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Dear Mr. /Ms. Librarian, I am a master degree student in the Tallinn Technology University in Estonia and making some research for my thesis on the history of… 329 21.8.2012 There is one lendable copy of the book in Helsinki University Library. It´s a text material, so I think it`s not available via pdf, but You can order the book as an interlibrary loan via some Estonian library. It´s borrowed right now, but it should be free from 3.9.
How can I connect with a historian over the internet in Kittila, Finland? 413 21.8.2012 Kittilä is a minor place, it very likely that there are no historians who are specialized in Kittilä history. Since you gave information about your family, i guess you are interested in your family history. I would recommend you to contact the Kittila parish for more information. A helpful source of information to a genealogist in Finland is Sukututkimusseura (The Genealogical Society of Finland) and their database Hiski:… It is also worth looking of the parish register of Kittilä: email address to Kittilä parish is…
When is there story telling in english at your library? 340 16.8.2012 There is an English story hour on Wednesdays at 3 pm - 4.30 pm in the Sello Library in children's section. It is open for children of any age and must come with parent or guardian. Here is the address: Sello Library Leppävaarankatu 9 02600 Espoo (Leppävaara)
Is it possible to order or recommend the purchase of an item not currently in the library? if so, can i do it online? i am a member. thanks 755 26.7.2012 It is possible, but we have only form in Finnish. You can do it online in this address:
I want to know about your virtual reference service? 1015 24.7.2012 Ask a Librarian is the joint digital reference service of Finnish libraries. It’s situated in the site, the national library portal for Finnish libraries. is produced by Helsinki City Library (National Development Unit) and it’s financed by the Ministry of Education. The Ask a Librarian started in the year 1999. Answers are given in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Ask a Librarian has a public archive, where answers are stored and can be used by other information seekers. The archive also exists in three languages, here is the link to the english version . The question is sent in via a web form, the answer is delivered to the email-address given by the customer.…
I am a Library Science student looking at Finnish libraries, and I was hoping to ask a few questions: • What is the degree necessary for working as a librarian… 870 19.7.2012 You can find answers to all your questions from Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture: The Finnish School Library Association:
Can I use the computer and printer if I am not a member of the library (visitor)? 852 17.7.2012 Yes, you can use library's computer and printer in any library even though you're not member of the library. We can make a visitor reservation for you if you have your ID's with you.
I am a librarian from National Taiwan University Library. We received some journals from "Centre d’échange des publications scientifiques" for free of charge… 7514 10.7.2012 The address of The Exchange Centre for Scientific Literature (Tieteellisen kirjallisuuden vaihtokeskus) is Mariankatu 5, 00170 Helsinki. It is probably the right place for you. You can find contact information and also the website from the below:
I have recently read a danish book: Biblioteket i byudviklingen (library in city development) by Casper Hvenegaard Rasmussen. He has a picture from af library… 809 28.6.2012 Here's some pictures from Library 10: Maybe the same pictures? You can contact to Library 10 and ask more, here is contact information:
I search a statistica about Vallila Library , Helsinski. Something like an annual report with loan/by habitant, number of book and other think of their… 270 20.6.2012 2011 Vallila library's collection was about 26 000 items and there was 163 000 loans. Book in finnish form the main part of the collection (21 000 items) but there are also books in swedish and english (about 2 000), dvds (700), cds (1800)
Where I can find the e-mail address of croatian immigrants club in Helsinki? 733 12.6.2012 Do you mean Finnish-Croatian Society (Suomi-Kroatia Seura)? The email address is
Please where I can find online library from where I could buy book Kalevala? I would like to have one in Finnish language. 903 21.5.2012 You don’t need to buy Kalevala: you can find it from Project Gutenberg at Kalevala is a very old book so it’s not copyrighted anymore. You can read and copy it as you like. You can download Kalevala in a format suitable for you. There is also the English version at
I would like to come to Finland next year for several months and I hope to find a job. I already had two professional experiences in French libraries … 710 16.4.2012 "Unfortunately it`s very difficult to to get a job in a library in Finland if you don`t know finnish, even if you have education as an librarian. If you are e.g native english speaker, there are of course some possibilities to work in certain organizations or communities without knowing finnish." Source:… Open vacancies: Employment and Economic Development Office of Finland:
How do people in remote areas get books? 1118 11.4.2012 People in remote areas get books by lending them in Bookbuses or Mobile libraries. I got the question to here Rovaniemi, Northern Finland. But the same is in the remote places in Eastern Finland or Ostrobothnia. There are bookbuses in 12 municipalicities from 21municipalities in Lapland and two bookbuses, which are common with many communities also in Sweden and Norway.… “Collaboration with the neighbouring area also involves the activities of two mobile libraries: the Muonio mobile library runs in four municipalities in Finland, in Sweden and Norway and the Karasjoki mobile library in three…
I want to book a time to practice piano at the library next to Rautatienasema. Is it possible? How do I do it? 1005 5.4.2012 You can book the piano room in Library 10 by phone or via Internet. The phone number is 09 3108 5000. The room can also be booked at Choose “Library 10” and click “Show available times”. Then check “Workspaces” and choose the number 41 (“Practice room Electric piano”). You need your library card number and pin code when booking the room.
