than you already had. (The only web page mentioning Alfred Lunt's Finnish background was ) There might still exist a slight possibility of finding out something through the Institute of Migration ( ). We recommend that you contact them.
I am looking for Finland's Employment Contracts Act in English. The number for the act is 320/1970. Can you send the web site or send it as an attachment to… 557 20.6.2001 Unfortunately I could not find the act in English either. Finland being a bilingual country all the legislation is both in Finnish and Swedish, not necessarily in English. Now, I wonder, whether you are interested in this old act from 1970 or prefer an up to date statute. The fact is that the Employment Contracts Act has been totally revised. The new act 55/2001 came into force June 1, 2001 and replaces the act 320/1970. You can find it in Finnish or Swedish in , but of course it needs to be translated. The Library of Parliament is specializing in legislation, so I guess they might be able to help you. Their e-mail is: kirjasto
I want to know the trend of oil price next 2 years? 556 26.11.2008 It is impossible to say anything reliable about the trend of oil price in forthcoming 2 years. The oil price has been going down rapidly recently and there is no end in sight. But after the price drop, the price will certainly increase again. Many specialists have been talking about the oil running out. Some say, that this is miscalculation. If the oil is running out, the crude oil price is obviously going very high. You can find a lot of information and speculation about the oil price. Here is links to some of the sites:
Many members of my family have a needlepoint picture of Cinderella--Tuhkimo--in their homes. I purchased and completed one for myself when I was in Finland… 555 12.4.2007 The appeal of the Cinderella fairy tale for the Finnish children seems to be the same as for most children in around the world. Like most classical fairy tales, the universal theme of the initial rejection of the main protagonist and her eventual victory over her adversaries captivates children all over the world.
Is there information as to the construction and installation of the clock in the tower of the Helsinki train station ? Thank you. 555 30.7.2001 Very little information about the clock could be found in books or in the internet. In the book Högström Hilkka: Helsingin rautatieasema - Helsinki railway station (ISBN 951-53-0533-0) is the following chapter: "The Siemens-Schuckert electrical company installed the German clockwork for the Helsinki Railway Station tower. Originally the weights had to be cranked up daily by hand. The dial was made by a Finnish workshop (Oy Arvo Urho). In the 1930's, an electric rewinding apparatus was installed, and in 1980 the clock was coupled with a quart-controlled central mechanism. ...Over the years, travellers have liked to bet on the tower's dimensions. Its height from street level is 48.5 metres. The diameter of the dial is 3.3 metres; the…
I have heard of a library conference that will be held in Finland on April 14-15, 2005. The theme is small libraries. Can you help me with some more… 551 30.8.2004 Helsinki City Library is going to organize an international seminar on topic "Small is beautiful – networking makes us stronger". The seminar will be held in Helsinki. You may get more information during September. The contact person is Kristina Virtanen.