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I'm an a American Student at the Kent State School of Library and Information Science in the United States. I'm interested in working in Finnish libraries. I… 752 17.12.2013 Your question is a bit difficult to answer since i do'nt know the american library work, but in general i guess that the differences are'nt very significant. We use decimal classification, but not the same in university libraries and public libraries. Both are developed similarly to Dewey decimal classification, so the classification system should'nt be a problem. University libraries, special libaries and public libraries use different kinds of systems in acquisition of materials, cataloguing, shelving, but nothing so radically different, that it would'nt be comprehensible to a librarian. The new trends in library work and material are much the same as in the United States. I would guess that the biggest challenge in working in a Finnish…
I need some information about Finnish libraries. I have searched in the web but there is only information since 1999. I have read that the older statistics… 564 7.12.2013 The Finnish ministry of education publishes on yearly basis via Finnish Public Libraries Statistics Database ( If you need statistical information about the research and university libraries, they can be found here: If you need more specified information about the statistics of Helsinki City Library, please contact Mr. Jouni Juntumaa (
Hallo, I've heard about the Senior Surf Day on October 8th. Do you have a short explenation about that event? And how many libraries took part in there? 743 27.11.2013 The Senior Surf Day has held in Finland for some years as a part of the senior citizens week. In that day the elderly people got to know the information technology (computers, smartphone, tablet computers and the services of internet) in many libraries and service centres all over the Finland. More than a hundred events was organized in 2013. In some places there was over a hundred participants and in some places just some. The event is organized by The Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged (Vanhustyön keskusliitto). You can see the libraries and and service centres from the website of the Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged. Unfortunately the print is just in Finnish or Swedish:
Can I borrow an e-book reader or a tablet in the Finnish libraries? 608 22.11.2013 You can borrow both an e-book reader and a tablet from some Helmet-libraries (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen):… You can find out the situation of the libraries in other citys from the websites:
I am an American citizen who is a graduate student at Kent State University School of Library and Information Science. I'm curious about what the process would… 511 12.11.2013 You can provide information about working on Finland from the website of Ministry of Employment and the Economy (Työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö):
Hallo, do you know where I can find the official translation from the Finnish library act from 1998? In Englisch or in German, it doesn't matter. Best regards, 825 11.11.2013 Hi, you can find an English translation of the Finnish library act from Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture website here:
I have a question from you. whats is the name of ifla presedent? 678 11.10.2013 Sinikka Sipilä (
Which musical instruments are available in libraries? I'm asking specifically for violin. I've seen there are music rooms that I can reserve, but I don't know… 542 2.10.2013 This is what Sello library offers as musical instruments: In the Music department: A piano, a baby grand piano, a harmonium, an electric piano, an electric guitar, an electro acoustic guitar, an electric bass, digital drums. The music rooms have a piano or the baby grand and the harmonium, you can borrow the electro acoustic guitar to play there. Studio has a digital drum set, a midi-keyboard, and you can borrow the electric guitar, electro acoustic guitar and the electric bass to play in the studio. In Pointti, the youth department: an electro acoustic guitar, an acoustic bass guitar, a cajon (percussion). You can play or try the instruments in Pointti or in the music rooms of the Music department. And here are the musical instruments…
I am learning a Finnish song set to the text of Mita kaikatat kivonen from the Kanteletar. It is a beautiful Finnish piece composed by a Finnish composer… 710 9.9.2013 This poem is about problems in getting married, but the the text is quite impossible to translate in English or in any other language as well. The poem's language is very archaic Finnish and hard to understand even for most of the Finns nowadays. Heikki Poroila Vantaa City Library, Finland
I would like to make library work my career in Finland. I am currently working in a Finnish library as "määräaika" until the end of this year. I also worked 11… 896 3.9.2013 There is a list of institutions giving information and library services education at the web site Most of the degree programs take students at the annual application period but some giving information and library services apprenticeship training have continuous application. Apprentice should have or find the apprenticeship-employer by herself. A list of Finnish public libraries and there contact details are at the site and other libraries In Joensuu there are, besides the Joensuu regional library , University of Eastern Finland Library, Medical Library of the North…
I've just moved to Espoo. My family likes spend weekends in library. Which library's branch is more appropriate for parents with children (I mean play area or… 664 27.8.2013 Hello and welcome to Espoo! All Espoo libraries have children's sections. The bigger libraries have bigger areas, smaller libraries smaller areas for children. You could try the Sello library or the Entresse library. Perhaps your choice also depends on where you live and which is the nearest library to your home. All Espoo libraries welcome children to their premises.
I have some not needed books (all in Russian language) and I would not want to through them away since they are in good condition and might be useful for… 324 27.8.2013 Yes, it is possible to give them to the library. You can take them to the nearest library. We cannot promise that all of them will be taken, because it might be that we already have some of those books in our collection, but we will check the situation and we will take the books which we need. Thank you very much for you books!
How am I supposed to return the e-book? I tried to return it by using the Adobe Digital Edition but it stops working during the process. Is there any other way? 533 27.8.2013 Don’t worry, an e-book loan expires automatically and therefore it is not necessary to return it. But if you want to return your e-book loan before it expires, you can do it via a reading program as you have done. Sometimes there are problems from various reasons. It's impossible to say why your program stopped working. If you are returning an e-book so that you can borrow a new book, you can leave feedback for us via e-library or (library where you want to borrow) and our technical support will help you.
Can I return a book loan from Vuosaari library to an other library in Helsinki (ex: Itäkeskus or Herttoniemi)? Thank you. 866 17.8.2013 You can return a book loan from Vuosaari library to any HelMet library in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa or Kauniainen.
Can I return the books which I borrowed from Helmet Entresse to Helmet Omena ? Thank you. 594 12.8.2013 Yes, you can. Any book borrowed from a Helmet library can be returned to another Helmet library. For example the book which you have borrowed from Entresse can be returned to all the Helmet libraries in Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen.
Where may I find an "Ask a librarian" website for most of the EU countries in a language I speak ? (french, english, spanish). Thank you for any help you may… 950 2.7.2013 I found a list which is for libraries with some form of synchronous or chat reference services. The list isn't perfect and some links don't even work but it gives way of indication. Link:
I would like to request a new book for the Overdrive or elibs elibrary. However when I go to the following URL… 716 2.7.2013 I asked your question from our e-informaticist. She answered that they're working on including the e-library as an option to the compulsory field in our HelMet-website. Before that you can send your acquisition request straight to her. Her email address is marja.hjelt(a)
I am looking for a library in Myyrmäki preferably, because Ii have a document I would like to download from my email, then print and fax. Is it possible to do… 774 15.6.2013 Hello, yes, it is possible. Access to internet is free, prints 0,40 € /page and fax 3 € (first page, then 2 € /page). Please note that we cannot send faxes internationally. The nearest place from which an international fax can be sent is from Citizen Service (Yhteispalvelupiste).
I would like to know if there is any book/magazine/written reference with places in Finland where I can advertise a service for a company. The company deals… 635 3.6.2013 There are several lists and registers in the internet, unfortunately many of them only in Finnish. You can make a search with words like "Suomen yritykset" and get several registers and search systems. Here is a link for a good regional search, only in Finnish:… The home page of the Finnish Business Information System: Two links for a National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland. Perhaps they can give you more information there: and
I'm interested in converting a couple of old VHS recordings I have onto DVD at Entresse, I was wondering how the service works. Do I need to book a time? Is… 777 31.5.2013 Hello, thank you for the interest in our service. You can reserve the workstations through staff. If you need any help or advice, do not hesitate to ask. For more information:…