I'm writing a research about immigration of people from arabic countries to Scandinavia(espesially Sweden).Could you help me to find some materials for this… 473 3.4.2012 Here are some books that might help you: Books in Finnish University Libraries: Larsson, Göran: Islam and muslims in Sweden : integration or fragmentation? : a contextual study. (Berlin 2007) Gustafsson Figueroa, Kerstin: För Guds skull : muslimer i Sverige (Stockholm 2007) Otterbeck, Jonas: Islam, muslimer och den svenska skolan (Lund 2000) Mellanöstern här [redaktör: Claes Wahlöö]. (Lund 2004) Roald, Anne Sofie: Muslimer i nya samhällen : om individuella och kollektiva rättigheter (Göteborg 2009) Andersson, Åsa: Där hemma, här borta : möten med Orienten i Sverige och Norge (Stockholm 2001) Carlbom, Aje: The imagined versus the real other : multiculturalism and the representation of muslims in Sweden (Lund…
To whom it may concern, I am now completing my M.A. thesis on Nordic Women's Life-writing and trying to find the English version of Selma Lagerlöf’s Ett… 357 2.4.2012 I couldn't find the books you asked for in any library in Finland but both books can be found in Stockholm, Sweden. "The diary of Selma Lagerlöf" is available in Stockholm City Library and you can make an interlibrary loan for that book. "Memories of My Childhood" can be found in Kungliga Biblioteket (National Library of Sweden) but it seems the book can be used only in the Reading Room. You can also send your question to a swedish "Ask a Librarian -service" Bibblan svarar:
When was the latest library building build? And how did you name it? 757 27.3.2012 Do you mean latest library building built in Finland? I can´t name the latest but Helsinki University Library's City Centre Campus Library should be finished in the spring of 2012. The building will be named 'the Kaisa Building' after Kaisaniemi neighbourhood. More information: Pictures:
I,m looking for words to a children,s siong about a shepherd boy and his birch bark horn 903 26.3.2012 A song called "Paimenen laulu" (or Paimenlaulu = A shepherd's song) was translated and published by composer P.J.Hannikainen at the beginning of 1900's. It is said to be composed by A. Klauwell (though it might as well be a folk tune). The complete Finnish lyrics are available at Wikisource page Sheet music can be found for example in the songbook "Suuri toivelaulukirja 10". There are no Englis lyrics for this song, but a rough translation would go like this: 1. I am a young shepherd, happy as a bird. All day long I play on my birch bark horn. 2. When the cattle bells are ringin, and birds are singing too. I like to answer them on my birch bark horn. 3. When the evening comes, I…
/ Hello, I would like to understand the professional preparation of librarians in Finland. In the United States where I am from, practicing librarians have a… 793 22.3.2012 In Finland you can study information studies in many places depending on the level you want to reach. You can do higher level studies at Univeristy of Tampere, Univeristy of Oulu and Åbo Academy University. At university you can do Master's degree or Bachelor's degree (lower academic degree) in information studies. It is also possible to do the Licentiate and the Doctoral Degree studies. There are also researchers at the branch. If you have a Master´s degree your title or graduate profile can be e.g Information Management Specialist, Information Specialist, Librarian, Chief Librarian or Head of Information Services. You can also study information studies at polytechnic schools in Oulu, Turku and Seinäjoki. At polytechnic you can do…