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How to listen to music cd in library? 997 1.12.2008 Many HelMet-libraries have their own music department. You find the list here (sorry, but the information is only in Finnish) Libraries with music department have cd-players for listening music in library. Greatest and most diverse collection of music offers Library 10 There are four fixed cd-players and also headphones to loan for music listening. Also other HelMet-libraries have smaller cd-collections and fixed or portable cd-players for library patrons. Some libraries have also cd-towers for music listening. Maybe the best way is to contact your library beforehand and ask about possibilities to listen music there.
Please where I can find online library from where I could buy book Kalevala? I would like to have one in Finnish language. 997 21.5.2012 You don’t need to buy Kalevala: you can find it from Project Gutenberg at Kalevala is a very old book so it’s not copyrighted anymore. You can read and copy it as you like. You can download Kalevala in a format suitable for you. There is also the English version at
How are you? I'm pleased to know your city library because your library has a lot of wonderful qualities to be an excellent library. First of all, I'm not a… 996 29.11.2012 I am glad to hear that you are interested in Helsinki City Library. First of all, I wonder which page you were looking at to find the information you mentioned. Perhaps it was the home page of Helsinki City Library ( ) . This may sound a little complicated, but I will try to help you understand the points you mentioned. Helsinki City Library consists of the Main Library and 38 branch libraries. The Main library is situated in Pasila district about three kilometres from the city centre. It has the largest collections and also houses the administrative departments of whole Helsinki City Library. The branch libraries are situated in different areas all around the city. In addition to these, Helsinki City Library…
Please guide me to the best source on Finnish designers - (dates etc.) available on the Internet - Authority file ? 995 8.4.2008 A good source for finnish designers is On the left of this page in blue: "About us", you can find more information. For example DESIGN MUSEUM has very good pages under this file. LINKS is also good to look at. Gallery has some older designers featured. On the whole these pages have a lot of information about Finnish design and designers.
Do you know the mailing address for the Sunny Bus Company? I would like to send a thank you note to one of their drivers following a recent tour. Thank you! 993 18.7.2001 The mailing address is: Aurinkobussit Oy Sunny Buses Vanha Porvoontie 246 FIN-01380 Vantaa e-mail:
Madam, sir for our choir in Switzerland I am in search for the full text and full score of the traditional folk song "taivas on sininen ja valkoinen...", I… 992 14.9.2010 I found the finnish folk song "Taivas on sininen ja valkoinen" in two books (Suuri toivelaulukirja 1 and Kultaiset koululaulut vanhoilta ajoilta). In both books there is only two strophes. So It seems that song consits only those two strophes.
Where may I find an "Ask a librarian" website for most of the EU countries in a language I speak ? (french, english, spanish). Thank you for any help you may… 991 2.7.2013 I found a list which is for libraries with some form of synchronous or chat reference services. The list isn't perfect and some links don't even work but it gives way of indication. Link:
In the book Courage: The life and and execution of Arndt Pekurinen what is the first name of the corporal who agrees to execute him for treason? 987 27.2.2012 In Erno Paasilinna's book, the name of Pekurinen's executioner is Otto Asiainen. Corporal Asiainen was a 21-year-old carpenter from Lestijärvi. He agreed to shoot Pekurinen after the first candidates to carry out the task, sergeant Joonas Kivelä and private Kaarlo Kinnunen had declined captain Pentti Valkonen's request.
Does espoon keskus library has free wifi for visitors? 985 21.12.2016 You can use public Wi-Fi / WLAN in all Espoo city libraries, including the Entresse Library in the Espoo Centre. Of the available wireless networks choose Espoo_asiakas. No password needed. Just click OK on the webpage you get in a web browser, and you should be online.
I am interested in information about the work of Alvar Aalto. 982 12.1.2005 You could visit these webadresses: and and from you can find much more interesting info. - Naturally there are lots of books about Alvar Aalto, also in English. Some of them you can find from our Lapin kirjasto database, only write Aalto, Alvar to the subject heading in… Maybe part of them are no more available in bookstores.
Who will answer Ask a Librarian guestions - the specialists or librarians? How big is this service? How good (accurate, detailed) are the answers? 981 7.5.2003 People who are giving answers in our service are all librarians. In addition of 51 public libraries there are also special libraries participating this service. The Ask a Librarian started in 1999. We have sent almost 70 000 answers (-2018). Of these almost 40 000 are in the public archive of the service. In the year 2017 2830 questions were answered, this year 3054 (1.1.2018-22.10.2018). In the year 2017 174 different librarians answered question in the service. It is a bit difficult to estimate how good (accurate, detailed) the answers are. Our target is to give as good answers as possible. We usually give a couple of good sources (books and web-sites) but quite often also advice, how to search (adresses of the databases, suitable…
I am a French librarian, I visited your library (Sello library in Espoo) in October and I saw in the children library "woolhats" against noise. Could you say… 981 23.4.2015 The "woolhats" are products of the Okko design company. They are designed by Laura Tuovila.
Dear Sir, I am student from NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY--Library and Information Science. In this semester i took one subject about Reading Library, In my final… 980 23.12.2008 Children´s library work in Helsinki is very active and versatile including for example co-operation with schools, Real Reader campaigns and “book tipster” activities promoting reading in libraries, schools and day-care centers. Here are some Internet pages concerning library services for children and book talk in Helsinki City Library: Reading is a Joy, Raija Poutiainen´s article about book talk or book tipping in schools. Annual Reports of the Helsinki City Library containing information of library services and activities for children. Children´s web pages of The Helsinki City Library http://www.lib.hel…
Is there any possibility to read books online? And if yes, then how? 979 31.3.2009 Yes, there is. First, go to this page Then, put two ** into the first box, choose E-books from the menu and choose Go. As a result you can see all of our E-books. You can borrow these E-books with your Helmet Library Card number plus your PIN-code. You can get a PIN-code only by showing your identification card in the library.
I am a Canadian filmmaker who has made a new documentary called Finding Edge Road about the Somalis and Iraqis moving to Lieksa in eastern Finland. I made this… 979 3.9.2015 Please contact The distribution companies: The list of contact details is as follows harry.paivalainen (at) Tel. +358 (0) 50 375 558 Tel +358 (0) 9-8562 9500 Fax +358 (0) 9-8562 9550…
I am doing a project on Programs offered by Finland Libraries that are geared towards improving reading skills (And sponsored by the government). However I… 976 13.7.2011 First, I would like to refer to a question answered in this service some years ago about Luku-Suomi ("Reading Finland") project (2001-2004):… A leaflet in English has been published about the school libraries development project, a part of Luku-Suomi program: A Good School Library. Authors: Hannele Frantsi, Kaarina Kolu , Seija Salminen. Year: 2006. Available as a PDF: Articles concerning reading promotion among children and youth by public libraries in Finland: Selesniemi, Jaana: "Creative writing and book recommendations." Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly; 2009, Vol. 42 Issue 2, p18-19 Kull-Poutanen,…
I am an undergraduate student from Tallinn, Estonia. I am preparing to write my BA diploma and I am looking for all the possible information I can find on the… 970 6.8.2003 Everyone can visit Finnish public (and university) libraries. Library services are basically free, but for example overdued loans, printing and copying are charged for. A library card is not necessary when visiting a library, and there is no entrance fee. In Helsinki City Library printouts and photocopies cost 0,20€ each. You´ll find contact information in our website . Welcome to Helsinki City Library!
I would like some articles and information about how language policy impacts library services in Finland with regards to the Swedish-speaking minority. How… 967 25.9.2012 There is an article in a newest library magazine Bibban: - Library services for Swedish-speaking Finns (Bibban, 2, 2012) And an other one in Scandinavian public library quarterly, but it is already quite old: - Swedish library matters in Finland / Rosenqvist, Kerstin (Scandinavian public library quarterly, 1991, 4. s. 29-31) Maybe you should contact Susanne Allroth (Regional State Administrative Agencies):
I'm a traveler from Taiwan, and I'm a librarian in the elementary school. I heard the library in Finland is very nice. I will go to Finland next week, I have … 967 21.7.2014 Since I don't know which library you are going to, I can't give you a specific answer. Many public libraries will let you take photographs, but to be on the safe side, ask the staff when you get there if photographing is alright.
I want to learn Finnish acrross the distance, how can the Library help me getting studying materials? 966 22.10.2014 There are some Finnish courses online. You can find them via Infopankki. Infopankki is a website published by City of Helsinki:…