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I would like to know if there are digital reference services, such us "Ask a librarian", and managed by school libraries whose target is the educational… 902 21.4.2015 There aren't any digital reference services in Finland managed by high school libraries, most of the school libraries are quite small and they haven't organized co-operational service either. Some school libraries work together with public libraries, for instance Hätila library, and they offer our Ask a librarian on their webpages. Some school libraries offer information service by email. This reference service, Ask a librarian, is managed by public libraries in Finland and is also targeted to high school students as well as every other citizen. There are other ask-services in Finland operated by libraries, you can find a list here,… ,…
This is a student finding a book Business Administration by Appleby Robert C.1994 I checked in Porvoo,it is not available. If it is ok here. I will come to… 900 3.9.2003 The book you are searching is Modern business administration / Author: Appleby, Robert C. Publication: London : Pitman, 1994. It can be found in Helia Porvoo POINT library Opistokuja 1, 06100 Porvoo(09) 1489 0690, that is Helsinki Business Polytechnic library in Porvoo. The book is on loan from the Porvoo library, but please leave a reservation from your Porvoo polytechnic library. Unfortunally Helsinki City Library doesn't have the book at all. Also the polytechnic libraries in Helsinki metropolitan area doesn't have the book at all.
Please do me a favor and let me know where to find an online (or offline) list or directory of Finnish libraries that might be interested in buying books,… 897 1.12.2004 You can find lists of Finnish libraries (public libraries, research libraries, special libraries) in the -site. Information about libraries can be found in the Libraries-channel. contains also other information about Finnish libraries and the library system in Finland.
How can i know the recent development in the libraries - i want to know what is the modern develpment in the libraries ? 897 28.11.2008 It would be easier to answer your question if you could define it a little bit. What kind of libraries are you interested in – public, scientific, specialist etc.? Libraries where, all over the world? You sent your question to the Finnish Ask a librarian service, so I’ll give you some kind of an answer from a Finnish point of view. This might, however, not be anything near to what you would like to know. If so, please send us – or to some other similar service elsewhere - a new question. First of all, you could check the following pages: There you will find lots of information about all libraries in Finland. If you click the link “Library branch” -> Articles and presentations -> The Scandinavian Public…
Is National Library of Finland apart from pulic libraris in Finland? 897 22.6.2011 Yes, The National Library of Finland is the largest scholarly library in our country, as well as it is one of the largest independent institutes at the University of Helsinki. But anyone can visit there! You can find more information here:
Could you kindly provide some information on hosting events at the library? We would like to host some English story time for children and wondering if there… 897 29.1.2015 Best way to do this is to contact libraries directly, as every library decides of their events independently. You can find the contact details in the HelMet-homepage. I am certain that most of the libraries in Espoo would be interested in having a story time in English!
I have made a reservation and my book has arrived. Can I borrow the book without paying the reservation fee at that point? I mean, can I pay the reservation… 887 30.10.2012 Yes, you can pay the reservation fee later, if your overall fees do not exceed 8 euros.
I don't find the service from helmet about the option to chat with librarian online. Is this service not available anymore ? 887 10.4.2013 Thank you for your question. HelMet-chat was a trial last February. Let us hope that the service will continue later.
