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Can I borrow an e-book reader or a tablet in the Finnish libraries? 608 22.11.2013 You can borrow both an e-book reader and a tablet from some Helmet-libraries (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen):… You can find out the situation of the libraries in other citys from the websites:
Does espoon keskus library has free wifi for visitors? 608 21.12.2016 You can use public Wi-Fi / WLAN in all Espoo city libraries, including the Entresse Library in the Espoo Centre. Of the available wireless networks choose Espoo_asiakas. No password needed. Just click OK on the webpage you get in a web browser, and you should be online.
I am looking for material (books, cassetes, videos, CDs etc) for studying Danish (the language) on my own. Could you kindly tell me where would it be… 606 10.4.2001 There are some Danish courses in English in the public libraries: Jones, W. Glyn : Colloquial Danish--a complete language course. 1998 Danish phrase book / compiled by Lexus Ltd with Gert Ronberg. 1998 Garde, Anna: Danish dictionary--English-Danish--Danish-English. 1995 | Scandinavian phrase book & dictionary. 1995 Elsworth, Bente: Danish--a complete course for beginners . 1994 The availability of these courses you can check in this Internet adress:
I'm an American who recently completed a documentary that will reduce violence, crime, and murders, and perhaps become the most watched film ever because… 606 15.11.2011 At least television companys and film distributor companys buy films in Finland. Here you can see the list of television channels in Finland: And here below are film distributor companys in Finland:
Where can I find information concerning toypoodles? 605 6.4.2010 Something about toy poodles(very little) is in the book Diane Morgan: The poodle : an owner's survival guide. In Amazon you can find more books concerning toy poodles… Something in Internet…
How many articles have been issued in your country about the last Presidential Elections in the USA and what is your overall opinion regarding Bush's… 602 26.11.2004 In Finnish Aleksi- article database nearly 60 articles were found concerning this topic. Besides, the newspapers and periodicals published hundreds of news reports. Unto Hämäläinen claims in his article (Helsingin Sanomat 2004-11-06) that according to opinion polls, about 90% of Finns were on Kerrys side before the Presidential Elections in the USA. We did not find usable information concerning the attitudes in Finland regarding Bush's reelection after the Presidential Elections.
Where do I find a RELIABLE list of the top 500 companies operating in Finland (all industries) listed according to earnings/year? 602 23.8.2005 The central Finnish journal of business economics called "Talouselämä" traditionally publishes a list of 500 Finnish top companies. The web address of the journal is The third link from the left on the main page, YRITYSTIETO, gives you the list, which is also available in English. Contact information for the companies is not shown, so you should look for it in some company register, for instance
Among all the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, how many works contain sunflower? 598 19.1.2009 In the internet there is a complete list of all the sunflower paintings of Vincent van Gogh, see: It seems, that these paintings are eleven.
What is Finnish award,"Lion" with its origin & goal? 598 24.4.2002 Here is some short information of the Order of the Lion of Finland: The Order of the Lion of Finland was founded on September 11, 1942. It was introduced in an effort to preserve the prestige of the Order of the White Rose of Finland, which could have been diminished if granted too frequently, and to facilitate the awarding of honours for various types of merit. The Lion of Finland is awarded for civilian and military merit. The ribbon for all classes of insignia is dark red. The classes of the Order of the Lion of Finland are: Commander Grand Cross of the Order of the Lion of Finland Commander, First Class, of the Order of the Lion of Finland Commander of the Order of the Lion of Finland Pro Finlandia Medal of the Order of the Lion of…
I am trying to save some videos from without installing new programs. I have been using and I find it really good but sometimes I… 598 17.10.2008 There are many services for converting media from one to another, but online services are rare. For ex. there is Media Convert ( ), where you can convert files from one format to another from your computer, but first you need to be able to download files. For ex. there is an addon for Mozilla Firefox ( ) called Video DownloadHelper ( ) that enables downloading media files from different sites. Or, there is an online service Downloader9 ( ) for downloading directly from YouTube to your computer. In terms of copyrights and licences, it is the user’s responsibility to make sure that such downloading is legal. In…
Dear Sir or Madam, I'm a LIS student from Potsdam, who is preparing his thesis. At the moment I'm searching for libraries in Northern Europe,Israel, USA,… 596 24.4.2007 Helsinki City Library has no specific program concerning the issues you are interested in. However, the starting point for all activities in our library is that people are not discriminated for any reason at all be it a question of age, gender, ethnic background or sexual orientation or predilection.
