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My son is living in Helsinki and will be taking an entrance exam for Building Management in April. This is the first year that the test is offered in English,… 727 2.3.2011 Unfortunately we did not found any material in english. By finnish word kiinteistönhoito (in english real estate management) you cand find books in Helmet-library… Material is in finnish. Amazon bookshop you can find book ”Introduction to Building Management”. The book is certainly old (year 1995)… Information from book also in page… Maybe it would be best to ask material from organizer of exam.
My kids(2.8y and 1.3y) and I are traveling to Helsinki during May 2-9. I am wondering if there is a library in Helsinki with toddlars playing/reading area… 726 28.4.2009 In Helsinki there are several libraries that have a special children’s department, for example Pasila, Kallio, Töölö, Rikhardinkatu, Itäkeskus and Vuosaari libraries. Children’s departments have a large collection of fairytales and picture books in several languages as well as some toys and puzzles. Also smaller libraries without children’s department have books for children. More information you can find on Helsinki City Library’s web page (choose In English to get the English page).
Which is the most famous phrase referring to Karelia in the epic "Kalevala"? 724 13.9.2004 Kalevala, Finnish national epic, is a collection of Karelian folk poetry. Elias Lönnrot collected the runes from the Karelian people from different areas of Karelia: from White Sea Karelia (Viena), from North Karelia, from Ladoga Karelia. The name of the epic, Kalevala, can be understood as a fictional land of the people of Kaleva. Karelia as a place is mentioned in Kalevala in the following: Rune/row 3/180 20/17 20/37 20/54 20/75 20/452 31/8 31/13 31/360 31/364 48/258 50/477 The translation of Kalevala of John Martin Crawford of the year 1888 is in the internet, the address is: There Karelia is in the form Karyala. See also page:
Can I order books from another library in Finland (e..g. Oulu Library) to be sent to Helsinki? If yes, what are the costs? Kittos. 723 23.5.2006 Yes you can if the material you need doesn't exist in libraries in the metropolitan area. The form for interlibrary loans you find here . Interlibrary loan inside Finland or from Nordic countries costs 4 €.
I am a student of Information Studies and Librarianship at Charles University in Prague. According to my study recently I have been writing a Master Thesis on… 721 1.4.2010 We can give You some links to go on. For the history of photography in Finland the center is Suomen valokuvataiteenmuseo Aalto-yliopisto is the School of Art and design and is conneteced to so called The Helsinki School of Photography. Their library database is following Maybe also links of Peri Gallery in Turku can help You.
I would like to request a new book for the Overdrive or elibs elibrary. However when I go to the following URL… 718 2.7.2013 I asked your question from our e-informaticist. She answered that they're working on including the e-library as an option to the compulsory field in our HelMet-website. Before that you can send your acquisition request straight to her. Her email address is marja.hjelt(a)
I forgot my pin code , and I cannot sign in to order books.. What should I do to get back my pin-code. 716 26.2.2014 You can get a new pin code here: Just write down your library card number, and you will get the new code to your email. If this doesn’t work, you can go to the library and show us your ID card or passport to get a new code.
I'm living in Espoo - close to Sello library. I'm working on a research about Finnish hunting history and habits, but I didn't find any English book in HelMet… 715 3.12.2012 Yes, there is a library related to hunting in Riihimäki. However, I'm not able to check their collection. I suggest that you contact them via e-mail or telephone. Here is the address and telephone of this museum and library (Suomen Metsästysmuseo): Tehtaankatu 23 A 11910 Riihimäki tel. (019) 722 294 fax (019) 719 378 e-mail
Could you tell me which is correct: There is both capital and equity..... or There are both capital and equity 714 18.10.2007 In speech it is common to use a singular verb after introductory "there", even when the following subject is plural. But in formal writing you should use plural verb, so "There are both capital and equity" is the correct form. Greenbaum, Sidney: "An Introduction to English Grammar" (1991, Longman)
I would like to come to Finland next year for several months and I hope to find a job. I already had two professional experiences in French libraries … 714 16.4.2012 "Unfortunately it`s very difficult to to get a job in a library in Finland if you don`t know finnish, even if you have education as an librarian. If you are e.g native english speaker, there are of course some possibilities to work in certain organizations or communities without knowing finnish." Source:… Open vacancies: Employment and Economic Development Office of Finland:
How many books are published in Finland each year? Of which how many are children's books, and how many of them are translations of foreign books? Are there… 711 28.2.2012 In the year 2010 12 017 books were published in Finland. 2 432 of them were translations into Finnish and 112 into Swedish. In 2008 815 childrens books were published. At this moment it is not possible to have newer information about childrens books because of the updating the statistics of Suomen kustannusyhdistys (the Finnish Book Publishers Association): Sources of information: - Tilastokeskus (Statistics Finland, - Kansalliskirjasto (The National Library of Finland, - Suomen tilastollinen vuosikirja (Statistical…
How to search for health services? 710 8.6.2011 Here is link for Health services in Espoo:;37337;45340;36841;36852
I am writing a paper about how the great depression changed the way the american public see themselves and their country. I am interested in how national… 709 2.10.2007 I guess you'd have more useful info if you contact any American information service, but we could gather something for you, though the texts themselves are mostly American anyway. In the Finnish university libraries' database I could find a couple of books. - Artist and identity in twentieth-century America / Matthew Baigell. New York : Cambridge University Press, 2001. (Includes chapters American art and national identity: the 1920s, and The beginnings of "The American wave" and the Depression.) - Historicizing lifestyle : mediating taste, consumption and identity from the 1900s to 1970s / edited by David Bell, Joanne Hollows. Aldershot, England : Ashgate Burlington, VT , cop. 2006. (Includes chapter Depression and recovery : self-help…
When did the Jews arrive to Finland? Where did they come from? 709 16.11.2006 The territory which is now Finland was for more than half a millennium – until 1809 – part of the Swedish Kingdom. Under Swedish law, Jews of that period were allowed to settle only in three major towns in the Kingdom, none of them being situated in the territory of Finland. The injunction did not cover visits and therefore the first known reference of Jews in Finland is from 1782, when "Portuguese singers" Josef Lazarus, Meijer Isaac and Pimo Zelig as well as conjurer Michel Marcus received from the city administrative court of Helsinki the right to perform their skills in Helsinki. In this context beeing Portuguese refers to Jewish communities of Hamburg area or Holland, whose founders were driven away from Portugal nearly 300 years…
Could You be so kind to recommend to me the most popular Finnish children books (evergreens)? Books should be written by Finnish author and not necessarily… 708 14.4.2008 I will base my answer on an enquiry carried out by Helsingin Sanomat in 2004 ( 2080 people answered to this enquiry by giving the titles of childrens books that were dearest to them. Some can well be defined as “evergreens”. Although the answers included books by foreign autors too, I will only list those by Finnish authors. The books on Moomins by Tove Jansson are cherished and enjoyed by young and adults. Jansson began writing the Moomin-books in 1945. She wrote 9 novels on the Moomins. Her production on the Moomins includes 9 novels, picture books and cartoons. Beside the Moomins, Jansson has plenty of other literary works. Her mother tongue was Swedish, thus her works were…
I'd like to know political Karelianist's work which assert the establishment of Greater Finland by annexation of Eastern Karelia. 708 17.8.2004 Karelianism is mostly understood to mean the powerful artistic movement, which prevailed at the turn of the century. At that time one of its aims was to bolster the nascent independence movement in Finland, which was still under Tsarist Russia. Finland was a Russian Grand Duchy until Lenin granted Finland independence in 1917. The reasons for Finland’s territorial expansionism are many and varied. Despite the bitter political and emotional scars that resulted from the fierce civil war between the reds and the whites in 1917-1918, Finland was able to unite in the face of the common enemy and fought the Soviet army during the so-called Winter War in 1939-1940. Although the odds were overwhelming against the Finnish army, it was able to…
I've seen the poster of the presidential election. The Candidates' numbers begin from 2. Why is there no number one candidate? 706 13.1.2012 There is a pure practical reason for that. Since 2004 we use new standardized letters and numbers in Finland. In the new system the numbers 1 and 7 are very easily mixed up. That is what happens often in the election of the parlament. There are eight candidates, and to avoid any confusion the presidential candidates bear no number one. Sources:……
I used to borrow a book called la drole d'equipe by richard deroussy de sales. How can I get it? now that it is no longer for borrowing. 703 29.7.2008 The item is not available in HelMet libraries anymore, but Lappeenranta and Kuopio public libraries have it furthermore in their collections. Because the item is not found in any library of Helsinki metropolitan area, it is possible to make a distant loan request in our internet service If you need a book not available in Helsinki, you can browse library collections in whole Finland by using Frank-database. You find it here or by writing keyword Frank-monihaku to Google as well. On the first page you see all alternative search categories.
May i have finland & finnish's name in different languages around the world? ex. finland, (in english finnish, (in english 703 15.12.2009 The best way to find different translations for Finland and Finnish is to use Google translator: Finland is in Finnish Suomi Finnish is suomalainen You can use these terms as the source.
I am trying to find a woman who came to the United States in 1974 as an exchange student for a year. She was from Helsinki. I know she was studying to be a… 702 11.12.2001 Public has got a staff search for Finnish public libraries The address of every person living officially in Finland is available in Population Register Centre (Väestörekisterikeskus) P.O. Box 7 (Kellosilta 4), 00521 Helsinki, Finland Tel. +358 9 229 161, Fax +358 9 2291 6795