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Terve - At what age may children visit the library without parents (by themselves)? Kiitos - Laura 647 10.8.2015 Hei! There are no age limits for visiting library in Jyväskylä. With parent’s permission children are allowed to visit the library by themselves at any age.
Do you hold a list of the publishing companies in Helsinki? Would like to know who the top 5 publishing companies are in Helsinki, Finland. 645 29.1.2001 The Finnish publishing companies can be found on the internet It's a bit hard to rank them, but here is the ranking list The WSOY Group is Finland's largest publishing house and the market leader in general literature and educational materials: The Edita Group: Gummerus Kustannus Oy Otava publishing company and Weilin+Göös Oy Kustannusosakeyhtiö Tammi Some of the publishing companies homepages contain the information only in finnish. If you are looking for publishing companies which specialise on some area, e.g. medicine then then the ranking list would be would be…
I've just moved to Espoo. My family likes spend weekends in library. Which library's branch is more appropriate for parents with children (I mean play area or… 644 27.8.2013 Hello and welcome to Espoo! All Espoo libraries have children's sections. The bigger libraries have bigger areas, smaller libraries smaller areas for children. You could try the Sello library or the Entresse library. Perhaps your choice also depends on where you live and which is the nearest library to your home. All Espoo libraries welcome children to their premises.
I was wondering if the University of Helsinki Library carries "Baiki" the International Sami Journal? I am hoping to get some articles from it without having… 642 31.10.2011 Unfortunately I did not find Baiki in the collections of the Helsinki University Library. However, the journal can be found in the Oulu University Library, the Lapland University Library and the Library of Rovaniemi. The only way to get these articles is through the interlibrary loans system. The request form is here:…
I would like to know, if there is a web page, where I can find information on types of events in Finnish public libraries (if there is such a classification)? 642 1.2.2005 Yes, there are public libraries in Finland as well. The webpage of the Finnish libraries, , contains mostly information about Finnish public libraries. See, the Libraries channel, Public libraries, . On the Front Page and in the section Library branch of this site you can find some information about events in Finnish public libraries. However, the major part of the information about events in public libraries in Finland is published in Finnish and Swedish at the same site ( , ). You can also visit the site of the Finnish Library Association, .
Could you give me any Internet addresses where I can find out more about the IT crime rates(hacking,software piracy etc.)as well as IT Laws and Legislation in… 639 12.9.2001 Statistics Finland has StatFin-online service if you clic the WebSelector the statistics for criminality can be found. Unfortunally IT crimes are on the category other offences whitch consist of several other crimes. IT crime rates that is rates for other offences can be found at the Library of Statistics. Contact information: Visiting address: Työpajakatu 13 B, 1. floor, Helsinki Postal address: POB 2B, FIN-00022 Statistics Finland Contact information: Visiting addressContact information:Telephone: +358 9 1734 2220 Telefax: +358 9 1734 2279 e-mail: Internet: Finlex is a Finnish legislation with a list…
I am a new school librarian at an English language school here in Helsinki. We are doing a weeding of the collection this summer. I am looking for a company or… 638 6.5.2009 In some Helsinki City Libraries there is every now and then recycling point or book trolley for old books. You can leave extra books there and take some books to read. You could contact Tytti Tuunanen Chief Librarian of Children's department of Helsinki City Library, main Library in Pasila email: There is also international school in Vantaa: The International School of Vantaa Could it be a nice idea to arrange happening in your school where to recycle books and other jumble. Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre have also books in Lönnrotinkatu 45
What is Lake Wobegon Effect? 634 26.11.2008 Here is a defition from Word Spy, Lake Wobegon effect n. The tendency to treat all members of a group as above average, particularly with respect to numerical values such as test scores or executive salaries; in a survey, the tendency for most people to describe themselves or their abilities as above average. Also: Lake Woebegon effect, Lake Woebegone effect. contains refetences to literature Alicke, M. D., & Govorun, O. (2005). The better-than-average effect. In Alicke, M. D., D. A. Dunning & J. I. Krueger, The Self in Social Judgment New York: Psychology Press. (ISBN 978-1-84169-418-4) Kruger, J. (1999). Lake Wobegon be gone! The…
I am a Danish author and film director of the best selling Danish book and DVD series ‘The Mind of a Leader’. The English narrative series is based on… 631 28.11.2011 Please contact e.g.. the following companies: Elokuvakirjasto, Tibo-Trading Oy, Kirjastomedia pr BTJ Kirjastopalvelu. They distribute DVD discs to the Finnish libraries. Answers to both guestions. Elokuvakirjasto. Oy Kirjastomedia - Biblioteksmedia Ab (på svenska) IBLIOTEKSMEDIA förmedlar och distribuerar DVD-filmer och VHS-filmer till bibliotek, skolor samt läromedelscentraler. BTJ Kirjastopalveluu Tibo-Trading Oy
I'm a student engineer, looking for drawings of transportation devices by Leonardo da Vinci ; do you know where I could find them? Thank you by advance! 630 1.4.2004 Try these sites on the Internet for Leonardo's drawings:… and and Instituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza at We also have a cd-rom called "Leonardo the inventor" in the public libraries that might interest you.
I would like to ask which library has the newspapers of The Guardian and The Observer. And where can I find some DVDs of Circus performance? many thanks!… 629 28.2.2011 Hello to you! You can find the newest issues of The Guardian weekly in the following libraries: Kannelmäki, Kontula, Viikki and Vuosaari. No reservations to other libraries can be made. You can read The Guardian in Metsätalo(one of the university campus libraries). The address is Unioninkatu 40. The other newspaper you were asking for, The Observer, does not seem to be anywhere in the Helsinki region, so you'll have to make an interlibrary loan for The Observer. No DVDs of the sort you asked for can be found. There is unfortunately only a documentary film called "All together now", where the group Cirque du Soleil performs.
I would like to know if there is any book/magazine/written reference with places in Finland where I can advertise a service for a company. The company deals… 628 3.6.2013 There are several lists and registers in the internet, unfortunately many of them only in Finnish. You can make a search with words like "Suomen yritykset" and get several registers and search systems. Here is a link for a good regional search, only in Finnish:… The home page of the Finnish Business Information System: Two links for a National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland. Perhaps they can give you more information there: and
I was wondering, which Helsinki library has the widest selection of English periodicals? As in magazines and newspaper? Kiitos! 628 19.8.2011 The widest selection of magazines and newspapers in english language is in the Helsinki City Main library in Pasila. The address is Rautatieläisenkatu 8. In the summertime the library of the University of Helsinki has a wide range of newspapers and magazines in the student library and Minerva.
Need some information regarding how long it will take to go to college for criminal law 627 5.12.2001 In Finland you can study law in the university. Degrees offered by the University on Helsinki Faculty of law can be found at How to apply - International Students' Guide to the University of Helsinki can be found at To apply for admission for a Bachelor's or a Master's degree programme you must submit an application form to the university. The closing date for applications is January 31. The studying time depends on how fast the student is able to study and which degree the student is taking. For most students the studying time will be several years.
Can I get a book on the social services? I want to know what is all about and to know more about it? 627 1.4.2008 I searched from Helsinki metropolitan area's library database Helmet, . I found the following about social services in English: 1. Richards, Judy: "The complete A-Z health & social care handbook" (Hodder & Stoughton, 1999) 2. Niemelä, Heikki: "Social security in Finland" (Helsinki, Social Insurance Institution, 2006) 3. "The third sector in Finland : review to research of the Finnish third sector" editors: Martti Siisiäinen, Petri Kinnunen, Elina Hietanen (Finnish Federation for Social Welfare and Health, 2000) 4. "What are we doing there? : experiences and lessons learned from development cooperation in health care and social welfare (1990-2005)" editors: Ursula Aaltonen and Simo Mannila (National Research…
When I resarch a book, the result is written that "Location" of the book is "Hki central stack 1" . What does this mean? Where is "Hki central stack 1"? 627 4.8.2003 'Hki central stack 1' is the central stock (store) of the Helsinki City Library. It is located in the Main library in Pasila.
Please could you write me, if there, in Finland does exist some association (or only a group of people), which could serve as Friends of library(ies) and… 625 7.4.2005 One such association was founded in Käpylä, Helsinki in June 5th 2002 to protect the Käpylä branch of Helsinki City Library which then was threathened to be closed down along with several other small branch libraries in Helsinki. Local movements in different parts of Helsinki soon reacted against the threat of their local libraries to be closed. In the end, none of the libraries was closed but were given diminished opening hours. The local library association in Käpylä, Käpylän aluekirjastoyhdistys, is still active and co-operates with the library staff to arrange special events, such as literary evenings, and to develop the services of their local library.
We currently make inquiries on subscription fees in public libraries. Could you please send us, by mail, the registration and special fees for borrowing… 624 7.6.2004 In Finland registering for a public library card and borrowing materials from public libraries is free of charge. This is stated in the Library Act and Library Decree. You can find more information about the Finnish library system here: Some of the information is also in French.
I am looking for help, guidance & how to coordinate my communication effectively using Social Media. Since I am self employed, the learning curve is very time… 624 9.1.2014 The database of The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries, Helmet ( )offers a few books in English concerning social media and business communication. The books are as follows: -Li, Charlene: Open leadership : how social media technology can transform the way you lead, Jossey-Bass, 2010 -Handley, Ann: Content rules: how to create killer blogs, podcasts, videos, ebooks, webinars (and more) that engage customers and ignite your business, Wiley, cop. 2011. The new rules of social media series -What would Google do? / Jeff Jarvis; Collins Business, cop. 2009 For a few books more check the Goggle Books service. The browser will find a selection of suitable books for e.g. with the key words ‘social media, marketing,…
I am a librarian in the USA and would like your assistance. I am looking for a Finnish citizen who used to live at an address in Helsinki. Is there a reference… 624 29.11.2000 Hi! I checked the name of the person whom you asked in your query and could not find him on the Helsinki telephone catalogue. In Finland people who move should inform their new address to a local magistrate that keeps a register. The Helsinki magistrate's contact info is: Helsingin maistraatti Albertinkatu 25, P.O. Box 309, 00181 Helsinki Tel. +358 9 695 441 Telefax +358 9 6954 4330 E-mail: You can also contact Directory Assistance at +358 100 13 or +358 118. This service has all the telephone and mobile phone numbers throughout Finland and it is available 24 hours.