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How am I supposed to return the e-book? I tried to return it by using the Adobe Digital Edition but it stops working during the process. Is there any other way? 519 27.08.2013 Don’t worry, an e-book loan expires automatically and therefore it is not necessary to return it. But if you want to return your e-book loan before it expires, you can do it via a reading program as you have done. Sometimes there are problems from various reasons. It's impossible to say why your program stopped working. If you are returning an e-book so that you can borrow a new book, you can leave feedback for us via e-library or (library where you want to borrow) and our technical support will help you.
Can I return a book loan from Vuosaari library to an other library in Helsinki (ex: Itäkeskus or Herttoniemi)? Thank you. 795 17.08.2013 You can return a book loan from Vuosaari library to any HelMet library in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa or Kauniainen.
Can I return the books which I borrowed from Helmet Entresse to Helmet Omena ? Thank you. 558 12.08.2013 Yes, you can. Any book borrowed from a Helmet library can be returned to another Helmet library. For example the book which you have borrowed from Entresse can be returned to all the Helmet libraries in Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen.
Where may I find an "Ask a librarian" website for most of the EU countries in a language I speak ? (french, english, spanish). Thank you for any help you may… 934 02.07.2013 I found a list which is for libraries with some form of synchronous or chat reference services. The list isn't perfect and some links don't even work but it gives way of indication. Link:
I would like to request a new book for the Overdrive or elibs elibrary. However when I go to the following URL… 697 02.07.2013 I asked your question from our e-informaticist. She answered that they're working on including the e-library as an option to the compulsory field in our HelMet-website. Before that you can send your acquisition request straight to her. Her email address is marja.hjelt(a)
I am looking for a library in Myyrmäki preferably, because Ii have a document I would like to download from my email, then print and fax. Is it possible to do… 752 15.06.2013 Hello, yes, it is possible. Access to internet is free, prints 0,40 € /page and fax 3 € (first page, then 2 € /page). Please note that we cannot send faxes internationally. The nearest place from which an international fax can be sent is from Citizen Service (Yhteispalvelupiste).
I would like to know if there is any book/magazine/written reference with places in Finland where I can advertise a service for a company. The company deals… 624 03.06.2013 There are several lists and registers in the internet, unfortunately many of them only in Finnish. You can make a search with words like "Suomen yritykset" and get several registers and search systems. Here is a link for a good regional search, only in Finnish:… The home page of the Finnish Business Information System: Two links for a National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland. Perhaps they can give you more information there: and
I'm interested in converting a couple of old VHS recordings I have onto DVD at Entresse, I was wondering how the service works. Do I need to book a time? Is… 763 31.05.2013 Hello, thank you for the interest in our service. You can reserve the workstations through staff. If you need any help or advice, do not hesitate to ask. For more information:…
How can I make good presentations and what resources can help me achieve that? 915 17.05.2013 Here are books about presentation skills in work and business. All of these are to be found in HelMet libraries. Walker, T. J. How to give a pretty good presentation : a speaking survival guide for the rest of us Bradbury, Andrew Successful presentation skills Navarro, Joe Louder than words : take your career from average to exceptional with the hidden power of nonverbal intelligence Gallo, Carmine The presentation secrets of Steve Jobs : how to be insanely great in front of any audience Hall, Richard Brilliant presentations : what the best presenters know, do and say Arnold, Jackie Speaking on special occasions Speechmaker's bible Rev. and updated / by Nick Marshallsay and Jane Moseley Jay, Antony Effective presentation : how to create…
I'm looking for some historical results (more complete than possible) of cross country skiing. The races are: - 50 km men Finnish Championship (Kuopio) 1972 … 750 13.05.2013 The best books to look for older information in, are the Mitä Missä Milloin – kansalaisen vuosikirja –books. They are published every year on the events of the previous year. So information regarding cross country skiing on a Finnish championship event in 1972, can be found in the book’s sports section of the following year, Mitä Missä Milloin 1973. Some of this information can also be found on Wikipedia. Men’s Finnish Championship’s 50 km event in 1972 (Kuopio): First place Kalevi Oikarainen (time 2.44.10). Second place Ahti Nevala (time 2.46.45) and third place Reino Tamper (time 2.46.53). Men’s Finnish Championship events in 1973 (Kurikka) 15 km First place Juha Mieto…
I can not understand how I can pay my fines online with the bank card. Can you explain me how it works? 464 03.05.2013 I am sorry but you can not pay yor fines online, only cash payment in the library.
