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Hallo, do you know where I can find the official translation from the Finnish library act from 1998? In Englisch or in German, it doesn't matter. Best regards, 826 11.11.2013 Hi, you can find an English translation of the Finnish library act from Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture website here:
We borrowed a disc from the library (code: 30091034533656) and brought it to our summer cottage in Loppi to watch. Our DVD player display shows the message… 826 12.8.2009 Certainly our DVD "Risto Räppääjä" should be possible to play anywhere, not only in Helsinki. If you tried to play the disc in the right device (DVD player), then I cannot tell, what is the problem. The disc is quite new, but of course you can try to wipe the disc only with a cotton cloth (without water or any cleaner). Or then there is some problem with your player maybe - you can try, if it plays some other DVDs.
Please, advise if Pertunmaa library has WiFi? 824 15.9.2011 Do you mean WLAN? In all libraries of Mikkeli city library (including Pertunmaa) have it. For using it you need a code from library.
Are Finland's telephone white pages soon to be available on the internet?Tnaks 824 16.3.2001 Here are a few Internet-links you can look. Some of them are in Finnish and you must register. Some of the information is free of charge and some isn't. , . You can look in English… .
What are the words of your National Anthem? Thank you. 822 17.11.2001 Finlands national anthem is called "Maamme", that is "Our Land" in English. The song is composed by Fredrik Pacius and the lyrics are written by J. L. Runeberg (originally a poem in the Swedish language; Finnish translation by Paavo Cajander). Nowadays everybody sings it in his/her mother tongue, but as 93 % of the Finns have Finnish as their mother tongue, the Finnish version is heard more often. Here are the Finnish words: Oi maamme, Suomi, synnyinmaa, soi sana kultainen! Ei laaksoa, ei kukkulaa, ei vettä rantaa rakkaampaa kuin kotimaa tää pohjoinen, maa kallis isien. Sun kukoistukses kuorestaan kerrankin puhkeaa; viel lempemme saa nousemaan sun toivos, riemus loistossaan, ja kerran laulus, synnyinmaa, korkeemman kaiun saa. Originally…
What is the size of the Helsinki Library in relation to other libraries in the world? 821 27.7.2004 There are different types of libraries such as school, research and public libraries. Different library types have different tasks, and therefore their operational figures vary. Also, there are many different ways in which to assess these operations, for example, the number of library items, number of registered customers, number of loans, number of visits etc. By and large, it is very difficult to find mutually compatible statistics because library activities vary from one library type to another. Since you did not specify which particulars you are interested in, hear are two websites which contain overall worldwide library statistics. These, however, do not cover individual libraries such as the Helsinki City Library. http://www.ifla.…
I have recently read a danish book: Biblioteket i byudviklingen (library in city development) by Casper Hvenegaard Rasmussen. He has a picture from af library… 819 28.6.2012 Here's some pictures from Library 10: Maybe the same pictures? You can contact to Library 10 and ask more, here is contact information:
I am an Egyptian student , I am doing my master in Library and Information science, My theses is about (Egyptian public libraries web sites on Internet). In my… 817 17.8.2005 I assume that your question concerns the site ( , , ). This website was originally the website of Finnish Public Libraries. Presently there are also other Libraries in the service, that is why it now is the Website of Finnish Libraries. It was published for the first time june 1995. The first problem that you face is the fact that our english website is only a very much shortened version of the finnish and the swedish websites. So if you want to compare your Egyptian website with the Finnish one, you would have to explore the finnish version of the site. Some information about can be read in the infopage, http://www.…
Good evening, I would like to ask a question about financing of finnish public libraries. I know that there is only three sources for libraries -… 814 8.2.2010 The basic division between state and municipal finance for libraries is 34.08% (state) and 65.92% (municipality). As of 1st January 2010, state subsidy for any given municipality is 54,63€ per inhabitants. These figures are from the Finnish language pages of the Ministry of Education. However, since the Ministry of Education is in charge of monitoring public library activities, you may contact the ministry for more information, especially concerning any possible EU funds. As for outside funding, we could not find any statistics. Situations may vary considerably from one community to another. In some communities and municipalities there might be close cooperation with educational institutes, if…
/ Hello, I would like to understand the professional preparation of librarians in Finland. In the United States where I am from, practicing librarians have a… 813 22.3.2012 In Finland you can study information studies in many places depending on the level you want to reach. You can do higher level studies at Univeristy of Tampere, Univeristy of Oulu and Åbo Academy University. At university you can do Master's degree or Bachelor's degree (lower academic degree) in information studies. It is also possible to do the Licentiate and the Doctoral Degree studies. There are also researchers at the branch. If you have a Master´s degree your title or graduate profile can be e.g Information Management Specialist, Information Specialist, Librarian, Chief Librarian or Head of Information Services. You can also study information studies at polytechnic schools in Oulu, Turku and Seinäjoki. At polytechnic you can do…
Would you know if there is a translation into Finnish of the hymn which begins Bless this house O lord we pray Make it safe By night and day 807 25.2.2009 I searched from all the Finnish library databases, but I couldn't find a translation of the hymn. The song is composed by May Brahe and the lyrics are by Helen Taylor. I searched music databases by the composer and also by the lyricist, but there wasn't any Finnish language results. All the results were in English. The song is very popular and has been recorded by the greatest opera singers. You can find more information about the song here:
I have to do an essay on impact of web 2.0 technologies on library and collection management? Please help. Is e-book an example of of web 2.0 technology? 805 5.11.2009 Your question is very wide and it's hard to give you any definitive answers. When people talk about web 2.0 technologies in libraries they usually use the term Library 2.0 . Wikipedia has a nice article about Library 2.0. I think you should start by reading it. The article is full of references to other articles. You can find it here: E-book is not necesserily a good example of web 2.0 technologies. Web 2.0 usually refers to the services, which use user driven technologies and collaboration. E-book is not like that. It is just like a normal book in a new digital platform.
Dear Sir or Madam, I'm looking for a Finnish lullaby or poem that tells the tale of a mother that wants to knit her child mittens, so she offers a ewe bread in… 804 6.3.2015 It’s ”Mää, mää, lammas kulta” by Suonio (a pseudonym of Julius Krohn, 1835–1888). You can find the Finnish poem at or in “Tunteellinen siili ja muita suomalaisia eläinrunoja” (WSOY, 1997).
I want to ask about reserving space at Kirjasto 10. Is there a time limit how long you can rent the meeting room and how do I make a reservation? 801 13.8.2014 You can book Library 10 Group Room in the same place where you can reserve computers. Max. time for reservation is 4 hours. Go to Helmet mainpage and choose "Book a computer" There you can find text “Book a computer or a workspace” Choose a library > Library 10. Select a page item “Show information”, so you can see that number 40 is Group Room and max. time for reservation is 4 hours. At Library 10 website click workspaces so you can see Group Room 40 and make reservation.
I am living in Kajaani and noticed that with, I can borrow books from Helsinki City Library (HelMet) using the library card. Unfortunately I do… 799 4.5.2015 I am sorry, but in order to get a library card in HelMet-system, you have to visit the Helsinki metropolitan area personally and prove your identity. Your address in the card can quite well be in Kajaani. In future we probably will have more equal system in the whole country and then this will be easier.
I am looking for a list of books that are AGE appropriate for 5-year old or 6-year old kids. Also, if you have a list of games (example: Afrikan tahti), that… 799 6.10.2014 Here are some children´s weblinks with reading tips and booklists. (Sorry, but in Finnish only) Lukudiplomi Okariino Kuvakirjat eri aihepiireistä… Board games for children in HelMet libraries………
Kes on nende luuleridade autor ja mis on luuletuse pealkiri. "See kevad tuleb teisiti, tiu-tiu ja teisiti" 798 6.4.2010 Ask a Librarian provides answers in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Ques-tions in other languages can only be answered if there happens to be a person available who is capable of giving professional service in that language. About Ask a Librarian see also, . You might find help in the National Library of Estonia, information about services here
I would like to rent a small place to organize some events for my private students, such as a reading club, a film projection, a debate. I am private freelance… 797 18.8.2014 Helmet libraries offer you group work rooms, meeting rooms and class rooms. These rooms and libraries that have these rooms you can see page Libraries and services
I'm curious to know why Firefox 3 has vanished from the public computers. I think there was a vague, security-related explanation months ago when clicking on… 797 29.12.2008 The problem is due to compatibility between Firefox and Citrix system which the public computers use. So that is why Firefox is currently removed from public computers in Helsinki. The problem is not yet solved and unfortunately it is still not known when Firefox will be back in public computers. Your comments have been forwarded to the IT unit of Helsinki City Library. Thanks for your feedback.
I am looking for a book on how to learn car driving. I want the book in English language and if I can get that book transferred/reserved at Keltinmaki library… 795 25.9.2010 Hi, The newest book in our library for drivers's licence in English is Driving school manual(2006), which is presently on loan. There are some older books available in the Jyväskylä main library at the moment. You find them in the WEB-library by using subject heading: ajo-opetus and select English as additional search term.