I heard about a possible language class you hold at the Jyväskylä city library? If so how do I get the information about this course? 886 5.1.2013 You can contact Jyväskylä Adult Education Center. It is situated in the same building with the library. Information point Tel. 014 26 64071, 014 26 64073
Which is the most famous phrase referring to Karelia in the epic "Kalevala"? 883 13.9.2004 Kalevala, Finnish national epic, is a collection of Karelian folk poetry. Elias Lönnrot collected the runes from the Karelian people from different areas of Karelia: from White Sea Karelia (Viena), from North Karelia, from Ladoga Karelia. The name of the epic, Kalevala, can be understood as a fictional land of the people of Kaleva. Karelia as a place is mentioned in Kalevala in the following: Rune/row 3/180 20/17 20/37 20/54 20/75 20/452 31/8 31/13 31/360 31/364 48/258 50/477 The translation of Kalevala of John Martin Crawford of the year 1888 is in the internet, the address is: There Karelia is in the form Karyala. See also page:
Can you tell me the real estate directories in Finland 881 11.12.2007 Unfortunately most Finnish real estate agents do not have their homepages in English. However, below are three major Finnish real estate agents which provide services in English as well: In case you are interested in Finnish real estate vocabulary, here are translations both from Finnish to English, and from English to Finnish:……
Who are the most popular Finnish (and Scandinavian) detective novel authors in Finland? 881 10.11.2009 Based on what library patrons borrow the most popular Finnish detective novel authors seem to be Leena Lehtolainen, Jarkko Sipilä, Outi Pakkanen, Ilkka Remes, Matti Rönkä, Reijo Mäki, Eppu Nuotio, Harri Nykänen, Seppo Jokinen, Matti Remes, Tuuli Rannikko, Taavi Soininvaara, Pirkko Arhippa and Sirpa Tabet (based on HelMet Libraries the most borrowed novels list, 2007-2008) In a recent vote by readers of Helsingin Sanomat, the most popular swedish detective novelist was Stieg Larsson, with Henning Mankell right behind him. The next three were Liza Marklund, Åsa Larsson and team Maj Swöwall & Per Wahlöö. I would add from library's perspective few names: Anna Jansson, Mari Jungstedt, Karin Alvtegen, Håkan Nesser and Åke Edwardsson. From…
Names and Email addresses of sleeping accomodations in Piippola? 876 26.3.2008 Thank you for you inquiry. We are happy to help you. Piippola is a small place and they have only one place to stay overnight. The place is called Shell matkahuolto. Their phonenumber is +358-8-8120211. Email-address: Address: Piippolan Shell, Kestilantie 1, 92620 Piippola, Finland
I have recently read a danish book: Biblioteket i byudviklingen (library in city development) by Casper Hvenegaard Rasmussen. He has a picture from af library… 874 28.6.2012 Here's some pictures from Library 10: Maybe the same pictures? You can contact to Library 10 and ask more, here is contact information:
We borrowed a disc from the library (code: 30091034533656) and brought it to our summer cottage in Loppi to watch. Our DVD player display shows the message… 872 12.8.2009 Certainly our DVD "Risto Räppääjä" should be possible to play anywhere, not only in Helsinki. If you tried to play the disc in the right device (DVD player), then I cannot tell, what is the problem. The disc is quite new, but of course you can try to wipe the disc only with a cotton cloth (without water or any cleaner). Or then there is some problem with your player maybe - you can try, if it plays some other DVDs.
I have to do an essay on impact of web 2.0 technologies on library and collection management? Please help. Is e-book an example of of web 2.0 technology? 872 5.11.2009 Your question is very wide and it's hard to give you any definitive answers. When people talk about web 2.0 technologies in libraries they usually use the term Library 2.0 . Wikipedia has a nice article about Library 2.0. I think you should start by reading it. The article is full of references to other articles. You can find it here: E-book is not necesserily a good example of web 2.0 technologies. Web 2.0 usually refers to the services, which use user driven technologies and collaboration. E-book is not like that. It is just like a normal book in a new digital platform.
What is a hink pink for a holiday donkey? 871 20.12.2006 A holiday donkey = a yule mule. Hink Pinks are silly rhyming pairs which can be used as answers to riddles. To any given riddles, there might be more than one correct answer. The whole idea of hink pinks is to use your own imagination in trying to find words that rhyme together. So, in future we suggest that you try to figure out the answer yourself. Hink pinks are fun to make as illustrated by the following web-site:
I want to ask, what national and international digitising projects do the finnish libraries carry out at present and what are the perspective of progress? Is… 870 24.10.2007 The finnish memory organisations have lately decided to centralize the digitisation of national cultural heritage. The new consortium is called Digitalia. National Library´s digitisation centre, which is located in Mikkeli, will form the foundation of Digitalia. National Library`s digitisation centre will start a mass digitisation of the National Library's sound recordings in 2007. Information about digitised resources in National Library of Finland and international cooperation from links below:…
I wonder if the library has service for copying all book and binding it. I am interesting copying book that I borrowed from the library since it is not… 868 17.12.2005 You can make copies in all libraies at 0,30€/page. If you want somebody to do it for you, the cost amounts to 1€/page. We have no binding service. Have you tried the old books shops? You might find your book that way. Below find a link to antiqurian bookshops in Helsinki,
Hallo, do you know where I can find the official translation from the Finnish library act from 1998? In Englisch or in German, it doesn't matter. Best regards, 865 11.11.2013 Hi, you can find an English translation of the Finnish library act from Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture website here: