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What do you reckon the classification systems will be like in 100 years? 5
14.02.2018 Are you asking about the classification systems in the libraries? If not, your answer is not possible to answer in any way. Even if we talk just about library classification systems, 100 years ahead is too much to predict anything. But if there are still organized collections of documents in 2118, some kind of classification is most likely still needed. Even if the libraries and the data bases are not anymore conducted by humans but by machines, there must be ways to analyze the documents according to their contents. The complexity of the data in 2118 probably means, that today's classification systems are not enough, much broader and more complex systems will be needed. To take just one example, music, which is my area of expertise, one…
I stay in Tapiola and wanted to take some urgent print outs and I use the Tapiola library. I want to know if the printer is working now, as it was not working… 96
03.11.2017 The printer is back in shape. Welcome to print.
I am looking for a book in finnsih language learning for adults, I made a reservation for one to pick up in Tapiola, which is closer to my home. Will I have… 218
05.05.2017 Booking is free from Helmet Library collections. Can choose pickup and return site freely. Also returning to another city is free if the material is owned by the Helmet Library.
Why do our helmet accounts not work? I can send a screen shot if it helps but it says an authorization error occurred when I put my account number and pin… 132
24.02.2017 I asked colleagues, but we invented, what could be wrong. Would you go to your nearest library beads to investigate the matter? Take your library card and photo identification with you.
Does espoon keskus library has free wifi for visitors? 237
21.12.2016 You can use public Wi-Fi / WLAN in all Espoo city libraries, including the Entresse Library in the Espoo Centre. Of the available wireless networks choose Espoo_asiakas. No password needed. Just click OK on the webpage you get in a web browser, and you should be online.
Am Uma. Looking for the job in finland and i want to learn finnish & want to take part in cafe finnish learning program can you please advice about finnish… 89
17.12.2016 Welcome to Finland! Applying for a job is a good start here: Finnish language courses are organized a lot . This site will get you started and you will also find other useful information from Finland. Libraries organize their Finnish language cafés:…
I'm very interested in working in one.of.your libraries. I have been a preschool teacher for many years. Currently I'm finishing my masters in school… 105
16.12.2016 Glad to hear that you are interested in librarywork. You can apply for unpaid internship. You can contact the regional library service manager. Entresse Library: Mikko Kaunisto 046 8773566 Iso Omenan Library: Juha Lilja 043 826 8746 Tapiola Library: Olli Louhimo 046 8772679 and Sello Library:Anu Miettinen 046 877 3414
Where is the recording of REINERT MITHASSEL: LIBRARY INTERIOR IS A MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL at your website. on the site it should be is another. 62
08.12.2016 Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry link error. Now, the videos are in place.…
Can books borrowed from sello be returned to entresse? 53
06.11.2016 Yes. You can return Helmet-book to any Helmet library in Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen or Vantaa.
I have lost my Helmet library card. How can I get new one? Is there any possibility to apply online? Thanks, Mahesh 143
21.10.2016 Unfortunately you have to to apply for a new card in person some HelMet library. Please bring your photo ID.
I want to ask if i request a book which is currently not available in the library, do i have to pay any fees? 79
19.10.2016 No, as long as the book you reserved is part of a collection of any Helmet-library (public library in Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen or Vantaa) making a reservation is free.
I had reserved a time at the paja to convert some film, but have to change times, and can not get through on the phone. What is the email and/or phone number… 66
25.08.2016 Please call (09) 816 57 607
Not really a question. I am not a professional story reader but I would like to read stories in English for kids and want to organize this in the library. 68
18.08.2016 If you are willing to volunteer as a reader to the kids, you have to contact directly the head of the library you are thinking of. You can find the contact information of all HelMet area libraries from here: Even if you plan not to organize this WITH a library but just IN a library, you have to contact the head of the library. Heikki Poroila
I am working for Neste Oyj and from Neste network we cannot open the site Kinldy guide us to the administrative / Technical contact of… 143
14.06.2016 Please use Helmet-feedback:
I have returned an item yesterday -"the Lost plays" by Agatha Christie -but it's still on my record today and the fee is still coming. Could you, please, check… 203
11.04.2016 We discussed of this situation at gmail and everything is now ok. I took the fee away and returned "The lost plays". You have returned it and it´s missing at library. You have no more responsibility of that loan.
I want to take workshop for teaching drawing and painting for kids free of cost. Can i rent class room in library. 271
14.03.2016 you can ask rooms for example from regional libraries of Espoo. if you do not charge participants, the rooms are usually free of charge.,, and
Can I book a meeting room for tomorrow from 16:30 to 18:00? Thanks. 276
02.02.2016 Please contact the library from which you want to reserve a conference room. HelMet Libraries contacts
I would like to know information related to YKI test validity period. Is there any time limit how long YKI test result is valid ? I have taken the test almost… 363
09.12.2015 If you have completed the national language proficiency test in the years 2002-2011 skill level 3, it´s still qualified to apply for citizenship. YKI test standard has changed 1.1.2012. You can view the current qualification requirements of the Finnish immigration service website.… Carried out with sufficient skill level, the national language proficiency test is valid without a time limit. You can ask for more information, call the Customer service of the Immigration Services. Customer service is available between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday on +358 295 419 600.
What is the average salary of a librarian in Finland? Which source do I search for more information ? There is a librarian average salary history? 596
22.06.2015 The average salary of a full-time librarian in Finland (both sexes, municipal libraries) has been 2583 e/month in 2014. The table (Finnish) -->… Please search for more info :… (English) (English) (Statistics Finland - Home)
I am living in Kajaani and noticed that with, I can borrow books from Helsinki City Library (HelMet) using the library card. Unfortunately I do… 646
04.05.2015 I am sorry, but in order to get a library card in HelMet-system, you have to visit the Helsinki metropolitan area personally and prove your identity. Your address in the card can quite well be in Kajaani. In future we probably will have more equal system in the whole country and then this will be easier.