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How to book sewing machine place? 45 In Espoo, you can reserve a sewing machine at You can also use the booking office in English You can log in with your library card and its pincode number. You can search with the word sewing machine and limit your search to, for example, the Tapiola library. When you click on the picture of the sewing machine, a window opens with a calendar at the bottom. You can choose the day and time you want. 
How do I register for self service libraries? 45 "How to register  Bring your library card and a photo ID with you. On the identity cards webpage, you can check which identity cards are accepted.  The staff asks you to read the self-service library rules. By signing the rules, you accept them. You can take the signed rules home with you.   The library employee enters your name in the library database.   Read the emergency instructions of the library you use. They are available at the library.  You can now start using the self-service library. " If there is no staff at the local library you use, contact the nearest regional library. e.g. Tapiolan or Omena.
Is it true that Karhuso kirjasto was expanded from a small school library to the public library inside the school in 1998? I would like to know more details… 63 According to the history of the Espoo City Library, Kun pienestä tuli suuri (Tuovi Määttänen, editor, Espoon kaupunginkirjasto 2006), the library in the area was first a room in the school. In the end of the 1980's school needed the room and 1988 a building for the Karhusuo library was built. Now library is again in the same building as the school when a new school was built in the area in 2020.   This video is from the 1988 building:  
Dear librarian, Hope you are having a nice day! I'm Owein, a third year bachelor student at Aalto University in the department of Design and architecture. I'm… 41 Helmet-libraries have the following books about Tapiola in English: Tapiola : life and architecture / Timo Tuomi (editor), Rakennustieto, 2003, isbn 9516827195 Tapiola : a history and architectural guide / Timo Tuomi, Espoo City Museum, 1992, isbn 9518572046 Building a new town : Finland's new garden city : Tapiola / Heikki von Hertzen and Paul D. Spreiregen, MIT Press, 1974, isbn 0262220180 (only available to use in the Pasila library) Tapiola : the garden city = Tapiola - puutarhakaupunki / Uolevi Itkonen, Liisa Immonen, Kirjayhtymä, 1986, isbn 9512630214 When searching other libraries databases, for. ex., I recommend you use search words arkkitehtuuri or kaupunkisuunnittelu and Tapiola. Espoo City Museum may have other…
A book combining fact and fiction 40 Vastattu myöhemmin tulleeseen kysymykseen.
"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character." Who said this? 181 Quotespedia says the quote is from Albert Einstein. Other citers seem to agree..
I didn't turn in my books on time. can i extend the reading time? 137 If the book is borrowed from Helmet library, you can renew it 5 times. Renewal is not possible if the book is reserved or you have received another reminder about being late. You can contact one of the pearl libraries, and we will look into the matter.
Is there a CO2 monitor or Indoor air quality monitor available at the library for loan? 164 Unfortunately no Helmet library has an air quality monitor for loan at the moment. Although you can find such a tool in the Helmet catalogue, there seems to be no working equipment left now. Hopefully in the future again?  In the Helmet search you can browse all objects and tools for loan at the Helmet libraries, from sport equipment to drill machines, by using * (star) as a search term and then restricting your search to objects only:*%29%20f%3Aq__Orightresult__U?lang=eng&suite=cobalt   
I would like to donate books in a library. I know about recycling shelves, but I would like to give books directly to the libraries. 315 You can contact a Helmet Russian library and offer books to them. 043 825 7993
How do you say in Finnish: "Set and maintain boundaries"? 248 Translation isn't easy. In most cases, you need to know more how and where the sentence is used. Like in this case: what kind of boundary is being set and maintained? A literal boundary line between neighbours or countries? More abstract concept, like personal boundaries in a certain situation? Perhaps "Asettaa ja ylläpitää rajoja" would work in both cases? If this is about personal boundaries, I might add a possessive affix. 
My son took a library book to his school and now its missing. 175 Contact your nearest library. Bring the library card that borrowed the book. The book can be replaced by paying the purchase price. You can also bring a new copy of the same book to the library. (You can renew a book five times if you still think it will be found.)
Is there any library or similar service where I can rent a telescope? 141 The Astronomical Society  URSA borrows telescopes. For information on borrowing, tel (09) 6840 400. URSA
Can I receive a copy of an academic journal article ( via email ? 133 You can request an article through an interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loan service orders are accepted in all Satakirjasto. You can also place an order by sending a request by email to your own library. Orders are also accepted by phone, but a written request is preferable for clarity. siikaisten.kirjasto(at)
I am looking for family history records I can access online. Are there any free sites in Finland where I can look up family records? To start I am looking for… 95 Documents older than 100 years are digitised by the National Archives of Finland.  For newer documents, you need to ask from the church registry from the right parish. The Geneological Society of Finland has tips on their website. Have you tried sites like MyHeritage or Geni yet? Perhaps a relative has already started a research on your family.  Good luck and hope you find your relatives!
I am new to Finland and got the information that the library has common closed spaces to practice dance. I was interested to know which room… 136 Unfortunately, libraries do not have closed spaces suitable for dancing. (We will be happy to take performances on our stages when Covid is over.) The facilities in Varaamo are for musicians and singers. Schools have bookable spaces to suit the wider movement. (This page is only available in Finnish.) You can ask more at
Working in Finnish Libraries 328 Thank you for message. I asked from my work colleague for information regarding this matter, as he moved from Australia to Finland many years ago.  As I work for Espoo Libraries, I can only speak on behalf of our libraries. However, the library systems in Helsinki and Kerava are very similar. It is quite difficult to work in Finnish libraries without at least a working knowledge of Finnish. However, it's not impossible. I would suggest that you contact the libraries directly that you are interested in working in, and see if you can organise a work placement there. That way, they can see your working ability without any risk to them, and may be able to offer you a contract afterwards. Also, if you move to Finland, then you will have the…
Team, Good Morning. We are new to Finland and am interested to borrow some story books from Library for my kids as they would like to go read stories etc. Can… 66 Here is what our rules say about the question: Wellcome!
So I accidentally spilled coffee on the table and hit the book I borrowed from the library. What do I do? 473 Sounds like you have to replace the book. Each book has its own price and ranges from around 9 € to 450 €. Usually the price is around 25€. You can also replace the book with another similar one.
I have lost my library card, and Pin id, would like to get a new one. How can I get a new one? 79 It´s necessary in this case to visit your Library, you´ll get there your new card and PIN-code. Welcome to any of our Libraries. Take tour ID-card with you. 
Please do you have a twi language story books for kids? Thank you Gifty 131 We have a few. There are 6 children's books. Helmet