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What is the average salary of a librarian in Finland? Which source do I search for more information ? There is a librarian average salary history? 854 22.06.2015 The average salary of a full-time librarian in Finland (both sexes, municipal libraries) has been 2583 e/month in 2014. The table (Finnish) -->… Please search for more info :… (English) (English) (Statistics Finland - Home)
How can i know the recent development in the libraries - i want to know what is the modern develpment in the libraries ? 853 28.11.2008 It would be easier to answer your question if you could define it a little bit. What kind of libraries are you interested in – public, scientific, specialist etc.? Libraries where, all over the world? You sent your question to the Finnish Ask a librarian service, so I’ll give you some kind of an answer from a Finnish point of view. This might, however, not be anything near to what you would like to know. If so, please send us – or to some other similar service elsewhere - a new question. First of all, you could check the following pages: There you will find lots of information about all libraries in Finland. If you click the link “Library branch” -> Articles and presentations -> The Scandinavian Public…
Could you kindly provide some information on hosting events at the library? We would like to host some English story time for children and wondering if there… 851 29.01.2015 Best way to do this is to contact libraries directly, as every library decides of their events independently. You can find the contact details in the HelMet-homepage. I am certain that most of the libraries in Espoo would be interested in having a story time in English!
Is Christmas really the birthday of Jesus? 848 21.01.2009 We can say with all probability that the 25th December is not a real birthday of Christ. This day was celebrated as a Christian feast first in the middle of the 4th century. There are many theories about the reasons of the choice of the 25th December since the Bible does not provide any clear information in this matter. (a) historical theory of religion The 25th December has some connection with feasts of other religions. The Christians borrowed a feast from some neighbouring religion or they deliberately wanted to supersede such one. In fact, the cult of Sun was in the beginning of fourth century popular in the Roman empire and it has been suggested that the 25th December was celebrated as a birthday of Sun. In any case the time round…
I am a Library Science student looking at Finnish libraries, and I was hoping to ask a few questions: • What is the degree necessary for working as a librarian… 847 19.07.2012 You can find answers to all your questions from Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture: The Finnish School Library Association:
Please do me a favor and let me know where to find an online (or offline) list or directory of Finnish libraries that might be interested in buying books,… 847 01.12.2004 You can find lists of Finnish libraries (public libraries, research libraries, special libraries) in the -site. Information about libraries can be found in the Libraries-channel. contains also other information about Finnish libraries and the library system in Finland.
I found the full text of the Kalevala in project runeberg. Can you tell me if the text can be viewed in English anywhere on the Internet? We are participating… 845 26.07.2001 You can find The Kalevala full text version in . If you need any further information about Finnish culture and literature you can visit The Finnish Literature Society in . They have a lot of background information about The Kalevala and Finnish literature. If you need more general information about Finland and for example our education or language these pages might be worth visiting: (Finfo), . A good place to start looking for Information about Norvegian and Austrian cultures are the following pages: , .
I am doing a project on Programs offered by Finland Libraries that are geared towards improving reading skills (And sponsored by the government). However I… 843 13.07.2011 First, I would like to refer to a question answered in this service some years ago about Luku-Suomi ("Reading Finland") project (2001-2004):… A leaflet in English has been published about the school libraries development project, a part of Luku-Suomi program: A Good School Library. Authors: Hannele Frantsi, Kaarina Kolu , Seija Salminen. Year: 2006. Available as a PDF: Articles concerning reading promotion among children and youth by public libraries in Finland: Selesniemi, Jaana: "Creative writing and book recommendations." Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly; 2009, Vol. 42 Issue 2, p18-19 Kull-Poutanen,…
I am a Canadian filmmaker who has made a new documentary called Finding Edge Road about the Somalis and Iraqis moving to Lieksa in eastern Finland. I made this… 839 03.09.2015 Please contact The distribution companies: The list of contact details is as follows harry.paivalainen (at) Tel. +358 (0) 50 375 558 Tel +358 (0) 9-8562 9500 Fax +358 (0) 9-8562 9550…
Where do i find the traditional dance in Finland? 838 26.09.2005 You can find information about the finnish folk dancing e.g. in the pages Folk dancing of Virtual Finland, . You might study following books Old Finnish folk dances / edited by Sari Heikkilä ; [illustration by Timo Hukkanen]. Helsinki : Suomalaisen kansantanssin ystävät, 1988. Collan, Anni, Dances of Finland / Anni Collan and Yngvar Heikel ; [illustrated by Valerie Prentis]. London : Max Parrish & Company, 1950. You could also contact The Finnish Dance Information Centre, and Finnish folklore association, fur further information.
Could you tell me where I can find some information and photos about Library boat in Finland? Thanks 837 20.02.2014 From the website below you can find information about the only book boat in Finland. It is a library boat of Parainen (or Pargas in Swedish) in the Åboland archipelago in Western Finland:… There is also a little video about this book boat in Kirjastokaista (Library channel):…
Is National Library of Finland apart from pulic libraris in Finland? 836 22.06.2011 Yes, The National Library of Finland is the largest scholarly library in our country, as well as it is one of the largest independent institutes at the University of Helsinki. But anyone can visit there! You can find more information here:
This is a student finding a book Business Administration by Appleby Robert C.1994 I checked in Porvoo,it is not available. If it is ok here. I will come to… 835 03.09.2003 The book you are searching is Modern business administration / Author: Appleby, Robert C. Publication: London : Pitman, 1994. It can be found in Helia Porvoo POINT library Opistokuja 1, 06100 Porvoo(09) 1489 0690, that is Helsinki Business Polytechnic library in Porvoo. The book is on loan from the Porvoo library, but please leave a reservation from your Porvoo polytechnic library. Unfortunally Helsinki City Library doesn't have the book at all. Also the polytechnic libraries in Helsinki metropolitan area doesn't have the book at all.
I am looking for the journal "Anarkhiia" (a.k.a. "Anarhia," "Anarchia" or "Anarkhia") publsihed in Moscow/Petrograd after the Russian revolution. Could you… 834 18.06.2002 Search on the union database of the academic libraries of Finland gives several matches with the search word ”anarhia” (transliterated according to ISO 9), but none of them would seem to be the journal you are looking for. For more information, please contact the department of Russian and Slavic materials of Helsinki University, called Slavonic Library (e-mail , www-address ). On the telephone they told that they don’t have any old journal called Anarhia that would date from the period of the Russian Revolution of 1917. They do have two issues of Anarhia published in 1990-91 by anarcho-syndicalists in Petrograd.
Can I use the computer and printer if I am not a member of the library (visitor)? 833 17.07.2012 Yes, you can use library's computer and printer in any library even though you're not member of the library. We can make a visitor reservation for you if you have your ID's with you.
I don't find the service from helmet about the option to chat with librarian online. Is this service not available anymore ? 833 10.04.2013 Thank you for your question. HelMet-chat was a trial last February. Let us hope that the service will continue later.
I have made a reservation and my book has arrived. Can I borrow the book without paying the reservation fee at that point? I mean, can I pay the reservation… 832 30.10.2012 Yes, you can pay the reservation fee later, if your overall fees do not exceed 8 euros.
I am looking for nformation about anarchism! Please send me if you have something. 831 21.01.2006 You will find lots of information about anarchism on the net by using google, for instance( Cheque, please:
Names and Email addresses of sleeping accomodations in Piippola? 831 26.03.2008 Thank you for you inquiry. We are happy to help you. Piippola is a small place and they have only one place to stay overnight. The place is called Shell matkahuolto. Their phonenumber is +358-8-8120211. Email-address: Address: Piippolan Shell, Kestilantie 1, 92620 Piippola, Finland
I wonder if the library has service for copying all book and binding it. I am interesting copying book that I borrowed from the library since it is not… 826 17.12.2005 You can make copies in all libraies at 0,30€/page. If you want somebody to do it for you, the cost amounts to 1€/page. We have no binding service. Have you tried the old books shops? You might find your book that way. Below find a link to antiqurian bookshops in Helsinki,