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Dear Sir/Madam, I have tried to renew a book that I have borrowed from the city library. However, I found out it didn't work online because it said "You cannot… 678 14.2.2011 We could not check Your customer record because You didn't give Your name. You wrote in English so we could suggest that the obvious reason is that You are not staying permanenntly in Finland? The usual politics is that the library card can be used six months by those not living permanently in Finland. However, You can came to any Helmet library with Your library card and ID and then we can re-activate Your card for another six months. (If this is not the case, please call any Helmet library so that we can check Your customer record.)
So my youngest child has managed to lost one of my rented books, how can I "replace" the book and how does it work? Thank you. 677 17.4.2014 Hi! You can either pay the book in any of the HelMet-libraries or replace the book with a same book. From our user regulations: "Compensating for items and paying the fees You will have to compensate for lost or damaged material by paying a price which is charged according to the item’s value registered in the library’s database. If you wish to substitute a similar item for the material lost or damaged, you will have to settle each case separately with the library."
I,m from Moldova, will you be so kind as to write me when is the National Holiday of Finland. Thanks 675 22.4.2003 In this site you will find national holidays of Finland for years 2003 and 2004
What are some medicine plants in the Daintree Rainforest? 674 31.3.2008 Here you can read about the flora in the Daintree Rainforest, Australia: They say on this site, that the Daintree rainforest is home to one of the highest populations of primitive flowering plants in the world. These ancient plant families may hold secrets to a number of unanswered questions regarding the origins of the flowering plants - plants on which the human race depends for food and medicines. In the Daintree Rainforest many of the plants are deadly poisonous. Medicine plants are often poisonous if wrongly used. There are also plants that are harmful when touched.
How can I find out what is on at La Fenice in Venice 674 4.6.2007 It seems to me that there are no performances in the beginning of September in La Fenice, since there is no information in the calendar of performances before the 23.9.2007,… (i checked both the italian and the english version). You could try contacting the box office, contact information can be found here .
What finnish libraries carry out personal bibliographic informing in the Internet, like Aktiivi-PIKI in Tampere? 673 8.3.2006 As far as I know, Pallas IntroActive system (in Tampere it is called Aktvii-Piki -service)is the only library program used in public libraries in Finland that contains personal bibligraphic informing part of the library services via Internet. But Tampere is not the only library that uses Pallas -library system (+ IntroActive)in Finland. For example Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Porvoo, Kajaani, Seinäjoki, Rovaniemi and Vaasa City Libraries and many other libraries use Pallas library system.
I have some books at my place that I would like to get rid of, is it possible for me to give those books to the Helsinki HELMET library? 673 25.5.2009 Helsinki City Library accepts book donations with pleasure. You could ask your nearest library if they can take books to their collection. Library staff evaluate the donation and decide to take books to collection or not. Library staff pick and choose material according to what kind of material is lacking from collection. Worn out books libraries don't accept.
I like to know building's name and adress where peace treatment will be held in 15th August between Indonesia and Free Aceh Movement. 671 13.8.2005 The peace treatment was signed in the Government Banquet Hall in Helsinki. For further information, see .
I'd like to know political Karelianist's work which assert the establishment of Greater Finland by annexation of Eastern Karelia. 669 17.8.2004 Karelianism is mostly understood to mean the powerful artistic movement, which prevailed at the turn of the century. At that time one of its aims was to bolster the nascent independence movement in Finland, which was still under Tsarist Russia. Finland was a Russian Grand Duchy until Lenin granted Finland independence in 1917. The reasons for Finland’s territorial expansionism are many and varied. Despite the bitter political and emotional scars that resulted from the fierce civil war between the reds and the whites in 1917-1918, Finland was able to unite in the face of the common enemy and fought the Soviet army during the so-called Winter War in 1939-1940. Although the odds were overwhelming against the Finnish army, it was able to…
Is there a library I can use in holidays (sundays)? I'm looking for library which keeps library (more exactly, study room: not wanting to chech out books) open… 669 26.9.2004 Helsinki City Libraries open on Sundays are: Cable Book Library Itäkeskus Library Kallio Library Töölö Llibrary Opening hours, contact information and location on map: Cable Book Library is near Kamppi, but there isn't any study room. Itäkeskus library has a study room (for 48 persons), but the library is in East-Helsinki. Kallio (study room for 8 persons) and Töölö (study room for almost 100 persons) Libraries are both quite near Pasila so perhaps You'll find other or both of them suitable for Your purposes.
