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I'm searching for reference material on Sewage, concerning treatment methods, environmental implication and monitoring methods 586 18.4.2002 There's a link from the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission's webbsite to the OceanPortal. The address is When you search the sites using the word sewage as searchword, you will find several interesting articles on your subject. There are also some articles to be found in the Ebsco database that might be of interest to you, but I think you will find the links from OceanPortal superb. You can use the Ebsco database for instance in the public libraries in Helsinki.
What is cause and factor of a ringing in the ears? 585 27.11.2008 Please find out more about tinnitus f.ex. from these pages. There´s a lot of pages concerning tinnitus in the net. If you prefer articles please come to the library. Tinnitus pages in the net:
I'm looking for information about the values in librarianship in Finland, especially the values in reference services. Perhaps there's even some information… 585 25.7.2005 The Helsinki City Library has published Values of library work in it's pages, . I suppose the same values concern the Reference Services, too. About the Ask a Librarian you can read some guidelines on our infomation page, . Our main values are the same as usually in the libraries, specially i could name equality, confidentiality, and of course quality (relevant answers) and delivering the answer within the time rate, as quickly as possible. For more information on finnish Digital Reference Services (Libraries), see… .
What is the digital library? 585 28.12.2008 A digital library is a library where collections are stored in digital formats and not books or musical records. The digital content may be stored either locally or accessed by eletronic networks. Futher information at:
; I want you to help me to answer these two questions, please. a. What is the life span of the mitochondria? b. How many times does the malignant cell divide… 583 19.10.2009 Mitochondria are found in eukaryotic cells and dependent on their mother cell. They can die if the mother cell is lost and are inhereted from one´s mother. Mitochondria have no shared life span because of dependency of their mother cells. Malignant cell can also vary in types and behaviour. Therefore no certainty of their cleavage can be determined or is at least a target of scientific survey.
What is the maximum number of materials that can be borrowed via internet? 583 8.5.2004 You may have no more than 40 items on loan at the same time. Of these, 20 can be CD's, 5 video cassettes, 5 DVDs and 5 CD ROMs. You can renew a loan 5 times(also via Internet) if the material has not been reserved by somebody else.
Where is Ja"rppila"? 583 11.10.2004 Järppilä is a manor in Taivassalo, which is situated near Turku in Finland. Links in Finnish:
Do you have any piano to practice? 583 11.11.2011 There is a piano and a grand piano in the Sello Library. You can reserve a time to practise tel: 09-8165 7615. There is also a digital piano in the Kirjasto 10 at the center of Helsinki. Reservations tel: 09 3108 5000.
Dear Sir / Madam, I'm compiling a short report on prison libraries in Scandinavia. Would you please point me in the direction of some information that would… 582 1.10.2015 The best expertise for you is probably The Library and Information Service of Criminal Sanctions Agency (Rikosseuraamuslaitos). The Criminal Sanctions Agency is a government authority, which enforces prison sentences and community sanctions under the direction of the Ministry of Justice. You can find the contact information of The Library and Information Service here below:…
I am a master student from Oslo university college, Norway -and for my master thesis I need a list over doctor dissertations in the discipline Library and… 578 16.3.2006 There are three universities, where it is possible to study information science in Finland. These are Tampere University, Oulu University, and the swedish speaking Åbo Akademi, The two finnish ones have electronic dissertations on their library pages, Oulu university library and Tampere University Library, search by department (Information studies). I did'nt find electronic dissertations on the pages of Åbo Akademi library and did'nt get any hits in their database Alma. Maby it would be best to contact the library directly…
I am trying to find any information on a person I have been told was the conductor of the Helsinki Philharmonic. This person's last name was Garagusi and he… 577 29.10.2005 Mr Einari Marvia and Mr Matti Vainio have written/edited the book about the history of Helsinki Philharmonic: "Helsingin kaupunginorkesteri 1882-1982" (WSOY 1993, ISBN 951-0-18312-1). I browsed briefly through the book but I couldn't find any mentioning of a person by the name of Garagusi there, I'm afraid. My advice for You is to try to contact the administration of the orchestra directly. They propably have some more detailed archives/files of their own and can possibly help You to locate the longed-for Garagusi there, if he should have visited the orchestra as a guest conductor, for example. The homepages of Helsinki Philharmonic are located at:
Is there any possibility that I can use musical instrument in the library? 576 4.11.2011 Hello! There is in fact a possibility to play a instrument in library. The music library has a playing room, that you can reserve for a hour at a time. In the room there's an acoustic and an electric piano. But you are free to bring your own instrument as well. You can visit the music library at the 2nd floor of the old building at the main library, or call the music library's customer service number 02-262 0658 to make the reservation.
