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I used to loan Cambridge English Readers or Penguin Engish Reader to improve my english. It is easy for me to improve my english by reading according to the… 869 13.5.2009 There are 45 different titles of Cambridge English Readers and 195 different titles of Penguin Readers in Jyvaskyla City Library. It is the largest collection of them in Jyvaskyla area. If a book is on loan, it is possible to reserve it (cost: one euro). Some of the books may also be located in a branch library. You are welcome to visit the information desk of the main library and order those books from there for free. If you need a book that cannot be borrowed from any library in Jyvaskyla, it can be ordered by using the interlibrary lending service. You can leave an interlibrary lending request at the library or by e-mail (
I wonder if the library has service for copying all book and binding it. I am interesting copying book that I borrowed from the library since it is not… 868 17.12.2005 You can make copies in all libraies at 0,30€/page. If you want somebody to do it for you, the cost amounts to 1€/page. We have no binding service. Have you tried the old books shops? You might find your book that way. Below find a link to antiqurian bookshops in Helsinki,
I am undertaking research into printers and publishers of early Finnish picture postcards from 1900 to 1930. One particular publisher, S& K Kouvola, reproduced… 865 29.7.2005 Information of this kind was difficult to find, i tried to look in books about finnish postcards, but did'nt find your publisher on the publishers list (it contained only the most important publishers). Maby these addresses could be helpful, the first one is a club for stamp and postcard-collectors in Kouvola, Kouvolan Postimerkkikerho ry, , the second one is the society for the finnish postcard collectors, Suomen Postikorttiyhdistys Apollo ry, . There is a Postmuseum in Finland, and they have a special library, Postimuseon kirjasto, address: Postimuseo, Kirjasto, PL 167, 00101 HELSINKI Telephone: 0204 51 4771, or 0204 51 5262 Telefax: 0204 51 5263 email:…
Would you know if there is a translation into Finnish of the hymn which begins Bless this house O lord we pray Make it safe By night and day 864 25.2.2009 I searched from all the Finnish library databases, but I couldn't find a translation of the hymn. The song is composed by May Brahe and the lyrics are by Helen Taylor. I searched music databases by the composer and also by the lyricist, but there wasn't any Finnish language results. All the results were in English. The song is very popular and has been recorded by the greatest opera singers. You can find more information about the song here:
I am looking for nformation about anarchism! Please send me if you have something. 862 21.1.2006 You will find lots of information about anarchism on the net by using google, for instance( Cheque, please:
I want to ask about reserving space at Kirjasto 10. Is there a time limit how long you can rent the meeting room and how do I make a reservation? 860 13.8.2014 You can book Library 10 Group Room in the same place where you can reserve computers. Max. time for reservation is 4 hours. Go to Helmet mainpage and choose "Book a computer" There you can find text “Book a computer or a workspace” Choose a library > Library 10. Select a page item “Show information”, so you can see that number 40 is Group Room and max. time for reservation is 4 hours. At Library 10 website click workspaces so you can see Group Room 40 and make reservation.
Dear Reader, I am from Taiwan, R.O.C. I am researching your library right now. Could you provide any information to help me study your library? Questions are:… 859 10.12.2003 The answers to most of your questions concerning the librariers in Finland can be found on the websites of the public libraries and the scientific libraries. The public libraries: Under the titles Library Branch and Libraries on Please note the link to the Ministry of Education in particular. The research libraries:
May I know how can i know the pin code of my Helmet card? i want to login to language course to learn finnish. additionally, is learning online free of charge… 859 24.6.2014 Provided you have given us your email address, you can access the password recovery function: In the case we do not have your email address, we shall change your PIN code at the service desk of any Helmet library. Please bring your ID with you.
Good evening, where can i find the statistics about helsinki library ? i have search Q&A and find a web site "Finnish Public Libraries Statistics", which… 858 27.8.2012 You can find statistics about Helsinki city library so: > search statistics > Area selection > Municipality (Helsinki) > > Statistics selection > Loans or Personnel. Or you can find them from Yearly reports: We don’t have volunteers working in our libraries. Playing games by the library computers is usually allowable. Eating or drinking at the same time is not forbidden. It takes one to three days for a reserved book to go to an another Helmet library (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa or Kauniainen city library).
Looking for finlans current events in english 856 15.10.2001 You can use this www-link: There you may use especially Helsingin Sanomat(main finnish newspaper)Internationally edition.
Please, advise if Pertunmaa library has WiFi? 856 15.9.2011 Do you mean WLAN? In all libraries of Mikkeli city library (including Pertunmaa) have it. For using it you need a code from library.
I have a document (in very bad condition) from my Great Grandmother.The date is 1895. Its a small booklet. About 4" X 6" in size< and looks very official. At… 855 23.3.2005 It seems that you have found your great grandmothers passport. The texts mean both passport, the first one in Swedish ( PASS FOR UTRIKES RESA.) and the second in Finnish(MATKAPASSI ULKOMAILLE). You will find information about genealogy and research in Finland in the Internetsite of the Genealogical Society of Finland, . Maybe the site of the Institute of Migration would also be of some interest to you, .
I am looking for a book on how to learn car driving. I want the book in English language and if I can get that book transferred/reserved at Keltinmaki library… 854 25.9.2010 Hi, The newest book in our library for drivers's licence in English is Driving school manual(2006), which is presently on loan. There are some older books available in the Jyväskylä main library at the moment. You find them in the WEB-library by using subject heading: ajo-opetus and select English as additional search term.
Author of book "Three mistakes of my life" 853 10.3.2009 The 3 Mistakes of my Life is the third novel written by Chetan Bhagat. The book was published in May 2008
I am looking for a list of books that are AGE appropriate for 5-year old or 6-year old kids. Also, if you have a list of games (example: Afrikan tahti), that… 853 6.10.2014 Here are some children´s weblinks with reading tips and booklists. (Sorry, but in Finnish only) Lukudiplomi Okariino Kuvakirjat eri aihepiireistä… Board games for children in HelMet libraries………
Dear Sir or Madam, I'm looking for a Finnish lullaby or poem that tells the tale of a mother that wants to knit her child mittens, so she offers a ewe bread in… 851 6.3.2015 It’s ”Mää, mää, lammas kulta” by Suonio (a pseudonym of Julius Krohn, 1835–1888). You can find the Finnish poem at or in “Tunteellinen siili ja muita suomalaisia eläinrunoja” (WSOY, 1997).
I am an Egyptian student , I am doing my master in Library and Information science, My theses is about (Egyptian public libraries web sites on Internet). In my… 849 17.8.2005 I assume that your question concerns the site ( , , ). This website was originally the website of Finnish Public Libraries. Presently there are also other Libraries in the service, that is why it now is the Website of Finnish Libraries. It was published for the first time june 1995. The first problem that you face is the fact that our english website is only a very much shortened version of the finnish and the swedish websites. So if you want to compare your Egyptian website with the Finnish one, you would have to explore the finnish version of the site. Some information about can be read in the infopage, http://www.…
Good evening, I would like to ask a question about financing of finnish public libraries. I know that there is only three sources for libraries -… 846 8.2.2010 The basic division between state and municipal finance for libraries is 34.08% (state) and 65.92% (municipality). As of 1st January 2010, state subsidy for any given municipality is 54,63€ per inhabitants. These figures are from the Finnish language pages of the Ministry of Education. However, since the Ministry of Education is in charge of monitoring public library activities, you may contact the ministry for more information, especially concerning any possible EU funds. As for outside funding, we could not find any statistics. Situations may vary considerably from one community to another. In some communities and municipalities there might be close cooperation with educational institutes, if…
Kes on nende luuleridade autor ja mis on luuletuse pealkiri. "See kevad tuleb teisiti, tiu-tiu ja teisiti" 845 6.4.2010 Ask a Librarian provides answers in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Ques-tions in other languages can only be answered if there happens to be a person available who is capable of giving professional service in that language. About Ask a Librarian see also, . You might find help in the National Library of Estonia, information about services here
I am a junior assistant librarian in a private university of Bangladesh for last 4 years.You know now a days the concept of library has been changed.I want to… 845 3.9.2015 You find information on studying information and library sciences on our portal under site Library Branch Information and library sciences can be studied in three universities in Finland, University of Tampere, University of Oulu and Turku Swedish University Åbo Akademi. For example University of Tampere offers Master´s degree programmes in different subjects even in English Polytechnic level studies qualify as well for working as a librarian with Bachelor´s level degree. A polytechnic/UAS Bachelor's degree gives you the general eligibility to apply for Master's level studies in Finland, but it may not automatically fulfill the…