I don't find the service from helmet about the option to chat with librarian online. Is this service not available anymore ? 833 10.04.2013 Thank you for your question. HelMet-chat was a trial last February. Let us hope that the service will continue later.
I see that the Ruoholahti library is a "children's library" and appears to function inside a school. does this still mean its open to everyone. even if you… 938 21.03.2013 Yes, Ruoholahti Children's Library is open to everyone. The most of the collection is for children and the library is closed during school holidays. But otherwise it is like any other Helsinki city library. Wellcome!…
In which Library around Helsinki can I borrow fiction books in French? (apart from Sello and the one in Pasila) 653 19.02.2013 Here you have a link to a list of all fiction books in French in HelMet libraries around the capital region:**&searchscope=4&m=1&l=fre&b=… So, as you see there are quite a few libraries that harbour at least some kind of a collection of books in French. If you would like to restrict the search to a given library, go to this page: . Type two asterisks (**) in the search field. Instead of Entire collection, choose Fiction. For material type, choose book and for language, French. Then choose the library you want and click Go!
I have 17 years experience of librarianship. I have masters in economics as well as library science. Is there any way i can work in one of the libraries of… 546 13.02.2013 An interesting idea, but unfortunately there is no easy way to organize it. If you are interested in working in Finland You can contact to Embassy of Finland, New Delhi ( Embassy personal can help with visas and work permits. If You are prepared to pay Your own costs, You can participate in Helsinki University Library’s international exchange week, which will be held in June (from 10th to 14th). During the week Helsinki University Library offers foreign colleagues an opportunity to visit its different units and sections and to meet colleagues. The accomodation will be arranged by the Helsinki University Library. Contact person and the organizer of the event is…
I have a question: What qualities define a great team leader? Thank you for your answer 882 31.01.2013 You can find litterature in English about teams and leadership from Helmet-online catalogue ( for example by using keywords (in Finnish) tiimit and johtaminen and then limit the search by language (English). As a result you get, among others, Belbin, Meredith: Team roles at work 2010; Robbins, Stephen P: Essentials of organizational behavior 2010; Godard, Alain: Transformational leadership: shared dreams to succeed 2000; Goleman, Daniel: The new leaders: transforming the art of leadership into the science of results 2003. Here is one internetpage dealing with the subject:
Excuse me, I wrote you but I think that I didn't ask so good the question. I just arrived in finland so I need to learn finnish. I know that in korso's library… 823 14.01.2013 Hello! There are no finnish courses at library. Maybe you mean at Lumo house? (Library is at same house.) There could be Vantaan aikuisopisto's courses. Ask more here: Opintoneuvoja Maija Mäenpää, puh. 09 8392 1243
I would like to begin to learn Finnish. Can you give me information about it, please? Thanks! 604 12.01.2013 From HelMet library you can find a lot of books, CDs and CD-ROMs on Finnish, just type in search field Finnish on -site. Also e.g. Adult Education Institute of Vantaa offers courses on Finnish, please look , or you can find Finnish courses on the Internet, . Enjoy yourself learning Finnish!
I heard about a possible language class you hold at the Jyväskylä city library? If so how do I get the information about this course? 821 05.01.2013 You can contact Jyväskylä Adult Education Center. It is situated in the same building with the library. Information point Tel. 014 26 64071, 014 26 64073
- I attended the IFLA conference in August and visited the Rikhardinkatu library where they had a fine collection of Artist's books - RikArt. I am trying to… 1096 19.12.2012 If you have had trouble accessing the page, it is because the website RikArt is under construction. It will be finilized in the beginning of next year. However, you can access it here: