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How do I register for self service libraries? 57 "How to register  Bring your library card and a photo ID with you. On the identity cards webpage, you can check which identity cards are accepted.  The staff asks you to read the self-service library rules. By signing the rules, you accept them. You can take the signed rules home with you.   The library employee enters your name in the library database.   Read the emergency instructions of the library you use. They are available at the library.  You can now start using the self-service library. " If there is no staff at the local library you use, contact the nearest regional library. e.g. Tapiolan or Omena.
I registered for a Helmet library card online on the 8th of February(Monday). I was wondering when I’ll have to go pick it up? 219 You can pick up Your Helmet library card any time after You have made the pre-registration. Actually the pre-registration is not necessary, but You will get your library card quicker by filling the registration form beforehand. Take a valid ID card with you. You can pick up your library card from any Helmet library.…
What means ALIAS, in the resgistration steps ? 879 In registration alias usually means some kind of nickname or alternative name. It can also mean something else, like in Yahoo email provider you can have an extension of your Yahoo account. Yahoo's alias masks your account's primary ID. Yahoo! help: