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Dear Wonderful Librarian: I am an English-speaking student studying Finnish, and I was wondering if you could direct me to a list of books suitable for a… 700 3.11.2008 I presume that you are writing from Minnesota. If so, how do you intend to acquire these books? We have an interlibrary loans department here in the Helsinki City Library. You can go to your local library and asked them are they willing to make these interlibrary loan requests from Finland. Postal costs can be inhibitive but if you are willing to make that investment, we are more than willing to send you these books. We have no ready list of these books, but books that would fall within the scope you described are called “selkokirjat” in Finnish, in other words, books with somewhat simplified syntax and vocabulary. You can go to our bibliographic database and by using the advanced search and write in the search field selkokirjat, then…
I,m from Moldova, will you be so kind as to write me when is the National Holiday of Finland. Thanks 699 22.4.2003 In this site you will find national holidays of Finland for years 2003 and 2004
I'm a student engineer, looking for drawings of transportation devices by Leonardo da Vinci ; do you know where I could find them? Thank you by advance! 698 1.4.2004 Try these sites on the Internet for Leonardo's drawings:… and and Instituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza at We also have a cd-rom called "Leonardo the inventor" in the public libraries that might interest you.
I am looking for information about web forms and web usability 698 16.11.2001 Here’s some information about webforms and web usability: Links: (including some downloads) Books (available in libraries): Heslop, Brent : HTML publishing on the Internet for Windows Nielsen, Jakob : Designing Web usability Tyler, Denise : Macromedia Flash 5
Is it possible to rent equipment for video and photo shooting? 697 4.6.2014 There are some video cameras in Helmet libraries you can borrow. Here you can find the libraries:… Also from Finnish borrowing service Kuinoma you can rent and borrow goods for a cheap price from the private market. You find Kuinoma and cameras here: Here are some information about Kuinoma in English:
Where can I find a list of publishers of children's books that are located in Texas? 695 14.8.2002 Hello, Here are some links that might help you. Children`s Book Council`s webpage has an online member list, but only one of the publishers (the first one) is located in Texas has a list of publishers webpages, but you have to check each link separately to find out the location. Children`s book publishers in United States: Click e.g Gryphon House Books and you can choose a state and find stores located in Texas Book Publishers of Texas has a membership directory
I would like to access information about printing before Gutenberg's time, emphasise on Chinese wood printers, Korean an Japanese printing, the oldest found… 694 22.5.2009 You cand find books about subject by finnish words kirjoitusjärjestelmät historia (= system of writing, history) from Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries (HelMet): The story of writing : with over 355 illustrations, 50 in colour / Robinson, Andrew Kirjoituksen lumo = The metamorphoses of writing Writing : the story of alphabets and scripts / Georges Jean A history of writing / Albertine Gaur The alphabetic labyrinth : the letters in history and imagination / Johanna Drucker More books in HelMet catalogue:*fin/X?SEARCH=kirjoitusj%C3%A4rjestelm%C3%A4… Internetlinks in about subject:…
Can u give the information about the "researchers dig into hell" which they heard a sound from hell. can you give me the information. Thank you. There's an… 693 19.6.2002 Hello there! Because you know so exactly the name of the article you can give us little bit more information where you have heard about it. I searched with Internet search services and some other sources - no result. If I may say my opinion this "article" is more like a short story or novel than research or fact. Kind of a horror story If I may guess. So we here in the library try to search it from fiction shelves. Little bit extra information from your side couldn't do any harm. With regards Librarian
Why the Kirjasto 10 called 10? 693 11.8.2015 Library 10 is located at Postitalo, which used to be the main post office of Helsinki. The building is not anymore owned by Posti but it still contains a post office on its ground floor. The post office has been commonly known as "Helsinki 10" because the postal code for city center of Helsinki is 00100. Library 10 is located on upper floor of "Helsinki 10". That’s why the name "Library 10" was chosen.
I am looking for information in English on the topic of using volunteers in libraries in Finland, both in the past and at present. 693 27.12.2011 There are some scientific research below partly about your topic. The second one is in Finnish, but there is an abstract in English.……
Dear Sir or Madam, I started to study portuguese a few weeks ago. Now Iam looking for simple reading books, like the Little Prince in portuguese. Which of you… 693 9.10.2012 Pasila Library has the largest collection of books in Portugese.
