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I would like some articles and information about how language policy impacts library services in Finland with regards to the Swedish-speaking minority. How… 920 25.9.2012 There is an article in a newest library magazine Bibban: - Library services for Swedish-speaking Finns (Bibban, 2, 2012) And an other one in Scandinavian public library quarterly, but it is already quite old: - Swedish library matters in Finland / Rosenqvist, Kerstin (Scandinavian public library quarterly, 1991, 4. s. 29-31) Maybe you should contact Susanne Allroth (Regional State Administrative Agencies):
I,m looking for words to a children,s siong about a shepherd boy and his birch bark horn 920 26.3.2012 A song called "Paimenen laulu" (or Paimenlaulu = A shepherd's song) was translated and published by composer P.J.Hannikainen at the beginning of 1900's. It is said to be composed by A. Klauwell (though it might as well be a folk tune). The complete Finnish lyrics are available at Wikisource page Sheet music can be found for example in the songbook "Suuri toivelaulukirja 10". There are no Englis lyrics for this song, but a rough translation would go like this: 1. I am a young shepherd, happy as a bird. All day long I play on my birch bark horn. 2. When the cattle bells are ringin, and birds are singing too. I like to answer them on my birch bark horn. 3. When the evening comes, I…
What is the definition of plagiarism? 918 26.11.2008 According to BBC English Dictionary (Harper Collins Publishers, 1992) plagiarism is "the practice of using or copying someone else's idea or work and pretending that you thought of it or created it". The word is also "used showing disapproval". More definitions can be found in Google. Write 'define:plagiarism' (without quotes) in Google's search box. You can found article on plagiarism in Wikipedia:
I am interested in applying for a Fulbright in Finland and wish create a photo essay that will focus on the public library in Finland as a gateway to culture… 918 5.7.2007 Public libraries in Finland are separate entities, that is, there is no national president or director but the Ministry of Education lays down the main guidelines for public libraries. The following web-site contains a wealth of information about the libraries and their activities in Finland. You can visit individual libraries’ web-pages most of which also contain pictures about library premises: Here are a couple of web-sites of the major Finnish public libraries: ;… ; ;
How to listen to music cd in library? 913 1.12.2008 Many HelMet-libraries have their own music department. You find the list here (sorry, but the information is only in Finnish) Libraries with music department have cd-players for listening music in library. Greatest and most diverse collection of music offers Library 10 There are four fixed cd-players and also headphones to loan for music listening. Also other HelMet-libraries have smaller cd-collections and fixed or portable cd-players for library patrons. Some libraries have also cd-towers for music listening. Maybe the best way is to contact your library beforehand and ask about possibilities to listen music there.
I'm interested in educational activities in museums in Finland. I visited several museums and interviewd people working there. But I couldn't acquire… 912 11.2.2011 You could be contact to Finnish Museums Association, contact information on page
I am an undergraduate student from Tallinn, Estonia. I am preparing to write my BA diploma and I am looking for all the possible information I can find on the… 912 6.8.2003 Everyone can visit Finnish public (and university) libraries. Library services are basically free, but for example overdued loans, printing and copying are charged for. A library card is not necessary when visiting a library, and there is no entrance fee. In Helsinki City Library printouts and photocopies cost 0,20€ each. You´ll find contact information in our website . Welcome to Helsinki City Library!
I am looking for the journal "Anarkhiia" (a.k.a. "Anarhia," "Anarchia" or "Anarkhia") publsihed in Moscow/Petrograd after the Russian revolution. Could you… 911 18.6.2002 Search on the union database of the academic libraries of Finland gives several matches with the search word ”anarhia” (transliterated according to ISO 9), but none of them would seem to be the journal you are looking for. For more information, please contact the department of Russian and Slavic materials of Helsinki University, called Slavonic Library (e-mail , www-address ). On the telephone they told that they don’t have any old journal called Anarhia that would date from the period of the Russian Revolution of 1917. They do have two issues of Anarhia published in 1990-91 by anarcho-syndicalists in Petrograd.
Can I print out nordea bank statement? 910 8.11.2016 You can use a customer computer for printing in any Helmet-library. It is possible - but usually not necessary - to reserve a customer computer online. The reservation system also monitors logging in to the computer. Logging in requires a PIN code that will be checked in the library system.… If You don't have a library card, take Your ID-card with You. The staff provides guidance in using computers, as needed.
Madam, sir for our choir in Switzerland I am in search for the full text and full score of the traditional folk song "taivas on sininen ja valkoinen...", I… 908 14.9.2010 I found the finnish folk song "Taivas on sininen ja valkoinen" in two books (Suuri toivelaulukirja 1 and Kultaiset koululaulut vanhoilta ajoilta). In both books there is only two strophes. So It seems that song consits only those two strophes.
Please where I can find online library from where I could buy book Kalevala? I would like to have one in Finnish language. 905 21.5.2012 You don’t need to buy Kalevala: you can find it from Project Gutenberg at Kalevala is a very old book so it’s not copyrighted anymore. You can read and copy it as you like. You can download Kalevala in a format suitable for you. There is also the English version at
I want to learn Finnish acrross the distance, how can the Library help me getting studying materials? 905 22.10.2014 There are some Finnish courses online. You can find them via Infopankki. Infopankki is a website published by City of Helsinki:…
Is it possible to know the plot of the following novels by Auni Nuolivaara: "Paimen, piika ja emäntä", “Isäntä ja emäntä” and “Päivä ja ehtoo” ? 903 3.1.2007 Auni Nuolivaaras trilogy Paimen, piika ja emäntä (1936), Isäntä ja emäntä (1937) and Päivä ja ehtoo (1938) tells the story of Katri. Katri lives in Finnish countryside in the 19th century. She is a shepherd girl who became a mistress of a big house. None of Nuolivaaras books have been translated in English.
Is there any possibility to read books online? And if yes, then how? 903 31.3.2009 Yes, there is. First, go to this page Then, put two ** into the first box, choose E-books from the menu and choose Go. As a result you can see all of our E-books. You can borrow these E-books with your Helmet Library Card number plus your PIN-code. You can get a PIN-code only by showing your identification card in the library.
Is Christmas really the birthday of Jesus? 902 21.1.2009 We can say with all probability that the 25th December is not a real birthday of Christ. This day was celebrated as a Christian feast first in the middle of the 4th century. There are many theories about the reasons of the choice of the 25th December since the Bible does not provide any clear information in this matter. (a) historical theory of religion The 25th December has some connection with feasts of other religions. The Christians borrowed a feast from some neighbouring religion or they deliberately wanted to supersede such one. In fact, the cult of Sun was in the beginning of fourth century popular in the Roman empire and it has been suggested that the 25th December was celebrated as a birthday of Sun. In any case the time round…
Is autism from congenital disease or not? 902 26.11.2008 We do not have the expertise to answer medical questions or contemplate questions like this. The best person you can ask this question would be an expert in autism. Maybe you could ask a faculty of medicine near your home residence, whether they can recommend you somebody. You can find information about autism for instance in following books (which I found in our collections in Finland): Wall, Kate, Autism and early years practise : a guide for early years professionals, teachers and parents. London : Paul Chapman Publishing, 2004. Frith, Uta, Autism.: Esplaining the enigma. 1990. Tinbergen, Niko, Autistic children.1985. Tammet, Daniel, Born on a blue day : a memoir of Asperger's and an extraordinary mind. London : Hodder & Stoughton,…
I'm Brazil in Rio de Janeiro and I want to clarify a doubt. What are the most common questions that users of the internet do for you? Please I need help from… 902 5.7.2010 We have a couple of ways of analyzing our questions: we can look for words most used in questions sent to us, we can follow the most common searches, we can see the most read questions in the archive and follow questions that have been answered by the semantic librarian. In all these we can see that people ask us much about litterature, poetry and about authors. One of the most common questions considers names, people want to know the origin, etymology, of names, both christian names and family names. Also models for will and other dees are of great interest. Library services are also a common topic in our questions. There are a few studies about Ask a Librarian, but they are in Finnish. Also you can study the contents of Ask a Librarian…
I would like to ask how can I donate a book to the library in Jyväskylä without going there in person ( I live in Tampere). Thank you in advance! 901 19.3.2015 Hi, we hope that books that one donates are in a good condition. If we have that book already many peaces, we don't take it. You can take it back when you come to the library. We don't send it back. If you want post your donation to Jyväskylä library, the address is: Jyväskylän kaupunginkirjasto - Keski-Suomen maakuntakirjasto Vapaudenkatu 39-41 40100 Jyväskylä Write a letter also, so we know your purpose. Thank you!
I have a question: What qualities define a great team leader? Thank you for your answer 898 31.1.2013 You can find litterature in English about teams and leadership from Helmet-online catalogue ( for example by using keywords (in Finnish) tiimit and johtaminen and then limit the search by language (English). As a result you get, among others, Belbin, Meredith: Team roles at work 2010; Robbins, Stephen P: Essentials of organizational behavior 2010; Godard, Alain: Transformational leadership: shared dreams to succeed 2000; Goleman, Daniel: The new leaders: transforming the art of leadership into the science of results 2003. Here is one internetpage dealing with the subject:
What is a digital library 897 19.10.2010 According to Wikipedia at, a digital library is “a library in which collections are stored in digital formats (as opposed to print, microform, or other media) and accessible by computers”. “The DELOS Digital Library Reference Model” mentioned in the Wikipedia article defines it as “[a]n organization, which might be virtual, that comprehensively collects, manages and preserves for the long term rich digital content, and offers to its user communities specialized functionality on that content, of measurable quality and according to codified policies”. If you like to get more information about this topic, please see the Wikipedia article at There you…