Can I return the books which I borrowed from Helmet Entresse to Helmet Omena ? Thank you. 594 12.8.2013 Yes, you can. Any book borrowed from a Helmet library can be returned to another Helmet library. For example the book which you have borrowed from Entresse can be returned to all the Helmet libraries in Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen.
Can get web sites and /or addresses of Finnish companies for smartcard based business solutions, such as: - T&A Clocking - Access Control - IT Security -… 591 28.11.2007 Here is the site of Aldata –group It is one of the leading Finnish companies that sells smart card solutions to business. For instance our library has a smart card solution from them. On this page you’ll find their customers in different countries on retail and wholesale branch: They'll probably will tell you more about their finnish customers by e-mail if you contact them.
What is the iso vihan aika? I have seen it mentioned many times in Finnish histories but it has never been explained. 591 2.5.2002 "Isoviha" is the certain period in Sweden-Finland's history between 1700-1721. You can read more about Finland's history in
History of the town Karis, Karjaa - earliest date for the origin of the name and meaning of Karis Thank you 589 25.4.2003 The history of Karjaa is long and impressive. The earliest population dates back to the stone age, about 10 000 years back. Between 500 B.C. and 900 A.D. Karjaa was one of the most densely populated areas in Finland. For the first time Karjaa was mentioned in script in 1326 A.D. The name was spelled "Kariis". Later on it was also spelled "Karis", "Karisa" and "Caris". Unfortunately the philologists disagree on the origin of the name. It looks like that the Swedish name "Karis" is a translation of the Finnish name "Karjaa". Where does this come from, nobody knows reliably. The archaelogists say that there was a very strong influence from Estonia, especially from Saaremaa Islans, where there is a county called "Karja" (= Carries). According…
Information about Kirjamaatti at Ideapark. Where did the idea come from? How does it work? Is it successful? Kiitos 589 31.8.2007 Please, contact directly Mrs Kristiina Suominen Lempäälä City Library. She will give You firsthand information. (email Library information:
Why purple colour is used for psychotherapy? 589 22.1.2009 You probably mean colour therapy, which is not a branch of classical psychotherapy. On the other hand, arts therapy is widely accepted as valid treatment among classical psychotherapists as well, but in this kind of arts therapy, separate colours hardly have special meaning or significance. In colour therapy, the colour purple can be interpreted in several ways. Have a look e.g. at the following links:
I am looking for a book 'Sonja Gehring, Sanni Heinzmann: Suomen mestari 1' to loan but i couldnn't find it. Please help me and point me to near library in… 587 19.1.2012 The nearest libraries to your area are Nöykkiö and Entresse libraries. You can go to either one and ask the librarian to make a reservation of the book 'Suomen mestari 1' for you. You can also make a reservation through internet, but if you have not used it before, you could ask the librarian to show you how to use it. Here are the opening hours and address of these two libraries: Nöykkiö Opening hours Mon, Tue, Thu 14-20, Wed, Fri 9-16, Sat 10-16 Address Oxfotintie 4 Mailing address PL 3613, 02070 ESPOON KAUPUNKI Telephone 09 8165 7734 E-mail Homepage Nöykkiön kirjasto Entresse Opening hours Mon-Fri 8.30-20, Sat 10-16, Sun 12-18 Address Siltakatu 11 Mailing address PL 3605, 02070 ESPOON KAUPUNKI…
I'm wondering if there's printing possibilities in Helsinki Library 10 or Kallio available? If so, how much does it cost (A4, black & white)? Thanks in… 586 10.3.2016 It is possible to print in Library 10 and Kallio Library, as well as in all the HelMet Libraries. One page costs 40 cents. In the libraries, where there is the self service printing possibility, You can print five sheets in three months free-of-charge.…
I'm searching for reference material on Sewage, concerning treatment methods, environmental implication and monitoring methods 584 18.4.2002 There's a link from the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission's webbsite to the OceanPortal. The address is When you search the sites using the word sewage as searchword, you will find several interesting articles on your subject. There are also some articles to be found in the Ebsco database that might be of interest to you, but I think you will find the links from OceanPortal superb. You can use the Ebsco database for instance in the public libraries in Helsinki.