Can I scan my document in the city library 574 2.7.2014 Hi Sulaymon, Yes, there is a scanner on the 3th floor in the main library (Vapaudenkatu 39-41). If you want to reserve it, the number is 014 266 4123. Welcome to scan!
What is the best source of information when I need to know about electronic forms (e.g. those made with Word 2000)? 573 5.12.2001 It seems that it would be best to acquire some html-editor program, like FrontPage or Dreamweaver and study related literature. They contain basic knowledge about electronic forms. The same goes with intranet which can be realized in so many ways that it cannot be answered here. You can search related information from library databases (e.g. Plussa in public libraries, with subject words: ”intranet”, ”sähköiset lomakkeet”, ”FrontPage” and ”Dreamweaver”.
How do you evaluate a expression 573 14.11.2007 Thank you for your inquiry. There is a lot of webpages about evaluating expressions. You should try for example the following:
Could you send us information on exact location of Himanka "Himango" Finland 572 30.6.2003 The Himanka commune is the northernmost commune in West-Finland province. It is part of the Central-Ostrobotnia county and Kokkola countydistrict. The densely populated area is in an intersection of main road 8 and Lestijoki. (the homepage of Himanka commune, unfortunately only in Finnish.) In You'll see the location of Himanka in Finland's map) If You want to get more specific map try
I want to know the definition of "Model Helsinki" for public libraries. 571 22.10.2001 Purpose of Helsinki City Library The Helsinki City Library provides a fundamental civic service available to everyone. As a part of the worldwide network of libraries, we offer customers unrestricted access to sources of culture and information. On an interactive basis, we develop the library services Helsinki residents need so that they can be active members of society and enjoy life more fully. On an interactive basis, we develop the library services Helsinki residents need so that they can be active members of society and enjoy life more fully. The Helsinki City Library acts as the Central Library for public libraries. We also serve as a multilingual library. Library network consists of the main library, 30 branch libraries, a number of…
Do you know anything about Children Books made by children's labour? Specially books pop up, all are made in Asia (China) and i'm worried that they're build by… 570 18.7.2003 There is the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre which based in Florence and is the main research arm of UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, helping to shape the organization's human rights agenda for children. The Centre has provided solid data on the changing needs of children in both developing and industrialized countries. Its strong focus on children's rights has helped UNICEF and its partners promote a new global ethic for children based on their fundamental human rights. Address: UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre Piazza SS. Annunziata 12 50122 Florence ITALY Switchboard: +39 055 20 33 0 Fax +39 055 24 48 17 Email Address: Since you ask this question from Italy it might be a good…
How are stock options taxed in Finland? 569 18.11.2000 In Finland stock options are taxed as taxable income. In termines sales you are not allowed to assume the price of the option when you bought it. However, you are allowed to deduct the price at which you bought the option plus your expenses in buying and selling. You will find the English web pages of the Finnish Tax Administration at
I would like to ask you if there is existing a town called Oslo, but not the capital of Norway? I have a memory that I had tought at school that there is one… 568 2.2.2005 There is a little town called "Oslo" in the USA, in Minnesota. You can search it in the world atlases. In Finland we have a town called "Oulu". Maybe you learned about "Oulu" at school.