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Terve - At what age may children visit the library without parents (by themselves)? Kiitos - Laura 644 10.8.2015 Hei! There are no age limits for visiting library in Jyväskylä. With parent’s permission children are allowed to visit the library by themselves at any age.
Again. The site is reliable? 594 30.6.2015 Since the site is kept up by The ministry of employment and the economy ( ), I would consider it to be reliable.
I'm doing research and want to know the meaning of the word: erikoiskirjastonhoitaja. And what makes this profession? 745 30.6.2015 Basically each library can decide which titles are used for the members of its staff. The title 'erikoiskirjastonhoitaja' is used mostly in public libraries. As far as I know, in Helsinki City Library the title is usually translated into English as 'specialized librarian'. Just like librarians ('kirjastonhoitaja') and information specialists ('informaatikko'), specialized librarians are required to have a university degree in librarianship. The salary of a specialized librarian is a little higher than that of a librarian and a little lower than that of an information specialist. The middle salary of specialized librarians in Finnish public libraries in October 2013 was 2478 € per month (…
What is the average salary of a librarian in Finland? Which source do I search for more information ? There is a librarian average salary history? 890 22.6.2015 The average salary of a full-time librarian in Finland (both sexes, municipal libraries) has been 2583 e/month in 2014. The table (Finnish) -->… Please search for more info :… (English) (English) (Statistics Finland - Home)
How can I book a meeting room in Kirjasto 10. now I see only possibility to book computer. I need to book room 40. Thanks. Regards, Seema 611 10.6.2015 You can book a meeting room via "Book a computer or a workplace" -service. Select the library, click "Worksplace" and You can choose a room to book.
I am living in Kajaani and noticed that with, I can borrow books from Helsinki City Library (HelMet) using the library card. Unfortunately I do… 786 4.5.2015 I am sorry, but in order to get a library card in HelMet-system, you have to visit the Helsinki metropolitan area personally and prove your identity. Your address in the card can quite well be in Kajaani. In future we probably will have more equal system in the whole country and then this will be easier.
I am a French librarian, I visited your library (Sello library in Espoo) in October and I saw in the children library "woolhats" against noise. Could you say… 863 23.4.2015 The "woolhats" are products of the Okko design company. They are designed by Laura Tuovila.
I would like to know if there are digital reference services, such us "Ask a librarian", and managed by school libraries whose target is the educational… 815 21.4.2015 There aren't any digital reference services in Finland managed by high school libraries, most of the school libraries are quite small and they haven't organized co-operational service either. Some school libraries work together with public libraries, for instance Hätila library, and they offer our Ask a librarian on their webpages. Some school libraries offer information service by email. This reference service, Ask a librarian, is managed by public libraries in Finland and is also targeted to high school students as well as every other citizen. There are other ask-services in Finland operated by libraries, you can find a list here,… ,…
Writing this message I'd like to ask is there any possibility to make EVS in Finnish libraries for a Turkish MLIS student who is working as a school librarian… 1074 3.4.2015 In Finnish libraries, there are only few volunteers, and it’s usually necessary that they can speak Finnish. I don’t know if there have been any EVS volunteers in Finnish libraries, but you are free to try by contacting libraries. Each library has its own volunteering policy, so you should send email those libraries you are interested in. You can find contact information for Finnish libraries at
I would like to ask how can I donate a book to the library in Jyväskylä without going there in person ( I live in Tampere). Thank you in advance! 878 19.3.2015 Hi, we hope that books that one donates are in a good condition. If we have that book already many peaces, we don't take it. You can take it back when you come to the library. We don't send it back. If you want post your donation to Jyväskylä library, the address is: Jyväskylän kaupunginkirjasto - Keski-Suomen maakuntakirjasto Vapaudenkatu 39-41 40100 Jyväskylä Write a letter also, so we know your purpose. Thank you!
Dear Sir or Madam, I'm looking for a Finnish lullaby or poem that tells the tale of a mother that wants to knit her child mittens, so she offers a ewe bread in… 792 6.3.2015 It’s ”Mää, mää, lammas kulta” by Suonio (a pseudonym of Julius Krohn, 1835–1888). You can find the Finnish poem at or in “Tunteellinen siili ja muita suomalaisia eläinrunoja” (WSOY, 1997).
I'm a teacher writing from Poland. I'd like to know a bit more about Finnish libraries: what they have to offer, how they cooperate with schools, what the key… 915 4.2.2015 First a link to a publication, which you may find interesting… Net resources: - Ministry of Education; Libraries in Finland - Ministry of education;Library network in Finland - The National Library of Finland - - School libraries in Finland (Article)
Could you kindly provide some information on hosting events at the library? We would like to host some English story time for children and wondering if there… 853 29.1.2015 Best way to do this is to contact libraries directly, as every library decides of their events independently. You can find the contact details in the HelMet-homepage. I am certain that most of the libraries in Espoo would be interested in having a story time in English!
Will you please tell us if you have any materials about Islam history in Scandinavian countries. Thank you so much. 928 17.12.2014 There is a little Wikipedia article about Islam in Sweden: Here you have also a book about Islam in the Nordic and Baltic countries: Islam in the Nordic and Baltic countries / edited by Göran Larsson (2009) Here is a review of it:… This book is in collections of some university libraries and in the library of Parliament:…
I am an American (in New Orleans, Louisiana) considering moving out of the country and Finland is one of my top choices. What degree in Finland is required to… 993 18.11.2014 There are requirements based on the Finnish Library decree. You can find that at…, Section 4. In nuthell, 70 per cent of the personnel should have an education suitable for library. 45 per cent should have “a university degree comprising or supplemented with higher education studies in library and information sciences of a minimum extent of 60 ECTS points” or “a polytechnic degree comprising or supplemented with higher education studies in library and information sciences of a minimum extent of 60 ECTS points”. According to KVTES (a collective agreement;, a basic salary for a librarian in municipal libraries is…
Could you please give me a brief history of the Jyväskylä Library. Thank you 992 29.10.2014 Hi Fiona, I'm afraid there is no written history of Jyväskylä City Library available in English. In our website there is a brief history written in Finnish: Maybe you can translate it and find the facts you need? There is also a comprehensive study about Jyväskylä City Library available:… Please contact us for further information if needed.
I want to learn Finnish acrross the distance, how can the Library help me getting studying materials? 885 22.10.2014 There are some Finnish courses online. You can find them via Infopankki. Infopankki is a website published by City of Helsinki:…
I am looking for a list of books that are AGE appropriate for 5-year old or 6-year old kids. Also, if you have a list of games (example: Afrikan tahti), that… 787 6.10.2014 Here are some children´s weblinks with reading tips and booklists. (Sorry, but in Finnish only) Lukudiplomi Okariino Kuvakirjat eri aihepiireistä… Board games for children in HelMet libraries………
Do you have study book about sokkopingis (sports game for visually impaired and blind)? Book I'm looking for maybe in finnish. 945 20.8.2014 There is a book name Sokkopingis / Merja Jämsäläinen, Jaakko Tiittanen ; [julkaisija: Näkövammaisten keskusliitto, 2004]. The book is located in the following libraries: Turun yliopiston kirjasto Turku kauppakorkeakoulun kirjasto Oulun yliopiston kirjasto Jyväskylän yliopiston kirjasto Frank Multisearch You can ask interlibrary loan request in your library. Sokkopingiksen säännöt International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Showdown rules (Kansainväisen Näkövammaisten Urheilujärjestön sokkopingissäännöt)
I would like to rent a small place to organize some events for my private students, such as a reading club, a film projection, a debate. I am private freelance… 780 18.8.2014 Helmet libraries offer you group work rooms, meeting rooms and class rooms. These rooms and libraries that have these rooms you can see page Libraries and services