I am studying globalization of Finland in my college class and was wanting some information about it. Can you provide me with some areas that I might be able… 668 8.6.2005 I found two publications about the subject in a database called "WorldCat": Timonen, Virpi: Restructuring the welfare state : globalisation and social policy reform in Finland and Sweden. Cheltenham, UK ; Northhampton, Mass. : Edward Elgar Pub.,2003. Nestingen, Andrew K: Why nation? : globalization and national culture in Finland, 1980-2001. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Washington, 2001. There are also some articles about globalization of Finland, that I found in a database called "Ebsco": Sipilä, Jorma: Opening Remarks, 1 July 2001, Tampere. Social Work in Health Care; 2004, Vol. 39 Issue 1/2, p7, 4p. Subjects: business enterprises congresses & conventions international trade globalization Measuring Economic Reversals, Forward…
Greetings! I live in the United States. My family has always believed that our ancestors originated from Italy. Come to find out, we are from Finland! I have… 668 8.10.2001 The address of every person living officially in Finland is available in Population Register Centre (Väestörekisterikeskus) The telephone number is 0600 0 1000 and a call costs 9,95 mk/min + local call charge. The mailing address of Population register centre is Kellosilta 4 PL 7 00520 HELSINKI It might be that your family name was originally Jaakola or Jaakkola. In order to find your ancestors you can contact The Genealogical Society of Finland Liisankatu 16 A FIN-00170 Helsinki Finland Telephone +358-9-278 1188 Fax +358-9-278 1199 E-mail
Can you help me find a list of sixth grade reading books that doesn't include poetry but does include fiction non- fiction, and classics Thanks 665 12.1.2004 Scottsdale public library has listed some books for 6th-graders: . Some schools have made their own lists of recommended literature, for example . Some book pulblishers have also listed their suggestions: . It’s not difficult to find more in the Internet using any search engine by using such search terms as ‘book lists’ and ‘6th grade’. In Helsinki City Library librarians have listed book tips for each grade: They are in Finnish, but there are some originally English books on the list for 5th and 6th grade pupils:…
I am writing a paper on Holocaust autobiographies, and was wondering if you could provide me with a list of autobiographies written by Jews of Russian descent… 665 14.11.2012 Here below are some books which hopefully are useful for you. Unfortunately I can not Russian, so I can't say no more of the books. Source: Union Catalogue of Finnish University Libraries, Linda:… - The complete black book of Russian Jewry / [compiled by] Ilya Ehrenburg, Vasily Grossman ; translated and edited by David Patterson (2003) - Evrei v Vil’no : hronika 1941-1944 / Grigorij Šur (2000) - Strah i družba v našem totalitarnom prošlom / Vladimir Šlâpentoh (2003) - Evrei Samary na frontah Velikoj Otečestvevennoj / [Sost. B. E. Volovel’skaâ i C. N. Segal’] (2002) - Mihoèls : žizn’ i smert’ / M. Gejzer (1998) - Ty dolžna èto vse zabyt’... / Lena…
How many books are published in Finland each year? Of which how many are children's books, and how many of them are translations of foreign books? Are there… 665 28.2.2012 In the year 2010 12 017 books were published in Finland. 2 432 of them were translations into Finnish and 112 into Swedish. In 2008 815 childrens books were published. At this moment it is not possible to have newer information about childrens books because of the updating the statistics of Suomen kustannusyhdistys (the Finnish Book Publishers Association): Sources of information: - Tilastokeskus (Statistics Finland, - Kansalliskirjasto (The National Library of Finland, - Suomen tilastollinen vuosikirja (Statistical…
I want to view issues of Eeva Neule magazine on line. Can you explain how I can do that please? 663 2.1.2002 It seems like Eevaneule-magazine has been published only from 1971 to 1986. In the Helsinki City Library storage we have years 1977 - 1982. They are original paper magazines, there is no on-line version available. You can contact the publisher A-lehdet, in order to find out more about the magazine and its history (e-mail: ).
I am from Argentina.I am looking for information about environmental education.I am a teacher. I know you have books about it. 663 4.8.2008 Hi! I found you some books about enviromental ecucation. You can find more information about them in librarycatalogues Helmet (Helsinki metropolian area library) and Helka (Universtiy of Helsinki). These you can find in Helmet 1. Good practices in Northern watercourses : community development, river restoration and environmental education / Varpu Savolainen (ed.) 2. Education for democracy as a part of education for sustainable development : 4th International Journal of Teacher Education and Training Conference : post-conference book / Juhani Hytönen (ed.) 3. Water in our life and environment : Socrates/Comenius 1.1 school project 2004-2007 / [editors: Eija Liisa Sokka-Meaney, Eila Kuokkanen] 4. Teacher education for…
Where can I find a list of publishers of children's books that are located in Texas? 663 14.8.2002 Hello, Here are some links that might help you. Children`s Book Council`s webpage has an online member list, but only one of the publishers (the first one) is located in Texas has a list of publishers webpages, but you have to check each link separately to find out the location. Children`s book publishers in United States: Click e.g Gryphon House Books and you can choose a state and find stores located in Texas Book Publishers of Texas has a membership directory
I have a question from you. whats is the name of ifla presedent? 662 11.10.2013 Sinikka Sipilä (
I would like to know if i can find any books related to Physics and maths in english for using as reference materials for entrance examinations like TTK etc? 661 27.5.2009 Click Advanced search on the first page of HelMet database To find material in English use the link language. Type matematiikka oppikirjat. Type fysiikka oppikirjat Help for you