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Where can I find Finnish folk tales/children stories/fairy tales? 1048 25.2.2003 Have you checked the Congress Library collections? If they have no finnish folk/fairy tales you can ask Helsinki city library, Interlibrary loans. In our Helmet catalogue ( we found for example these two collections of finnish folktales in english: Finnish fairy tales and stories for children ( ISBN 0-88887-944-x)and The Fish of gold and other finnish folk tales (0-941016-78-1).
I'm looking to obtain a copy of obituary notices from Helsinki Finland, can you make copies and send them for a reasonable fee. The person I'm thinking of died… 1048 23.4.2003 Please contact the Genealogical Society of Finland at for copies of old obituaries.
Can you please tell me whether you have some Moomin stories in Czech as well? e.g. Mooominland midwinter or Moominpappa's memoirs Thanx 1044 13.8.2002 The following Tove Jansson’s Moomin books are available in Czech: Nevitelné díte a jiné príbehy; Pozde v listopadu; Carovná zima; Kometa; Bláznivé Léto; Tatínek píse pameti. You can check their availability status from the following address:
What is the cultural capitol of Australia? 1043 7.1.2004 I think it´s a matter of taste. I have understood that there is a everlasting battle between Melbourne and Sydney. To my mind it´s probably Melbourne.
I`m a student who studying in library Science. I`m interested in Ask A Librarian and also CDRS (Cooperative Digital Reference Service). so can I ask you some… 1033 29.11.2007 Information about Ask a Librarian can be found for instance in our Archive, by klicking the word Ask a Librarian in our keyword list, on this page below . Also in the Library branch, , section we have some information about the Ask a Librarian (powerpoint) under the heading,… . The Archive is an important part of our service. We store all such answers in the archive which include information that could be of interest to other information seekers. Answers concerning personal matters or personal information are'nt published in the public part of…
I work in a large urban library system and am interested in planning services and programs for older adults (55+). I am especially interested in finding out… 1033 5.11.2008 As much as I know so far there hasn’t been any real game days for older adults organized in Helsinki city libraries. What has been organized already for long in several libraries is computer classes. Most participants belong to group 55+. Other programs mostly for elderly people are reading groups and crossword groups. Also meetings with writers in libraries are popular among older adults. There is a group called ‘Senior group’ in Helsinki city library. The group consists of librarians and is working on developing library services for elderly people. The group is keeping a website where information about services and happenings for elderly people is collected.
Does Finland have a combined gateway or umbrella association for libraries, museums and archives? Where can I find information about it? (Structure, members,… 1030 17.12.2007 Finland does have portals for libraries, in english, at Museums at, but sorry, only in finnish, Archives, also only in finnish: There is no umbrellaorganization.
Do you any books in arabic language 1029 12.7.2011 Yes we have books in Arabic, and in Helsinki the best collection of the those you will find at the Pasila library. To see Helmet’s entire collection of Arabic material please look at the selection listed under the Helmet-link**&searchscope=9&m=&l=ara&b=&Da=&Db=&S…. If you are interested only in books, use this link:**&searchscope=9&m=1&l=ara&b=&Da=&Db=&…. The book collection consists of fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, dictionaries, language courses,… If you click the name of the book, you will get more information about it and see where it is located. If you want the book to be moved to your own library you…
Where would I find information on the Siirtolais Puutarha Alue in the city of Helsinki? 1023 29.8.2001 Helsinki City has rent areas for allotment garden associations until 31.12.2026. These areas can be seen in this adress: and the contact information of the associations are here: .The union of these associations, Suomen Siirtolapuutarhaliitto ry. has also own pages: .Unfortunately all these sites are in Finnish language, but you can send email to Siirtolapuutarhaliitto: and ask for more information in English.
Do you have study book about sokkopingis (sports game for visually impaired and blind)? Book I'm looking for maybe in finnish. 1021 20.8.2014 There is a book name Sokkopingis / Merja Jämsäläinen, Jaakko Tiittanen ; [julkaisija: Näkövammaisten keskusliitto, 2004]. The book is located in the following libraries: Turun yliopiston kirjasto Turku kauppakorkeakoulun kirjasto Oulun yliopiston kirjasto Jyväskylän yliopiston kirjasto Frank Multisearch You can ask interlibrary loan request in your library. Sokkopingiksen säännöt International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Showdown rules (Kansainväisen Näkövammaisten Urheilujärjestön sokkopingissäännöt)
I have 1 book which is overdue and have to return back to Library 10 in Helsinki. Unfortunately I wont visit Helsinki on this month and would like to return it… 1019 27.6.2008 You may return the library book by mail, the address to Library 10 is: Kirjasto 10 Elielinaukio 2 G P.O. Box 4200 If the book happens to get lost in the mail, it will be your responsibility to compensate for it by paying the compensation charge ordered by the owner of the book, the city library in question. Books can also be renewed three times either at our homepage or by telephone. To renew items through the Net you need a PIN code that you can only acquire by visiting a city library in the Helsinki region. The Library 10 telephone number is 09-31085000. Renewals cannot be made if you have unpaid library fees that exceed 5€.
1) How it possible that Central Public Library in Helsinki charges the interlibrary loan. I thought that according to the Library Act/1998 should it be for… 1015 4.6.2009 1a) Interlibrary loans sent from the Central Public Library to another library Current Library Act says in its chapter 4, paragraph 5, that the use of a public library’s own materials on the library premises as well as borrowing them is free of charge. The law stipulates further, that the interlibrary loans that the Central Public Library sends to other public libraries are free of charge. That is what Helsinki City Library does. The receiving library in the other end may charge their customer for an interlibrary loan sent from Helsinki City Library, but that has nothing to do with the latter. According to the law, the library may charge for other services than those mentioned. We do charge academic libraries for the interlibrary loans…
Dear Madame, Dear Sir, I have a question about Finish library statistics. I found the website with a lot of information. I was wondering if there… 1014 20.11.2012 We have a public library statistics -database, but it does’nt include statistics about Internet access in libraries anymore. We had figures on our pages in the early 2000’s, but nowadays we do’nt give those figures anymore, because all public libraries have Internet access (this fact is stated ex.g. on the site of the Ministry of Education and Culture). We can somewhat safely conclude that atleast almost all if not all public libraries provide internet access and computers for their customers. Ministry of Education and Culture The question about WiFi-connections is more difficult. We do'nt have a listing made by libraries. On a service available in the Net…
Is it possible to practice piano at a library in Vantaa? I have read something about this online, but I am not sure where to go. 1013 4.4.2014 Yes, it is possible in Tikkurila kirjasto (music & media). If you want to reserve practicing time for yourself, please call 09 8392 3583. Unfortunately this possibility is now mentioned only on the Finnish page… but we will make the same entries in the English version as soon as possible. Heikki Poroila HelMet-musiikkivarasto
I am looking for some sources regarding the british, german and french visitors to Albania during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. 1012 11.9.2003 Unfortunately we do not have the information you are looking for. However, below are a couple of potentially useful e-mail addresses in Albania. Parliamentary Library of Albania E-mail: Committee for Development and Tourism: E-mail:
Could you tell me which is correct: There is both capital and equity..... or There are both capital and equity 1012 18.10.2007 In speech it is common to use a singular verb after introductory "there", even when the following subject is plural. But in formal writing you should use plural verb, so "There are both capital and equity" is the correct form. Greenbaum, Sidney: "An Introduction to English Grammar" (1991, Longman)
I want to know concise history of finnish public libraries. 1010 12.12.2007 The first public library in Finland was opened in 1794. Members of the Vaasa (town in Western Finland) regional court of appeal established the reading society and reading library for their own amusement, but they also lent books for money to other people in town. Since the library was open for everyone, it is fair to say that it marked the beginnings of public library work in Finland. The first so-called parish or municipal libraries were established in the 1830s and 40s. These can be seen as the genuine predecessors of the modern Finnish public library. The term ´public’ was borrowed from the United States in the beginning of the twentieth century. Finland’s geopolitical position between Sweden and Russia has influenced whole society,…
I found the full text of the Kalevala in project runeberg. Can you tell me if the text can be viewed in English anywhere on the Internet? We are participating… 1008 26.7.2001 You can find The Kalevala full text version in . If you need any further information about Finnish culture and literature you can visit The Finnish Literature Society in . They have a lot of background information about The Kalevala and Finnish literature. If you need more general information about Finland and for example our education or language these pages might be worth visiting: (Finfo), . A good place to start looking for Information about Norvegian and Austrian cultures are the following pages: , .
Good evening, can you tell me something about the organization of the adult's and childern' department of the Helsinki City Library? (how many staff, books,… 1008 10.7.2009 The Helsinki City Library doesn’t have separate departments for adults and children on the organization-level of the whole library. We have 36 libraries and 2 mobile libraries (see, ), separate chlidren’s departments exist in the main library (Pasila) and our biggest branch libraries (Itäkeskus, Kallio, Rikhardinkatu, Töölö and Vuosisaari) and they are run on the library level. Also one of the book mobiles concentrates in children’s material and services. For further information, you can find contact information here,… . The amount of personnel working with children’s services is thus quite difficult to say. You can find…
I'm looking for these books. Could I find them in a library? - Silfverberg Leena, Suomen kielen jatko-oppikirja - Silfverberg Leena, Harjoituskirja suomen… 1007 21.7.2011 You can search our catalogue here where you find the availability of the books in question. Suomen kielen jatko-oppikirja Harjoituskirja suomen kielen jatko-opetusta varten At the moment there are several copies available in different libraries in Espoo. Opening hours Welcome to the library!