Do you hold a list of the publishing companies in Helsinki? Would like to know who the top 5 publishing companies are in Helsinki, Finland. 692 29.1.2001 The Finnish publishing companies can be found on the internet It's a bit hard to rank them, but here is the ranking list The WSOY Group is Finland's largest publishing house and the market leader in general literature and educational materials: The Edita Group: Gummerus Kustannus Oy Otava publishing company and Weilin+Göös Oy Kustannusosakeyhtiö Tammi Some of the publishing companies homepages contain the information only in finnish. If you are looking for publishing companies which specialise on some area, e.g. medicine then then the ranking list would be would be…
My question is: the city of Turku has honoured a famous dutchman. Do you know the name of the person? Thanks for the effort. Greetings from Holland. 691 11.1.2005 There is a street called Peter Thorwöste road in Turku. Peter Thorwöste was a dutchman, who lived in Turku in the 17th century, and died here 1659. He was a well-known tradesman and industrialist, he founded for example ironworks in Fiskars. Some further information about Fiskars you can find here: Could this Peter Thorwöste be "the famous dutchman" you are looking for? If he is not, could you please give us more information about the man you are trying to identify. When did he live? What did he do for living?
What finnish libraries carry out personal bibliographic informing in the Internet, like Aktiivi-PIKI in Tampere? 691 8.3.2006 As far as I know, Pallas IntroActive system (in Tampere it is called Aktvii-Piki -service)is the only library program used in public libraries in Finland that contains personal bibligraphic informing part of the library services via Internet. But Tampere is not the only library that uses Pallas -library system (+ IntroActive)in Finland. For example Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Porvoo, Kajaani, Seinäjoki, Rovaniemi and Vaasa City Libraries and many other libraries use Pallas library system.
Definition of Chat Reference Service? 690 20.9.2004 Chat service is online service. You can discuss in real time. And if we talk for example about library chat, you'll get the answer immediately without waiting as by email. One chat definition : "Chat service refers to online, interactive, remote transactions with patrons" (see : ) Information of chat services and products you can find here:
I am looking for biographical information on Gustaf Nybom, a Finnish sea captain, born in Oulu, who became a head of the Alaska Commercial Company in the late… 690 6.5.2004 Hello I could find this information about Gustaf Ferdinand Nybom (Niebaum). I am sorry, but he was not born in Oulu but in Helsinki on August 30th 1842. The source of information is NIEBAUM-COPPOLA WINEYARD HOMEPAGE and the adress is: I could find another article on the Internet and the adress is: There is one publication about Niebaum-Coppola Winery. The title of the book is "A SENCE OF PLACE : AN INTIMATE PORTRAIT OF THE NIEBAUM-COPPOLA WINERY AND THE NAPA VALLEY" by Steven Koplan and Francis Ford Coppola. Routhledge, 1999. ISBN 0415920043. I hope, this information makes it possible for you to continue your work…
Dear Sir/Madam, I have tried to renew a book that I have borrowed from the city library. However, I found out it didn't work online because it said "You cannot… 689 14.2.2011 We could not check Your customer record because You didn't give Your name. You wrote in English so we could suggest that the obvious reason is that You are not staying permanenntly in Finland? The usual politics is that the library card can be used six months by those not living permanently in Finland. However, You can came to any Helmet library with Your library card and ID and then we can re-activate Your card for another six months. (If this is not the case, please call any Helmet library so that we can check Your customer record.)
So my youngest child has managed to lost one of my rented books, how can I "replace" the book and how does it work? Thank you. 688 17.4.2014 Hi! You can either pay the book in any of the HelMet-libraries or replace the book with a same book. From our user regulations: "Compensating for items and paying the fees You will have to compensate for lost or damaged material by paying a price which is charged according to the item’s value registered in the library’s database. If you wish to substitute a similar item for the material lost or damaged, you will have to settle each case separately with the library."
How can I find out what is on at La Fenice in Venice 688 4.6.2007 It seems to me that there are no performances in the beginning of September in La Fenice, since there is no information in the calendar of performances before the 23.9.2007,… (i checked both the italian and the english version). You could try contacting the box office, contact information can be found here .
Weather conditions in Helsinki in October. 688 30.9.2004 The main factor influencing Finland's climate is the country's geographical position between the 60th and 70th northern parallels in the Eurasian continent's coastal zone, which shows characteristics of both a maritime and a continental climate, depending on the direction of air flow. The mean temperature in Finland is several degrees (as much as 10°C in winter) higher than that of other areas in these latitudes, e.g. Siberia and south Greenland. The temperature is raised by the Baltic Sea, inland waters and, above all, by airflows from the Atlantic, which are warmed by the Gulf Stream. For more information visit the website of the Finnish Meteorological Institute On the site http://www.…