I am Kongju National University freshman. (Kongju National University is in South Korea) And My major is…


I am Kongju National University freshman. (Kongju National University is in South Korea) And My major is Pedagogy. Recently as an Theory of comparative education assignment, I have studied about Finland's reading. Because Finland is a powerful nation of reading! Haha :D
So, that is why I sent an e-mail to Finland's library.
Can I ask you something?

1) How many mobile libraries have books? (I mean Mobile library is 'library in bus')
2) Then, How many Finland has (general) library?
3) Do really Finnish people read books a lot?
4) Does moving library helps Finnish people read more books?
5) How much are Filand investing in the program(=mobile libraries) a year?

I really need your reply ! I'll be waiting. Please give me a reply !
Thank you very much. Haver a nice day ~~ : D



1. There are 135 library buses in Finland.

2. By law, every municipality in Finland is required to offer library services. So there are 282 main libraries and 436 branch libraries, and 12 hospital libraries.

3. In a survey made in 2017 about how people spend their free time, 83% of women and 70% of men had read at least one book in a last six months. 10% of those who answered the survey had read ten (or more) books in six months.

I'm sorry, but the rest of your questions are too hard. Please contact Finnish Library Association for more information info@fla.fi 

Library statistics in Finland can be found in https://tilastot.kirjastot.fi/index.php?lang=en 

The survey about free time was made by Statistics Finland, https://www.stat.fi/index_en.html Unfortunately I can't find an English summary.


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