How do I register for self service libraries?


How do I register for self service libraries?

Background: I have my helmet card and I use otaneimi library to read books and collect books. recently, I noticed that I do not have access to the library with my card. I dont see the staff in that library during my visits too. I kindly seek information on how do I register so that I can start accessing the library again. Should I go to some other library and register there?



"How to register 

  • Bring your library card and a photo ID with you. On the identity cards webpage, you can check which identity cards are accepted. 
  • The staff asks you to read the self-service library rules. By signing the rules, you accept them. You can take the signed rules home with you.  
  • The library employee enters your name in the library database.  
  • Read the emergency instructions of the library you use. They are available at the library. 
  • You can now start using the self-service library. "

If there is no staff at the local library you use, contact the nearest regional library. e.g. Tapiolan or Omena.

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