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My grandson has a summer reading project to complete before school begins this August. He and I are trying to obtain information about Finland's status… 365 17.5.2016 In short, Finland and Germany were allies from 1941 to 1944. During that time German troops were based in Finland, but the country retained an independent democratic government and was never occupied. The co-operation ended in 1944, and Finland declared war on Germany. Here are some worthwhile sources of information online. ThisisFINLAND by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: An article by C. Peter Chen in World War II Database: In Wikipedia:… Printed sources: Lunde, Henrik: Finland's War Of Choice: The Troubled German-Finnish Coalition in World War II (a…
I was in Pasila Library this morning and registered for a library card. I checked out 2 books. Then decided to get 2 movie cd's. I made a mistake of pressing… 352 20.4.2016 You only have four loans at the moment and none of them have been booked twice. At times it may happen that an item is printed twice on the receipt but it does not mean that you have made a double loan. You can check your loans at Log in through the link at the top of the page, then click your own name and then the link Loans.
I have returned an item yesterday -"the Lost plays" by Agatha Christie -but it's still on my record today and the fee is still coming. Could you, please, check… 430 11.4.2016 We discussed of this situation at gmail and everything is now ok. I took the fee away and returned "The lost plays". You have returned it and it´s missing at library. You have no more responsibility of that loan.
I want to take workshop for teaching drawing and painting for kids free of cost. Can i rent class room in library. 484 14.3.2016 you can ask rooms for example from regional libraries of Espoo. if you do not charge participants, the rooms are usually free of charge.,, and
I'm wondering if there's printing possibilities in Helsinki Library 10 or Kallio available? If so, how much does it cost (A4, black & white)? Thanks in… 704 10.3.2016 It is possible to print in Library 10 and Kallio Library, as well as in all the HelMet Libraries. One page costs 40 cents. In the libraries, where there is the self service printing possibility, You can print five sheets in three months free-of-charge.…
I'd like to know whether the Finnish libraries have a central catalogue, open to everyone, to check in which Finnish library a book is to be found. Fot… 461 2.3.2016 You can localize materials in Finnish libraries using Frank Multisearch (see the link below). You can find library books and other materials from almost all the Finnish libraries that are open and also from several different databases simultaneously.
My name is Renan, I'm from Brazil, i'll start to study Library degree in 2016, my goal since 13 years is work or study in Finland or Nordic Countries, I… 437 21.2.2016 You can find very much information from the website of Finnish National Board of Education (Opetushalitus): Information about qualification requirements in libraries you can find here, but unfortunately just in Finnish and Swedish:
Can I book a meeting room for tomorrow from 16:30 to 18:00? Thanks. 421 2.2.2016 Please contact the library from which you want to reserve a conference room. HelMet Libraries contacts
Is there a CD recording of a Finish military or military-type brass band playing FINlANDIA? 532 27.1.2016 You probably mean Finlandia, op. 26 by Jean Sibelius. There are some CD recordings of the complete Finlandia played by a Finnish military(-type) brass band. I found these four: 1. 90 vuotta suomalaista sotilasmusiikkia : Puolustusvoimien juhlalevy (2 CDs and 1 DVD, Puolustusvoimat SAMCD 90, 2008) (Finlandia played by Sotilasmusiikkikoulu) 2. Viimeinen asemiesilta (Poptori 50181052, 2006) (Finlandia played by Kaartin soittokunta, the hymn part sung by two male choirs) 3. Puolustusvoimien Varusmiessoittokunta 17: Suomalaista sotilasmusiikkia 3 (PEttus-os SAMCD-22, 2003) (Finlandia played Puolustusvoimien Varusmiessoittokunta 17) 4. Haminan Soittokunta: Viisi vuotta (Haminan Soittokunta HamSKCD-1, 2001) (Finlandia played by Haminan…
I am getting the message that you can not renew any item as your registration has expired. Please suggest the needful. 485 17.1.2016 You should visit the library in person and take ID card with you. We'll then continue your registration and the renewals will function again. Sorry for your trouble! Find your library:
I am writing an academic article about public libraries and I need to send out my online questionnaires to Finnish public librarians. Who should I contact or… 638 8.1.2016 There are several possibilities where to send your online questionnaires, depending on the nature of your survey. You have to decide to whom you want to send your questionnaires. You could think about whether you would like to send the questionnaires for the library administration (library directors etc.) or individual librarians. It could also be useful to think which libraries you want to include. The provincial libraries are the libraries that are in charge of the public library service in their regions. In addition to them, there are several smaller libraries and branch libraries. Frank Metasearch -site includes a list of all Finnish public libraries and provincial libraries: After deciding which…
I have a question about corwypited material that has been changed and then used in a performance. I am a voiceover artist who is also in University. I have… 429 21.12.2015 First, we have to tell you that we are not copyright specialists, so this answer has been given by amateurs. According the Finnish Copyright Law (“Tekijänoikeuslaki”,, translations and adaptations are protected by the law, so you need a permission from the author when making adaptations. If it’s the same text in other words, I think it will be considered an adaptation. In the Finnish Copyright Law, there is no fair use as in USA.
I would like to know information related to YKI test validity period. Is there any time limit how long YKI test result is valid ? I have taken the test almost… 1863 9.12.2015 If you have completed the national language proficiency test in the years 2002-2011 skill level 3, it´s still qualified to apply for citizenship. YKI test standard has changed 1.1.2012. You can view the current qualification requirements of the Finnish immigration service website.… Carried out with sufficient skill level, the national language proficiency test is valid without a time limit. You can ask for more information, call the Customer service of the Immigration Services. Customer service is available between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday on +358 295 419 600.
I'm from Brazil and I have do a academic work and Did can you answer any questions about reference service? Supposed I need a book, a book about the museum in… 461 4.12.2015 Here below is the website of The Viking Ship Museum in Norway (Oslo): There is also a viking ship museum in Danmark (Roskilde): You can find books published by this museum here:… Here is also some books about viking ships: - The Viking Ship / Gareth Williams - The Viking Longship / Jørn Olav Løset - The age of the Vikings / Anders Winroth Maybe there is something useful for you also in these websites:…
Dear Librarian, I founded home "Lost: first and second completed season" at DVD in english, french and spanish in origin. Subtittles are also available. I don… 659 12.11.2015 You can bring the DVD to the library, if they have a place for donations and voluntary recycling of materials (many libraries in Helsinki do have). Unfortunately the library itself is not allowed to receive movies as donations, since we have to get a license and pay for it for copyright reasons. Best wishes Heikki Poroila
You are an appreciable "Ask a librarian" service. Are all the questions you've been asked archived ? Are those archives available to all the public ? Are they… 461 12.11.2015 Thank you very much! We have saved all answers since we started in year 1998. You can find them here (this is the search, the newest answers are listed here . The most part of the answers are available, only those containing personal information that can't be published is hidden. Our RSS-feeds are at present only in Finnish, but we should of course include all languages (Finnish, Swedish and English) in the feed. This is the addres to our RSS-feed,… . I'll enquire about the change, it might not be to difficult to change it in near future.
Are there any books by Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov in Finnish language available for borrowing from the library?? Thanks 501 9.11.2015 I didn´t find any books by Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov in Finnish. I tried to search in where is Frank Multisearch for all the finnish libraries. Also I searched in Google without success.
Good afternoon, I´m an exchange student in Helsinki for some months, and I will like to learn to sew and if possible make my own socks and hat. Is there any… 855 26.10.2015 Helsinki Adult Education Center (Helsingin työväenopisto) organises sewing courses (also for English speaking people).… (sorry, but the pages are only in Finnish).……
Dear Sir/Madam, I'm doing a small marketing research about Finnish hair salons and barber shops and I faced one question that I have been searching for for a… 663 17.10.2015 There is information about barber shops and hair salons at Tilastokeskus (Statistics Finland) web pages. Year 2012 was the newest I found, and then there were 13 706 hairdressers and barbers in Finland (… ) Verohallinto (Tax Administration) tells there were 12 283 barber and hairdressing businesses in Finland in the same year 2012.
Friends, I am Ravinder I completed my International Master degree in Digital Library Learning from Norway, Estonia and Italy and have few years of experience… 430 5.10.2015 NG hoitaa.